Triple Pane Windows vs Double Pane Windows | Dallas, TX

Triple Pane Windows vs Double Pane Windows | Dallas, TX

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Triple pane and double pane windows both function to increase the energy efficiency of your old or new home. There are some differences between these windows and it is best to be informed about these differences so that you can make the best decision for your home and your needs. Energy Window Solutions would like to share the difference and similarities between double and triple pane windows to help you make a decision. Homeowners generally consider their budget, energy efficiency, and the duration in which they will live in the house. Sometimes soundproofing can be a factor but usually, this is not usually a very high priority.


Double pane windows are more common than triple pane windows. Double pane windows increase the heat retention because there are two panes of glass with gas in between these panes. This gas is insulating and there are various likes of insulating gas like krypton and argon. This gas stops heat from leaving the home and cold from entering the home through the windows. The window panes are made from low energy glass and are often glazed to reflect sunlight. This allows the heat build-up to decrease so that the temperature in your house doesn’t increase during the summer.

Triple pane windows have three panes of glass and the construction is a bit more complicated compared to double pane windows. This makes them less common because there aren’t as many factories that have the equipment to make these windows. These windows have more room from insulating gas which means there is less heat loss. This insulating gas is usually argon. Other features can come with the windows but this comes at a price. Both of these windows can have frames that are made from wood or aluminum to suit the aesthetic of your home. There are also a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Energy Efficiency

The point of upgrading your home with triple or double pane windows is to improve energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is important during both winter and summer. You will definitely save on heating and air conditioning costs if you invest in double or triple pane windows. Homeowners who live in climates that have long winters or cold weather will consider switching to triple or double pane windows to minimize the amount of heat that is lost. This will decrease their utility bill because the systems aren’t working as hard and as frequently to maintain a constant temperature. The number of panes does make a difference with energy efficiency but the added features like low energy window glazing contribute to this. Double pane windows are more energy efficient than single pane windows and triple pane windows are more energy-efficient than both. They are usually more expensive than double pane windows so you need to measure the savings from decreased energy usage against the drastic price increase. If you live in a place that is much colder or hotter than usual then triple pane windows will make up the price difference in energy saving much faster. You should also not attempt to attempt installing any of these windows yourself. If you do the installation incorrectly then you can lose all the energy saving benefits of upgrading to multi-pane windows.


Triple pane and double pane windows both have the added benefit of soundproofing. Your choice will depend on how noisy your neighborhood is and how much the noise bothers you. Double pane windows are less soundproof compared to triple pane windows because there is more space in between the glass panes which allows for more noise to travel through. The soundproofing between the different types of windows is not as significant as the energy efficiency therefore many homeowners do not generally put soundproofing high on their priority list when considering window upgrades. Soundproofing does have benefits like decreasing your anxiety and increasing the quality of sleep because you are less likely to be disturbed by outside noises.

Which choice will suit you?

Now that the facts have been presented it is time to make a decision. There are a few factors that will influence your decision like the climate in which you live, your budget, and how long you expect to live in the house that you want to improve. Energy Window Solutions in Dallas, TX wants to give you all the tools and information necessary to make your decision because everything after that they can handle for you. If you plan to live in the house for a couple of years or even decades and your air conditioner or heating system is struggling to meet the demands of your home because the weather is on the more extreme side then triple pane windows might be the best solution for you. They also come with the added benefit of reducing condensation. If you live in an area that had a moderate climate and you are thinking about selling your home in a few years then double pane windows might be the option for you. They are also not as expensive as the other option so you will be able to make your money back much faster.

Once you have considered double pane and triple pane windows and you have made your decision then it is time to hire a professional to install these windows for you. It is always advised to have a professional install these windows so that it is done correctly and safely. Energy Window Solutions in Dallas, TX have trained and experienced technicians that will install your choice of windows without any problems. Call them today to make your home more energy efficient