9 Great Reasons To Install New Windows | Fort Worth, TX

9 Great Reasons To Install New Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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If your Fort Worth, TX, home is old, there is a good chance that your windows are old as well. Old windows can be an eyesore, and they can be very drafty, which will make it colder in the home. If your windows have never been replaced, or if it has been several years since they have been replaced, you should consider installing new windows. There are several ways that your home and family will benefit from having new windows installed.

#1 The Home Will Be More Comfortable

Winter nights here can get chilly. If you have old windows, you will likely feel a chill when you sit by the window. If it is really cold outside, you might need to turn up the heat to keep it warm inside the house. This will cause your heating and energy bills to increase, and it will also put added stress on your heating system.

If you have new windows installed, you won’t need to worry about any drafts coming into the home, ensuring that you will be warm on cold nights.

#2 Clean, Clear Views

Regardless of how often you clean and care for your windows, eventually, the windowpane will develop tiny scratches. These scratches can obscure your view to the outside, and they can keep the light from getting in. Over time, windows can develop a yellow tint, which can also obscure the views and the light.

When you have replacement windows installed in your home, the glass will be clear and free of scratches. This will make the view outside better, and it will make the interior of your home look nicer.

#3 Less Maintenance

Old windows are made of wood. If your window frames and sills are painted, over time, the paint is going to chip. To keep your home looking nice, you will need to sand down the paint and repaint the frame and the sill.

Replacement windows have frames made of vinyl or aluminum, and they don’t need to be painted. This will save you the time and hassle of sanding and painting the window frames and window sills every few years.

#4 Sound Proof

If you have old single or double pane windows, a lot of the outside noise can be heard inside the house. If you live near a busy road or beside loud neighbors, this can be very annoying. New windows are often made with three panes, and there is argon gas in between the windows. This will prevent you from hearing the noise outside when you are trying to relax in your home. Windows can also help protect your privacy. If your neighbors’ houses are very close to yours, old windows will allow your neighbors to hear what is going on inside your home. If you have replacement windows installed, you will have more privacy.

#5 Added Security

The locks installed on old windows weren’t made very well. Many Fort Worth, TX homeowners who have old windows say that the locks are either not secure enough to keep the window locked, or they don’t work at all. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, there are 1.5 million home break-ins reported every year. Of many of these robberies, the thief used an unlocked window to gain access to the home.

New windows are made with locks that are designed to be strong, secure, and lasting. When you install windows in your home, you will have peace of mind that your family will be safe.

#6 Easy Cleaning

Windows get dirty; there is no way of getting around it. Cleaning the inside of an old window is easy because you can clean them from inside the house. Unfortunately, cleaning the outside of old windows is much more difficult. To reach the windows, you will need to stand on a ladder. If your home has a second floor, cleaning those windows can be very dangerous. It would take just one misstep to fall off the ladder, and you can suffer a serious injury.

New windows are designed for easy cleaning. After you clean the inside pane from inside the house, you would simply flip the window in, allowing you to clean the outside of the window from the comfort of your own home.

#7 Fade Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are very powerful. When the sun comes into your home, over time, it can cause your curtains, furniture, carpeting, or anything else that the sun hits to fade. This will result in you spending a lot of money to replace the faded items.

New windows are with a special glass that is designed to block ultraviolet lights, protecting your home furnishings.

#8 No More Storm Windows

During the winter, many homeowners who have old windows put their storm windows in. This will keep the chill out of the house on a cold night. Unfortunately, storm windows can be a hassle. If you have 12 windows in your home, you would need to install 12 storm windows. When winter is over, you would need to uninstall all 12 windows and find a safe place to store them.

Replacement windows have enough insulation that you don’t need storm windows, which can save you a lot of time and energy.

#9 Increase the Value Of Your Home

If you plan to sell your home in the future, installing replacement windows is an excellent investment. After installing the new windows, the value of your home can increase by up to $11,000. Also, new windows will attract potential buyers who aren’t looking to do too many updates to their new home.

If you are thinking about installing replacement windows in your new home, contact Energy Window Solutions. We have been in the window business for over 30 years. In 2001, we built our own window systems, which we are still selling today. When you call Energy Window Solutions, we will send one of our highly trained, highly qualified window experts to your home to go over the windows that are available. We will even help you find windows that fit within your budget.