8 Reasons It’s Time For Replacement Windows at Your Fort Worth, TX Home

8 Reasons It’s Time For Replacement Windows at Your Fort Worth, TX Home

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Old homes have a lot of character. Older homes were designed better with more unique features. Also, old houses have a story to tell. If your Fort Worth, TX, home is old, it probably has a lot of history. Unfortunately, it probably also has old windows. If the windows are as old as the house, it might be time to consider having your old windows replaced. There are several ways that your home and your benefit will benefit from installing replacement windows.

#1 No Drafts

Old windows tend to be drafty. Over time, the insulation in the window wears down, which will allow the cold air inside. Not only can these make your home feel colder than it should, but it will cause your heating system to work overtime to keep your house warm. When you install replacement windows, you won’t need to worry about drafts coming in through the window. This will make your home more comfortable, and it will save you a lot of money on your heating costs.

#2 Increased Security

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, there are 1.5 million home break-ins reported every year. Many of these burglaries occur when the thief goes in through the window. Old windows weren’t built with very secure locks. Many Fort Worth, TX homeowners who still have old windows report that their window locks aren’t secure, or they don’t work at all. Newer windows are built with strong, secure locks. When you have replacement windows installed in your home, they will make your home safer and more secure.

#3 Noise Reduction

Older windows were made with just one pane of glass. This means that every sound outside can be heard inside your home. This can be annoying if your house is located on a major road or any other area that produces loud noises. If you can hear everything going on outside, you can be sure that your neighbors close by can listen to everything that is going on inside your home. If you want your privacy and want to reduce the outside noise, you should consider having replacement windows installed. Newer windows were designed with two or three panes, which will help reduce the noise.

#4 Clearer Views

Regardless of how well you keep up with washing your windows, over time, your old window panes can start to show their age. It isn’t uncommon for an old window to have small scratches, which can obscure your view out the window. Over time, old windows tend to develop a yellow tint, which will cause everything outside to look yellow and dingy.

Replacement windows will come with a brand new pane of glass, which will be clear and free of scratches. This will provide a nicer view of the outdoors.

#5 Less Maintenance

Old windows were made of wood, and they have probably been painted many times over the years. When the paint starts to chip, you will need to sand down the paint entirely and then repaint the window frame. This can be very time-consuming, and you will probably need to repaint the frame every few years.

Newer windows are made of vinyl or aluminum. They come already painted; therefore, they don’t need to be sanded or painted. If you have replacement windows installed in your home, they will look great year after year, without any upkeep from you.

#6 Easier Cleaning

If you have old windows in your Fort Worth, TX home, you know how difficult it can be to wash them. Washing the inside of the window isn’t difficult, but washing the outside of the glass can be. To reach the windows, you will need to stand on a ladder. If you are cleaning the windows on the second floor, it can be very dangerous.

Replacement windows are different. You can fold the window in, which would allow you to wash the outside of the windows from the safety of your home. There will be no need for a ladder, and you won’t put yourself in danger. If you are worried each time you climb a ladder to wash your windows, you should consider installing new windows.

#7 Protection During Severe Weather

Being a homeowner, you may have seen the devastation that a hurricane can cause. If you have older windows when severe weather strikes, there is a good chance that the windows cannot withstand the wind.

Replacement windows are made of high-quality materials that are much more durable than wood. They will be able to stand up to strong winds and harsh weather much better than wooden windows can. If you want peace of mind the next time a hurricane strikes Texas, you should consider having new windows installed.

#8 Reduced Electric Bill

Window technology has dramatically improved over the last several years. Old windows can lose warm air during the winter and the cold air during the summer. If you find that your electric bills are too high, you should consider installing replacement windows. These windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. By installing new windows, you can save up to $500 a year on your energy bill. Within a few years, your windows will pay for themselves in the money that you can save.

If you are considering replacing the old windows in your home, contact Energy Window Solutions in the Fort Worth, TX area. We have been working in the window industry for over 30 years, and have extensive experience in all phases of window systems and installations. We can sit down with you to help you choose the best windows to fit with the style of your home. Once you have selected new windows, we will send someone to your home to install the new windows. This is something that we can do in a relatively short amount of time, allowing life in your home to return to normal quickly. We will also help you find the best windows based on your budget. To sit down with one of our highly trained and experienced employees, give us a call today.