Do You Need A Window Installation Service? 3 Dangers Of DIY | Dallas, TX

Do You Need A Window Installation Service? 3 Dangers Of DIY | Dallas, TX

When it comes to taking care of your home there are a lot of things that you probably do on your own, right? You might even do some of the more advanced projects for yourself, but putting in your own windows is definitely something that you want to hire a window installation service to take care of for you. That’s because the windows in your home are extremely important and improper installation can mean some serious problems for your home.

Danger #1: Broken Windows

Of course, the first problem that can happen when you’re trying to install (and remove) your own windows is that they can break. Breaking an old window that you’re taking out can mean a big mess and it can result in injury. On the other hand, breaking the new windows that you are working on installing can definitely be a problem because it involves additional expenses for you in trying to replace your brand new windows.

Danger #2: Poor Selection

If you’re choosing your own windows for installation it could mean that you select the wrong windows for what you need in your Dallas, TX home. This could mean windows that aren’t as energy efficient as you expected or it could mean windows that aren’t rated for the area that you live in. You could also choose more expensive or less expensive windows than you actually need. As a result, you end up with windows that are acceptable but they really aren’t what you’re looking for and they could be a bigger problem than just having the old windows still. And that’s definitely not something that you want to deal with.

Danger #3: Poor Seals

The seal around your window is one of the most important aspects. You need to make sure that you have a solid seal so that you get the best level of energy efficiency. Getting that high quality seal is not something that comes easily. A professional can help you with this process, but trying to go it alone is definitely going to set you up for problems down the road. After all, poor seals could mean a whole lot of problems that you definitely don’t want to deal with. We’ll take a look at some of those:

  • Water leaking – which means you end up with water damage in and around your home. This water damage could be minor and be caught early or it could become something even more serious, resulting in major problems that can actually damage the walls of your home, the floors, the foundation, and of course any items that you have as well.


  • Energy leaks into your home – If you don’t have good seals on your windows you could end up with whatever weather is happening outside getting into your home. This could include cold air getting in or warm air getting in but either way it’s going to be uncomfortable for you and it will cost more money.


  • Energy leaks out of your home – If you don’t have a good seal you could also end up with the energy that you’re paying for leaking out of your home. So if you have the air conditioner on you could end up spending even more because that air is leaking out of your house through the window seals. The same could be true of heat if you have it on. And all of that means a whole lot more money for you.

If you find yourself in need of new windows it’s always a good idea to get a professional window installation service. That’s how you’re going to improve the outcome and save money in the long run. Doing it yourself might seem like a good idea or it may seem easy enough, but the truth is that window installation service should always be done by a professional. You’ll get the best possible outcome and you’re going to have a guarantee that things are going to turn out the way you expect them to. There’s always a warranty involved when you have a professional window installation service.

If you put in your own windows and find that something was done wrong or that you chose the wrong windows you could be responsible for it and then you have to take care of fixing the problem. But if you hire a professional window installation service for your Dallas, TX home and there are any problems they’re the ones who are going to take care of it for you. That means you can feel a whole lot more comfortable with the outcome and you don’t have to take on the risk yourself.

Who to Call

So, if you’re not going to install your own windows what should you be doing? The best thing you can do is call a professional window installation service that can help you figure out exactly what you need for your Dallas, TX home. And that’s exactly what Energy Window Solutions can do for you. Our team can help you figure out what your home needs from start to finish. That means looking at what kind of windows are going to be the best fit for your home, getting the most energy efficient options, and even going through the installation process. And all of that means you get high quality from the start.

Even better, our team is highly skilled and experienced with window installation services and that will help you get what you expect every time. When you hire us to take care of your window installation service you can rest assured that the windows will be installed right and that you will have a great result. And you can also count on the warranty that goes along with our window installation service. All you have to do is give Energy Window Solutions a call and set up a time that we can come to your house to discuss what you need. Your windows can be ready in no time at all.

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