All You Need to know about Triple Pane Windows | Energy Efficient Windows in Frisco, TX

All You Need to know about Triple Pane Windows | Energy Efficient Windows in Frisco, TX

You have just bought a new house in Frisco, Texas and it’s a fixer upper. The first project you have chosen to tackle are the windows! Like doors and floors, windows are an integral part of any home.

They bring in light and are a natural ventilation system that lets in clean fresh air. If chosen accordingly to the color and design scheme of your house, windows can add substantial character to the interior as well as exterior. Efficient and well designed window exterior is a depiction of the people and atmosphere inside the house.

But windows are not only for aesthetics and decoration. They bring in light, ventilate and maintain the temperature inside your home. They glass panes trap in air and acts as insulators to keep the interiors warm/cool as per the temperature set on the thermostat. Since they are so important to your house in Frisco, TX, you need all the research and information before you decide on replacing them.

There are multiple types of window solutions you can choose from, like single pane, double pane and triple pane windows. There are pros and cons to all of them, but triple pane windows are a newer technology, getting more recognition and preference from many home owners.

Compared to double paned windows or even single pane windows, these provide more benefits and make your home more comfortable. When installed correctly by the hands of experts, triple pane windows are more energy efficient and lessen the burden on your central air system.

If you are a new homeowner in Frisco, TX and unaware about triple pane windows then the information below will tell you what triple pane windows are and why they are more beneficial than other types of windows.

Triple Pane Windows

Before we start describing triple pane windows we need to know what a window pane actually is. Window pane or sometimes referred to as glazing is the sheet of glass in your windows that puts a barrier between the interior and exterior of your home.

To battle more sever climate conditions, an improvement on the regular pane windows was invented called Insulated Glass Units (IGUs). Multiple panes of the IGU are sealed together by an insulator to make window units more efficient than the regular single paned windows. Double and triple paned window units are example of these insulating units.

In most areas where the climate milder and stable and doesn’t get very severe, double paned windows are more suitable. But if you have chosen to live in Frisco, TX, then you know that the temperature is more susceptible to severity in peak times during summer and winters. Which means your house will require more insulation to regulate the temperature inside.

Triple pane windows are an upgraded version of the double pane windows with one more panel than the latter. The Frisco, Texas unit contains two spacers, which regulate the insulation, and three sheets of glass. The multiple layering of the glass units makes the triple pane windows more durable and heavy duty than the double pane windows.

The core function of triple pane windows is to put a barrier between external and internal temperature. The insulating gas filler between the panels makes sure that the temperature inside the house remains stable to what you had set on the thermostat.

Now that you know a bit more about triple pane windows; you might be wondering about why you should have them installed in your Frisco, TX home. Here are some benefits of triple pane windows that make them more energy efficient and a better option:

1.     More Gas Fills

If you choose to have triple pane windows installed in your new Frisco, TX home, you will be getting a window solution that has a 25% higher energy efficiency rate than double pane windows.

This happens because there is more gas filler in between the panes. There are two chambers which are filled Argon or Krypton gas, preventing the cooling/warmth from waning out to the exterior.

The double layering of gas insulation makes the windows more thermal resistant and slows the heat/cooling transfer from the inside to the outside. This lessens the burden on your HVAC system and saves you money on bills.

2.     Additional Low-Emissivity Coatings

Another benefit of having triple pane windows installed in your Frisco, TX home is that the extra pane in the unit allows the use of additional low-emissivity coatings. Although it might only look like a thin film to the naked eye, low-E is coated on the pane during the manufacturing phase on a molecular level. This coating helps in further improving the efficiency of the windows.

Low-E coatings are applied to the window panes because they prevent heat/cooling form escaping, and add an extra barrier between the interior and exterior. As triple pane windows have 3 glass panes, which means more coatings and better insulation.

3.     They are More Soundproof

If you live in the Frisco, TX area then you might be surprised to know that it is the second fastest growing cities in the U.S., which means more people moving into neighborhoods and more commotion. When the noise outside is bound to rise, your house needs more soundproofing so you won’t be disrupted constantly.

Triple pane windows have an extra glass pane that adds an extra barrier to filter out the noise coming from outside; so you can sleep and relax in your homes in peace.

Living in Frisco, TX with the severe climates during the winter and summer seasons can be made more enjoyable when you have a house where you can relax and beat the extreme climate. To ensure that you make your house as safe haven with comfortable temperatures, triple pane windows might be the answer for you.

Although they are pricier than double pane windows, they provide more protection, are 30% more energy efficient, saving you more than 4% annually on energy bills and they last for more than 25 years.

How to Get Triple Pane Windows?

If you have decided to get triple pane windows installed in your Frisco, TX home; then you need to call experts to ensure error free installation. The window experts at Energy Window Solutions provide professional solutions to all efficient window installation needs in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas. They have a knowledgeable staff with all the right equipment to help you install the most efficient triple pane windows.