Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It? | Triple Pane Windows in Dallas, TX

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It? | Triple Pane Windows in Dallas, TX

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The climate can be harsh sometimes, to the point where it becomes nearly impossible to stay outdoors in the sweltering heat or the bitter cold. It is at times like these that you want to stay indoors where you can keep yourself comfortably warm or cool, depending on the temperature outside. However, at times, the temperature of your home can be quite uncomfortable, making dealing with extreme weather difficult.

For areas where the temperatures usually hit the extremes, there are certain structural features that are given additional attention so that the constructed structures can meet the comfort needs of the inhabitants.  The temperature of your home can fall fairly low or high despite the presence of a heating/ cooling system. One of the major reasons for this is the windows.

The single-pane windows that are usually installed in most homes do not offer any insulation, as a result of which, the heat from the inside of your home is lost in winters or is gained from the outside in summers. The heating and cooling systems get overworked, and your electricity bills soar. It is highly recommended that you get triple pane windows installed if you are living in an area where temperatures fluctuate between the two extremes.

Triple Pane Windows

As the name indicates, triple pane windows have three panes of glass. Between these three panes are two compartments that have argon or krypton gas filled in them. These gases conduct up to 50% less heat as compared to air. Moreover, they have E-Low coating (low-emissivity) that prevents heat from inside from being lost or heat from the outside from being absorbed.

The special design and the specific purpose of triple pane windows are the reason why these types of windows are more expensive as compared to the commonly used single-pane or double-pane windows. However, the question is, are they worth it?

Since replacing windows is a major investment, you may have your reservations, which are completely understandable. You may want to be sure about their worth before you leap into getting all the windows of your home replaced with triple pane windows.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why getting triple pane windows in Dallas is the right thing to do.

·     Greater Energy Efficiency

Tripe-pane windows provide greater energy efficiency. This means that they provide about 50% better insulation than single-pane windows and 25% more insulation as compared to double-pane windows, lowering the heating and cooling costs. They keep the heat inside when the temperature outside is low and keep the heat out on the days when the temperatures are soaring high outside. This is why you should get triple pane windows in Dallas installed before the next cold spell or heatwave hits!

·     More Comfort

You don’t realize this, but windows can really make a difference when it comes to the comfort factor of your home. Have you ever touched the glass of one of your windows while the sun is scorching outside or while it is snowing?

Triple pane windows in Dallas ensure that you don’t sweat while you are sitting on your living room couch or shiver despite being wrapped in a warm blanket. They provide the insulation that is needed to keep the temperature of your home warm or cool enough to provide the comfort you need.

·     No Condensation

When the air temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is significant, such as in winters, water vapor condenses on the windows, increasing the chances of mold or mildew development. It poses a serious risk to the window frames and the drywall. However, the installation of triple pane windows in Dallas prevents this condensation, hence eradicating the chances of mold growth.

·     Increased Safety

Triple pane windows offer greater safety from theft or vandalism. These windows are sturdier than the single glass-pane or double-pane windows, which makes breaking them difficult. Once you have gotten triple pane windows in Dallas installed, you can sleep with a greater sense of security.

·     Soundproof

Triple pane windows are more soundproof than any other type of window. The extra pane of glass in the triple pane windows makes these windows naturally soundproof. If you are one of those people who prefer a quiet and cozy interior, you should get triple pane glass windows in Dallas installed. With these windows, it won’t matter how noisy your neighborhood is; you’ll be able to sit in peace and quiet while you read a book or watch some TV.

·     More Low-E

Low-E, as discussed earlier, means low-emissivity. Low-E glass is a specially designed type of glass that minimizes the amount of UV light that enters through it without affecting the amount of sunlight. These glasses have a microscopically thin and transparent coating that can keep the temperature in the house consistent.

Triple pane windows have more Low-E because of the presence of an extra pane of glass. More Low-E means that temperature control is more efficient as compared to single or double-pane windows.

This is another of the many reasons why you should consider getting triple pane windows in Dallas installed.

·     More Gas Fill

As we discussed in the beginning, triple pane windows have argon or krypton gas filled in between the panes that are responsible for insulation. The presence of three glass panes means the presence of two compartments that are filled with the gas.

With more gas fill, the insulation effect is significantly greater as compared to double-pane windows, which have only a single compartment filled with gas. The greater insulation is a good enough reason to get triple pane windows in Dallas installed.

Triple pane windows are surely worth the investment. With a higher efficiency at keeping the temperature indoor controlled, triple pane windows in Dallas are surely worth all the hype. These windows can make life a lot more comfortable, regardless of what the climate conditions are outside your home.

It is important that you hire professional service providers to install your triple pane windows in Dallas, and that is why we recommend Energy Window Solutions. To get in touch with them, you can call them on their number: 972-290-1848.