Window Attachments that Increase Energy Efficiency | Windows in Plano, TX

Window Attachments that Increase Energy Efficiency | Windows in Plano, TX

Want to increase the efficiency of your windows in Plano, TX?  You can do so in so many ways: from replacing the frame, the pane or even the complete window itself. Or you could just install suitable window attachments which we’ll focus upon in this article.

Window coverings can significantly reduce energy loss which ultimately leads to greater comfort levels and lower bills. So, which of these treatments for windows in Plano, TX are more effective? That depends on a number of factors such as the particular attachment that you choose, the manner in which it is used, climate and season.

Nonetheless, all possible treatment choices for windows in Plano, TX do bring about some kind of energy efficiency improvements. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Operable Coverings for Windows in Plano, TX

Window coverings offer you greater flexibility than other choices – you can either keep them open to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light or draw the coverings to maintain your privacy. Window coverings are available as blinds, shades, curtains and draperies.

Please note that all coverings may not be operable, which means you won’t have flexibility. Some of them are automated which might make them a more convenient option. So, do check out the functioning before you decide the treatment you want for your windows in Plano, TX.

Insulated Cellular Shades

These shades feature pleated materials that can fold up, usually towards the top of the bottom edge of the window. They’re adjustable, and contain a single or multiple layers in a cross section.  Insulated cellular shades offer the greatest R values among all covering options.

The air layers actually feature small pockets in the honeycomb cross section which act as an insulating layer, preventing heat from conducing through the window. Thus, you can save a significant amount on your energy bills.

In terms of numbers, your energy savings decrease by around 20% during the heating season if the shades are tightly installed; this reduces heat loss by 40%. During the cooling season, tightly installed shades can reduce solar gains by as much as 80%.

Bear in mind that the most effective cellular shades are those which function on side tracks. Moreover, insulated cellular shades for yourwindows in Plano, TX also offer comfort and privacy, while increasing the value of your home.

Window Quilts

Quilts for your windows in Plano, TX are made from a quilted material just as the name implies. These are in the form of a sheet that covers your windows in Plano, TX and can be rolled open or closed. Window quilts fit against the trim with Velcro, snaps or other attachments. They can also be installed with tracks. Just like insulated cellular shades, window quilts also offer higher R values, and since their prices are lower, they are more affordable.

Roman Shades

Roman or roller shades are an inexpensive option if you want to increase the efficiency of your windows in Plano, TX. A roller bar is installed against the top edge of the window. Roman shades are rolled over this bar and can be lowered down to cover the window or rolled up to uncover. Made from fabric, these shades can be stacked together into even folds.

Roman shades fit seamlessly against the casing or just outside your windows in Plano, TX. They are available in a wide variety, providing you several options in terms of materials, colors and weaves.  Generally, heavy fabrics deliver a better thermal performance. Mostly, they are effective for blocking sunlight and maintaining privacy. If you want a significant decrease in your bills, you should consider some of the available options.


Window blinds are available with both a vertical or horizontal slat.  They function more effectively in the summers, reducing summer heat gain much better than decreasing heat loss in winter. This is because the slats feature a number of openings so some of the heat escapes. However, these slats also provide flexibility in summer and let you control the light and glare of the sun.  If you close them completely, then they can decrease heat gain.

Drapes and Curtains

Curtains are made from fabric and sized according tithe dimensions of your windows. Drapes have the same width as the window, but their length extends right to the floor. Drapes can reduce heat loss and solar gain, but their effectiveness varies with several factors such as the type of fabric and color.  Fabric can be open weaved or closed, where light and dark hues reflect the sunlight differently.

Generally, you should close the drapes during summers so as that no heat is gained from direct sunlight Medium colored drapes with a white plastic backing can decrease gains by around 33%. During the winters, the draperies can decrease heat loss by around 10%.

The effectiveness can be increased further if you hang two draperies that create a tighter and better insulated air space.

Window Films

Films for windows in Plano, TX block solar heat gain, keeping both the UV rays and glare of the sun outside. Plus, they also prevent heat of the sun from entering in the winter season.

Generally, window films are preferred by those homeowners who don’t want their views to be blocked, as is the case with other installment options for your windows in Plano, TX. They are used wherever there is a risk of carpet, furniture or artwork being faded due to UV rays.


Shutters are an exterior window treatment and are made from several materials such as wood, aluminum, vinyl and even fabric. Sometimes, the material may have small openings to increase visibility through the windows. If these openings are large, effectiveness will reduce. Shutters can be operated through a rod, crack or motor from inside the house.


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