All You Need to Know about Energy Efficient Windows in Dallas, Fort Worth

All You Need to Know about Energy Efficient Windows in Dallas, Fort Worth

Energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth have become a very important of modern homes and some even deem them necessary. This is because of their part in saving the environment, reducing carbon imprint, and minimizing energy costs.

A lot of people have different types of questions regarding the functioning, effectiveness, types, and availability of energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth. In this article, we have tried to solve the worries by answering the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about these amazing windows.

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How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

If you are thinking of introducing energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth home of yours; let us tell you it is the best thing you can do with your window spaces. This is not only because of the benefits associated with them but also because of the curb appeal these windows add to your home.

If you are wondering how these windows function to reduce energy bills and what makes them so efficient, below are some things you should know.

Glass Coating

A low-emissivity glass called “low-e” glass is used to form energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth and elsewhere. This form of glass enables these windows to block the UV rays of the sun by 90%. This enables energy windows to store heat inside the home and keep it warm when the weather outside is cold and vice versa when it’s hot outside.


Further, there are different glazing options for these windows to improve their efficiency including tints and reflective coatings.


Spacer Systems

Most energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth have 100% polymer-free structural foam used as window insulation in place of just metal. This makes energy windows more efficient by enabling to lower down heat loss rate. This insulation also keeps your windows condensation-free.


Double and Triple-Paned

The energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth and elsewhere are either double or triple paned. This further allows them to block UV rays and harmful radiation. 97% of UV rays are blocked by triple-paned windows and this implies that your home will be more comfortable and obviously the temperature will be thermo-regulated all through the year. These windows also keep fabrics, wood, and paint on different things from fading.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.   What Is a Low-e Window?

A window made of low-e glass, in simpler words, is a windowpane covered with microscopic layers of metallic oxides. The coating, while it remains invisible to the naked eye, allows a lot of natural light into the house.


As described earlier, these windows block out UV rays and radiation and keep you from getting skin burns and your belongings from being faded and damaged.


By helping to control radiant heat which enters and a leaves a room, the windows keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth thus help you keep your home comfortable and cut back on utility expenses by lowering down the use of energy.


The metallic oxide layer is a soft coating which is applied on the inner surface of the pane. It can be applied to different regions on the energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth. These soft coatings are very effective in terms of reflective. This makes them highly energy efficient.


On the other hand, hard coats are less efficient but are more resilient to different elements. This is why they are more commonly applied on the outside of storm windows.


Conversely, it is between two panels of a double-paned window where these coats are more commonly applied. It is more like a thin layer suspended in the middle of the panes than a normal coating thing. This layer acts as a reflective low-e window and as a type of thermal insulation.


In other terms, this thin sheet can effortlessly convert a double-pane into a triple-pane and this type of insulation can be additionally enhanced with the inclusion of slow argon gas to attain an even better R-value.


2.   How Do these Windows Keep the Home Heated?

The energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth were first introduced in the 80s to only keep in the infrared light. It was initially intended to help in cold weather conditions such as in Northern or Midwestern regions of the state.


They were meant to allow as much light as possible inside homes and to send solar radiance back into the rooms when the heat tries to leave through the windowpanes.


This glaze hence acts as an insulator which traps warmth inside the buildings. You can actually feel the heat rebounding off the pane regardless of the season. This reduces your energy bills and keeps the window glass always warm which ultimately lowers down condensation buildup on freezing days.


3.   How Do The Windows Work In Summer?

People living in warmer regions literally got jealous if we speak of the time around 20 years back. Those in the South thought why the people in the Northern region had all the energy efficiency when they sweat badly.


So today, the energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth don’t only reflect the heat into your home in December but also let it out in July. They keep radiant heat from entering your home and keep it cooler during hot times of the year.

4.   Who Do I Go To?

Energy efficient windows in Dallas, Fort Worth are worth your money and there’s no doubt about it. They have almost replaced the standard windows and all homeowners are slowly switching from standard to energy efficient windows in the region.


However, there is a host of coating and glass options available for you to choose from which may confuse you. It is advised to hire a professional for selection of these windows because a few extra bucks is surely better than making a wrong decision and regretting later.


The professionals such as those at Energy Window Solutions in Dallas, Fort Worth will suggest the right type for you by analyzing factors including durability, application, location, strength, and overall efficacy.


Get in touch today to benefit from this amazing invention and make your home more comfortable while saving a lot of money of energy bills.