8 Types of Unconventional Windows | House Windows in Fort Worth, TX

8 Types of Unconventional Windows | House Windows in Fort Worth, TX

There are several variables involved in the process of selecting and purchasing house windows in Fort Worth, TX. Home owners have to take various considerations into account, whether they are seeking replacement windows or entirely new ones in the midst of construction.

Examples of determinants include frame materials, glazing alternatives and relative energy efficiency, among others. Choosing what type of operating style to buy is another decision altogether! Our aim is to look into types of windows, specifically atypical and unorthodox ones.

Transom Windows

The first type of house windows we will examine are called transom windows. These are decorative accents that allow residents to utilize space or add a design focal point that is distinct. The distinguishing factor of transom windows is that they are installed above the door in upscale homes. In some cases, they may be placed above other windows as well.

Typically, transom windows are semicircle in shape and they can be square or rectangular in shape also. Transom house windows are placeholders in essence and their main purpose is to allow natural light to seep into the house.

In addition, the vast majority of transom windows open like awning windows, what with the bottom tipping out and upwards to form a slanted roof. In a nutshell, these house windowsare excellent when you want to encourage ventilation.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are essentially exterior windows that are configured in the same frame as existing windows. This particular type of house windows is meant to add an extra layer of protection. These are flat panels that have no breaks and this allows them to prevent the loss of heat.

Most residents are reliant on storm windows especially when winter approaches, since they work well against the elements, hence the name storm windows. Also, they are cost effective and easy to install as well.

Skylight Windows

Skylights are basically windows that are part of the roof, which makes them slightly different than other types. Occupants who want more natural light to enter their household should opt for skylight house windows. This may be borne out of want or they may be limited in terms of their exterior walls. Nonetheless, they can install skylight windows, which is done similar to how a roof vent is installed.

Skylights remain closed throughout and serve their fundamental purpose of augmenting sunlight into the house. Conversely, inhabitants may also enjoy a pleasant view of the sky as the sun sets and the moon emerges. There are a few models of skylight house windows that may open and close. This means they offer the advantage of offering ventilation for your home. Naturally, skylights must be installed by a professional and cannot be done using a DIY method.

Round Circle Windows

Round circle windows may be entirely round, half round, elliptical or oval in shape. The category of round windows encompasses a variety of shapes that add to the architectural value of your home. Most round windows work well with glass doors and square windows as well.

Furthermore, round circle house windows may also be decked with decorative grills and stained glass in order to transform them into a stunning design focal point in the house. Naturally, adding such features also makes the windows more expensive. Even so, round windows are aesthetically unique and give homes a historical look as well.

Picture Windows

Next, we have picture windows. These are large windows that do not contain any breaks of visible frames, meaning that they give a clear, unobstructed view. Therefore, if you have a lush garden or a mountainous region behind your house, you can enjoy the view with picture windows.

They are called picture windows for the simple reason that they turn the view outside into a picture that you can admire from inside your dwelling. The disadvantage of picture house windows is that they cannot be opened, which means no ventilation or emergency escape either.

Jalousie Windows

Found mostly in older homes worldwide, jalousie windows are also quite unique. These windows may be split into different slats of metal or glass and they open in the same way a set of blinds would.

Those who install these house windows in their abode simply have to crank the lever and slats tilt to the side as a result. This creates a series of gaps which allow air to flow through. Jalousie windows were common years ago primarily owing to their maintenance and affordability.

Currently, jalousie windows are still used in houses that are situated in warmer climates, although they do not provide ample insulation to justify their use in cooler climates.

Hopper Windows

Another type of windows that are commonly used are called hopper windows. These open from the top and typically crank open to tip down. Since they make effective use of compact spaces, they are mostly used in areas like basements.

Hopper windows also offer fantastic insulation because they seal up against the frame when closed completely. They open with an upward slant, which is beneficial for basements and rooms that are located on the first floor as well. This is because the structure of hopper windows keeps debris from entering homes.

Glass Block Windows

These are generally considered accents and are added to sections of the home to augment light flow. Most of all, glass block windows are adorned with a patterned design, which gives users light and privacy contemporaneously.

This is why many home owners choose to use glass block windows in bathroom, basements and other spaces where privacy is warranted. Also, those who are looking for sturdy windows that neither open nor close while providing residents with a view should opt for glass block windows.

On the other hand, glass block windows are immobile which means they are likely to be expensive as well. If they are damaged or broken, they are difficult to replace as well.

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