All You Need to Know About Triple Pane Windows and Their Benefits | Triple Pane Windows in Fort Worth, TX

All You Need to Know About Triple Pane Windows and Their Benefits | Triple Pane Windows in Fort Worth, TX

Are you confused about getting triple pane windows in Fort Worth? Perhaps, a little clarity about triple pane windows will help you make your mind. There is much more to triple pane windows than having three panes.

Here’s all you need to know about what goes into a triple pane window in Fort Worth and how they are better than double pane windows:

Triple Glazed Frame

The frame material of triple pane windows is triple glazed. This is because triple pane windows in Fort Worth require a long lasting and sturdy frame that can handle the weight of these windows. Fiberglass frames usually help with the endurance of this heavy weight. With the frame triple glazed, the window won’t cave, bend or coil.


Triple pane windows in Fort Worth usually includes a set of two spacers. These spacers divide the panes of the glass. Spacers consist of high-quality silicone, which helps prevent UV lights into houses. It also withholds argon gas, which makes it energy efficient.

Gas Fills

The gas fills in triple and double pane windows are used in the same way. However, there is one difference in the sense that triple pane windows with fiberglass contain gas in both the air fill spaces that is between the panes of the glass.

Different Types of Glass

There are various types of glass used for triple pane windows in Fort Worth. The glass consists of three layers, making the window noise resistant. Moreover, two of the three layers of this glass (either soft or hard coat) have a low emissivity film. The glass can be of vinyl or fiberglass.

Now that you know everything that goes into triple pane windows in Fort Worth, you might be wondering what benefits they can provide you. However, there are a lot of benefits in installing triple pane windows. Some of them include:

High Gas Fill

Since triple pane windows have two chambers, they can be filled with argon or krypton gas. Due to a higher gas fill, the energy efficiency of the windows increases.

Soundproof Windows

Triple pane windows in Fort Worth are completely soundproof. They prevent sound transmission into a house because of the presence of an extra pane and an insulated glass unit installed within the windows. This helps in reducing the outside noise.

Reduction in Condensation

In humid weather; dew tends to stick to the surfaces of the window as the water vapor condenses. With triple pane windows in Fort Worth, the temperature on the surface of the interior pane of the window is below the dew point. This increases the insulation within windows causing the condensation process to reduce significantly.

Energy Efficient

Triple pane windows in Fort Worth are also known to be energy efficient as compared to double pane windows.  This is because they provide high insulation by keeping the heat out on hot summer days.

Long Lasting

Triple pane windows are stronger and sturdier as they have more weight and the protection of an extra pane as compared to double pane windows. Moreover, the frame supporting them is also strong, which is why triple windows can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Increase in the Home Value

Triple pane windows are definitely a better investment as they can increase the overall value of your house. A property owner would want to buy a house with a comfortable living environment. With the kind of protection and insulation triple pane windows in Fort Worth provide, the overall resale value of your house will increase.

Safety of the House

Triple pane windows in Fort Worth increase the overall safety and security of homes. This is because they contain three layers of glass that are harder to break into in case of a burglary. The windows are stronger and prevent a break-in from happening.

Lower E Rating

A low E is the protective coating applied to the glass of triple pane windows. Triple pane windows have glass coated with low E and this serves to minimize heat loss in the winter season. Moreover, in the summer season, this low E coating on the glass blocks UV radiation from penetrating into the house. In this way, triple pane windows provide comfort in all types of weather conditions and seasonal changes.

Cost Effective

Since triple pane windows in Fort Worth save energy, they play a significant part in reducing energy bills. The windows provide insulation and keep the home warm and cool when needed, which allows the HVAC system to work fluidly but only to a certain extent.

House Upgrades

Installing triple pane windows means upgrading the walls and ceiling of your house from R-20 to R-40 as it can decrease heat and increase thermal comfort within your house.

If you plan on installing triple pane windows in Fort Worth, TX in your house then you can contact Energy Window Solutions, for the purchase and installation of high-quality triple pane windows.