7 Things To Consider When Buying Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

7 Things To Consider When Buying Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Cold drafts, high energy bills, and the inability of your air conditioner to keep up with your needs are all signs it may be time to upgrade to energy efficient windows. Improving the quality of your windows can offer many benefits to your home, saving you money and making it more comfortable to live in throughout the year. Yet, choosing the best windows for you takes a bit of careful consideration. To help you, consider these key factors to think about before buying them.

#1: Research the Product

Most of the time, window manufacturers will tell you if their windows are actually energy efficient windows, but that does not tell you how efficient they are. Some products are simply better designed or may offer a higher quality of efficiency than others. You can visit Energystar.gov to learn more about the specific energy efficiency standards available from multiple manufacturers. This is an easy way to compare products to know exactly what you are getting.

#2: Look for the Right Glass

When buying energy efficient windows, seek out quality glass. Your goal is to typically choose a glass that can lock out the summer’s heat and keep cool air in your home. That means they should slow thermal transfer. Most of the time, dual-pane windows are a good option though a higher grade is triple-pane. These tend to have inert argon gas between each of the glass panes, which helps to add more insulative quality to the window.

#3: Look for Added Features in the Glass

Some of the best energy efficient windows are those designed to provide you with ample protection not just from heat transfer but also from UV light. Even if there are no leaks from your windows, the sun’s rays can heat up your home significantly. Some windows have enhanced features that make them easier to manage. That could include tinted, tempered, or obscured insulating glass that helps to stop that UV light from penetrating. That’s good for controlling cooling loss, but it can also help to provide protection from UV damage to your furnishings, too.

#4: Window Frames Matter, Too

As you consider all of the window options to find the most affordable and eco-friendly option, do not overlook the importance of the actual frame. Energy efficient windows have to work to block the transfer of heat and air from into and out of the home. The frame around them can play a big role in whether or not that can happen.

When choosing energy efficient windows for your home, then, consider these tips:

  • Wood window frames: Though not as often used, wood provides a good level of protection and insulation overall. It has a low conductivity level, which means less heat or cooled air will pass through it into the home.
  • Fiberglass window frames: You may want to consider fiberglass window frames that offer a durable, hard-to-damage exterior. They also do not break down over time like wood tends to. Compare several brands to determine which offers the best fit for your needs.
  • Vinyl window frames: This is one of the more common options because it offers good insulative quality and competitive pricing. For energy efficient windows, vinyl windows are a good fit for most homes because they slow the transfer of heat into and out of the home.

#5: Professional Installation Matters

You are investing a good amount of money into your windows. However, they will not perform the way you want and expect them to if you do not use a professional to install them. Professional installation ensures the windows are fitted properly and secured as the manufacturer intended. This helps to make sure they will provide the level of protection you desire.

They need to be level but also plumb. You want to be sure the windows are water- and air-tight upon installation with proper caulking or insulation around them. You also want to ensure that the windows open and close properly, with a snug fit that helps to prove any air loss. While much of that comes from the overall durability of the windows themselves, if they are not installed properly, that could end up costing you.

#6: You Can Have Beautiful Windows

Just because you want them to be energy efficient does not mean your windows have to be boring or dull. Some of today’s top manufacturers offer stunning windows with all the decorative features you want for your home. When you meet with a professional installer, be sure to talk about a wide range of options – various sizes, styles, colors, and design details. Choose windows you love from manufacturers doing their part to ensure the best long-term efficiency.

#7: Ask Questions

As you talk to the professionals about your window options, take some time to discuss a few key things:

  • What type of glass is used, and what level of energy efficiency does it offer?
  • What various brands and styles are available, and which offers the best efficiency for your area?
  • Which windows are both competitively priced and energy efficient? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality windows.
  • Are there any warranties available for the energy efficient windows? If so, are there differences between manufacturers?
  • What will the process be like? Is there a long lead time for one product or another?

The more information you know, the better decision you can make for your home. Most often, quality windows can last decades, providing a comfortable home with exceptional energy efficiency.

Find the Right Team to Work With for Your Window Needs

You know the value of energy efficient windows, but you may not be sure about the actual process to get started. Reach out to Energy Window Solutions today. Set up a consultation with our team to talk about the products that could make a big difference in the comfort of your home.

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