A Guide To Shutters From A Shutter Company Near Me | Fort Worth, TX

A Guide To Shutters From A Shutter Company Near Me | Fort Worth, TX

Whether building a home from the ground or redecorating, deciding what to dress your windows with can prove challenging. Window shutters are a great choice; they are affordable, easy to maintain, ideal for business or home use, and available in different styles. They offer excellent insulation and help control light, noise, and ventilation. We have compiled the ultimate resource to alleviate the frustration of finding the perfect shutters for your windows.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about shutters and the best shutter company near me in Fort Worth, TX.

Benefits of Using Custom Shutters?

Interior window shutters add luxury and class while providing various benefits, including:

  • Works with any style: Regardless of the style of your home, it’s easy to find window shutters that complement or enhance it. For instance, natural wood is a perfect fit for a relaxing living room or cozy reading nook. You can also repaint it in a bold color to spice up minimalist décor.


  • More privacy without compromising light: You have to draw back the curtains or Roman blinds to get light, which strips the room of privacy. However, custom shutters offer the best of both worlds. Simply tilting the slats of the shutters allows light to flood the room and still keeps outsiders from peering in.


  • Increased property value: Homes with window shutters give the impression of a well-maintained property, which raises their value.


  • Minimal maintenance: Window shutters don’t need much care other than the occasional operating mechanism lubrication. Cleaning them is relatively simple since all you need is a microfiber cloth and some delicate cleaning products.


  • Energy efficiency: There’s a reason why shutters are so popular in many southern states. They do an excellent job of keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


  • Long-lasting: Blinds are relatively fragile and need replacing every 7-10 years. Custom window shutters from a reputable shutter company near me can last for decades with proper installation and maintenance.

Choosing the Ideal Style for Your Custom Shutters

Creating a seamless appearance in your home requires matching the style of your window shutters to your home décor.

For instance, it’s best to go with louvered shutters, also known as plantation shutters, if you have a Southern-style home. Paneled or solid shutters are ideal for colonial-style homes. Solid shutters are made from a single piece of wood with inlays, while paneled shutters have panels along the center for a classic look.

Broad shutters are perfect for French Country or other informal-style homes. They are made from one piece of wood and lend some simplicity and elegance.

Other style options include traditional, arched, multi-tier, rolling, raised panel, barn door, café, board & batten, and Scandinavian shutters.

If you go for custom shutters, you can control different design aspects, including size, width, and color, among others.

Pick Out the Material

The material is equally as important as the style of your custom shutters. Most window shutters from a shutter company near me are made from wood, offering a classic appeal regardless of where you install them. On the downside, wooden shutters are quite expensive and need more upkeep. You’ll need to sand and repaint them every few years when the paint starts chipping or peeling.

Aluminum shutters are a cheaper alternative but still durable. Moreover, it doesn’t require as much upkeep as wooden shutters. The fact that they don’t chip makes them ideal for areas that experience wind-blown debris. The main downside is that they retain heat, making the rooms quite hot.

PVC shutters are lightweight, durable, and great for high-moisture areas. They are not the most beautiful or flexible for color options, but they are ideal if you need durability. Composite wood shutters are made from a combination of wood and vinyl. They offer more protection from the elements while adding an attractive look.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

It may be tempting to go full DIY and install the first pre-made shutters you find at the shutter company near me. However, there’s a good chance that they won’t be the perfect fit and finish you want. We recommend working with a professional shutter company near me in Fort Worth, TX. Using a professional to install your custom shutters lends several benefits.

Working with a professional shutter company comes with a higher initial cost than DIY installation. However, it saves you more money in the long run. Moreover, you won’t have to purchase new equipment or learn how to install window shutters.

A shutter company near me has the tools and skills to correct any mistakes that occur. Professionals often have business insurance that helps cover the cost of more severe damages that may occur during a window shutter installation. DIY damages will likely cost you a fortune and possibly damage your home insurance policy.

Choosing custom shutters for your home can be challenging, and having a professional by your side can be helpful. When you hire a shutter company near me, such as Energy Window Solutions, we’ll guide you through selecting the right shutters for your home. We take pride in providing a supportive service that includes more than just installation.

Custom Shutters FAQ

Are interior window shutters still in style?

Yes, and they will remain in style for years to come. Most homeowners prefer them for their energy efficiency, light-filtering capabilities, and durability. They also boost the resale value of your property.

How much do custom window shutters cost?

The cost of window shutters depends on the size of the windows, materials, and other factors. Hardwood shutters are the most expensive, especially for a custom build.

Where do I get the best window shutters in Fort Worth?

Finding the right shutter company near me for your window treatment installation is incredibly important. Ensure you do your research, read online reviews, and compare several quotes to avoid disappointment. At Energy Window Solutions, we help Fort Worth, TX homeowners achieve their window treatment dreams. We specialize in Norman shutters that add timeless elegance and grace to your property.

Consult the Professionals

If you are looking for custom shutters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Energy Window Solutions today. We are a professional shutter company near me that offers a wide variety of window treatments as well as installation and maintenance services to ensure they look their best. We are happy to help you explore all potential options and answer any questions you have.

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