Are Triple Pane Windows Worth the Investment? | Triple Pane Windows in Lewisville, TX

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth the Investment? | Triple Pane Windows in Lewisville, TX

If you’re thinking of installing triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX you may want to do some research beforehand, since there are other options available as well. Since double pane windows are in widespread use, we will look to compare the merits and demerits of both in the hope of answering the query above.

Triple Pane Windows

Typically, triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX are considered a luxury item and are not customary, even in new homes that are being built across the United States. The main difference between double pane and triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX is that the latter are equipped with three panes of glass instead of dual glass.

This design element augments the amount of insulation space, which means that if you reside in areas that experience harsh winters, then triple pane window may be ideal to lower heat loss via windows in such months.

The same principle applies to those who live in areas which are densely populated and as a result, experience high levels of noise pollution. The added insulation of triple pane windows in Lewisville makes them perfect for blocking sounds that emanate from outside. However, residents should consider the caveat of its high cost before making any decision regarding the matter.

On the other end of the spectrum, a disadvantage of triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX is that they are exorbitantly priced and their weight is excessive as well. For example, the two spaces that are present between the three panes of glass are generally filled with krypton gas, which is part of the reason why these windows are so extravagantly priced. Krypton gas is more costly than argon and the extra pane of glass adds considerably to the overall weight of the window also.

In conclusion, the benefits of triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX are that they give greater insulation in comparison to double pane windows and that they make your home more secure from noise pollution. On the other hand, drawbacks include the fact that energy savings may not be enough to justify the cost of purchase. Also, excess weight may alter the home’s structure as well.

Double Pane Windows

In contrast to triple pane windows in Lewisville, double pane ones are relatively simpler with regards to construction. Instead of a single pane of glass in its frame, there are two. The void between the glass panes are filled with an insulating and inert gas, which is usually argon (we alluded to the fact that argon is a cheaper alternative than krypton gas, which is part of the reason triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX are so expensive).

Residents who are seeking the most energy efficient double pane windows should select low-E glass windows. These are coated with a specific glaze that reflects heat radiation from the sun and brings in sunlight in the process.

Low-E glass is effective since it diminishes the burden on your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. This means you can save precious dollars in your energy bill on a monthly basis. Simultaneously, the amount of natural light that enters your house is not reduced.

Finally, the impression we have gathered from considering double pane windows is that they are cost effective with how they encourage users to save energy. Also, they are easy to locate, since they are commonly found at most manufacturers, which means window size and style are no issues at all. They are also available in a wide variety of frame materials.

The shortcoming of double pane windows is that the seals in lower quality windows are known to fail in multiple cases. Another issue with these windows is that cracked glass panes are not easily replaceable, even though double pane windows are common in the market and used widely, unlike triple pane windows in Lewisville, TX.

Assessing the Necessity of New Windows

The addition of new windows may be part and parcel when you are in the midst of construction of a new home or if you are busy carrying out wholesale renovations. Regardless, installing new windows is an important investment. Our concern is if it is necessary or not.

Any investment would be sensible if you actually need to replace your existing windows. For instances, there may be cases where your current windows may not be in bad shape and there may be other, more pressing updates that are required and should take precedence.

If you are caught in two minds about purchasing new windows, a good idea would be to call a professional contractor. They will be able to assess the state of your windows and also enlighten you if you are interested in triple pane windows in Lewisville.

For instance, if they deem your double pane windows appropriate, then it would be foolhardy to persist with the purchase and installation of triple pane windows. It is also important to carry out your own research and evaluate the options. For instance, you may want to ask yourself if the brand-new windows would actually be an improvement over your current ones. If damage is not instantly apparent or they are not costing you a considerable sum in repairs, then it is better to continue with your current windows.

Signs that Replacement is Required

If you are using single pane windows at home, then they should be replaced for the sole reason that these do not provide sufficient insulating power. If you choose double or triple pane windows instead, you will notice a significant improvement in your energy bill.

An obvious sign is that your windows are broken or damaged considerably. Also, if you struggle to maintain a consistent temperature at home, then replacing your windows may be a viable option and should be explored.

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