Are triple pane windows really worth the hype? | House Windows in Flower Mound, TX

Are triple pane windows really worth the hype? | House Windows in Flower Mound, TX

Triple pane windows have become all the rage these days and are touted as the next best improvement in windows innovation. But is their popularity worth the hype? Triple pane windows have divided the opinions of both experts and non-experts alike, with each side having widely contrasting views on them.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of house windows in Flower Mound compared to double pane windows in terms of performance, aesthetics, noise reduction and other categories.

Energy efficiency

Researchers have found that triple pane windows offer a significant improvement over double pane counterparts when it comes to energy savings, with some estimate suggesting that they offer a 30 percent improvement on energy efficiency. The data is very conclusive and is impossible to argue against. While the statistics will vary from place to place and depend upon the exact material of your window, they will always favor triple pane windows simple because of that extra layer of glass and pocket of air and/or gas.

Homeowners can increase the energy efficiency by a greater number if they prefer to fill the vacuum space between the glass panels with argon or krypton gas.

Decreased energy bills

Increased energy efficiency will always follow be a noticeable drop in energy bills. An average home can save as much as $200 or more on heating bills when they install double pane windows, and $250 when installing tripe pane windows. The difference of $50 however, might not always justify spending more on triple pane windows for everyone. These savings will depend on the climate of the region and the make and model of your house window in Flower Mound. It is best to get an estimate of the savings from your window professional.

Due to the restrictive cost of triple pane windows, they are currently not the most popular choice in most areas of the US, but they are installed as standard in most Canadian homes due to the traditionally colder environment.

Noise insulation

Homeowners who live in noisy areas such as metropolitan areas, construction sites and train lines will realize the importance of excessive noise seeping into their rooms while they desperately try to catch some shut eye. These people often end up choosing triple pane windows to help them drown out the excess noise and gain some peace and quiet. Triple pane windows are able to give them more soundproofing options because they come with two layers of insulating gas which can block sound waves dead in their tracks.

Effect of the Sun

If you’re choosing triple pane windows in warmer areas, a good idea would be to lookout for the SHGC number, known as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient which assumes a value between 0 and 1. It allows users to estimate how much heat a window can block, making it especially important for people who have large house windows in Flower Mound that tend to let a lot of sunlight in.

Light control

One of the most important architectural considerations when choosing windows is the amount of lighting. Triple pane windows can minimize solar heat gain with a special coating called Low-E, or low emissivity, with is applied on the interior of the surface of glass. Low-E coatings block infrared and heat producing light from the sun. UV light is responsible for fading the color of furniture that is placed under direct sunlight. Low-E triple pane windows are able to noticeably mitigate these effects.

Low-E can maximize the amount of visible light a house window in Flower Mound lets in while blocking heat producing waves directly from the sun.


Security is increased with a triple pane window because of that extra layer of glass. The additional strength to the house window in Flower Mound acts as a barrier from potential house invaders. The durability also prevents the likelihood of accidentally breaking the window. The choice of frame for triple pane windows also pays an important role in its overall durability. For starters, the least expensive triple pane window is a vinyl framed window. Some manufacturers sell fiberglass frames which are extremely durable and less bulky options, albeit at the cost of up to 50 percent more than vinyl.

The most popular option with triple pane is a wood framed structure which can cost a large chunk of change. They do offer a more traditional, classier look but at the cost of added maintenance.

The cons

The biggest disadvantage with triple pane windows is their cost, which will take any average homeowner up to 30 years to fully recoup the amount invested through energy savings. That additional pane of glass isn’t cheap and will set them back by about 20% or more than what a double pane glass costs. But many homeowners believe that the added benefits, such as energy savings, thermal efficiency and soundproofing make it worth their effort.

Many experts believe that the decreased margin of returns is not worth the extra price tag. This does not discourage most homeowners.

Difficult to install

Because manufacturers are buckling three panes of glass in a sturdy packaging, the overall weight of the entire house window in Flower Mound makes it incredibly hard to install them. Amateur window professionals usually end up breaking the material during installation, a costly endeavor for the owner who will need to replace the entire window units in the event of damage.

It is not advisable for DIYers to make these installations since triple pane windows are more than a handful for even the most professional window experts. They require added knowledge about exterior and interior walls, and depending on the construction of your house, a few adjustments might be necessary for installations to accommodate the new window into your home. This requires knowledge, access to material and more importantly, time, which the average homeowner does not always have due to other obligations.

To learn more about triple pane windows and how they can help your house, give our experts at Energy Window Solutions a call and receive a free audit!