Are Triple Pane Windows Worth Your Extra Money? | Triple Pane Windows in Lewisville, TX

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth Your Extra Money? | Triple Pane Windows in Lewisville, TX

One of the most frequent questions asked is, “are triple pane windows worth the extra bucks?”

Well, to tackle harsh climate in Lewisville triple pane windows provide an extra glaze coating that will give you a far superior protection than double pane windows. Therefore, they are worth the extra cost.

Double pane vs. triple pane windows

Double pane or triple pane windows, which one should you be opting for? When comparing these two windows it is important two analyze these 4 factors:

1.   Sound transmission

While the triple pane windows are more efficient in reducing noise but the difference is not that much when compared to the double pane window. So if you are thinking to replace your double pane windows just for the sake of noise reduction then you might be overspending.

2.   Weight

Triple pane windows are heavier than double pane windows due to the presence of an extra layer of glass but the weight factor should not concern you if you get these installed by an expert energy window provider in Lewisville.

Triple pane windows have a balance mechanism to counterbalance the weight issue, so no matter how heavy the window is you will not have a problem in sliding it.

3.   Energy efficiency

There is an evident improvement in energy efficiency when comparing double pane vs. triple pane windows.  They have u-factors that are about 20-30% better than a similar double pane window.

Due to a low-e coating, it has a better SHGC rating. The house with triple pane window will have a lower visible transmission rating because of this coating.


4.   Cost efficiency

While the cost difference is there but in some cases, it’s not that substantial.

Let’s suppose if you are getting a wood replacement window installed for around $300 with double pane glass, the same will cost you 100 dollars more if you opt for triple pane glass.

Benefits of triple pane windows in Lewisville

An extra layer of insulating glass provides extra benefits, especially in extreme climates. As it has an additional glass and airspace for improved insulation compared to the double plane window.

Here are the added benefits that you get from a triple pane window in Lewisville:

1.   Highest Energy Efficiency

These windows make life more comfortable; their energy efficiency keeps the house warm in winters and cool in summers. Triple pane windows deliver superior air-tightness and protection which prevents winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

It can insulate 25% more efficiently as compared to the double pane window because triple pane windows have two chambers; both are filled with gas which contributes to a higher ER value.

Triple pane windows can help you save a substantial amount of money on your energy bills because they are normally around 50% better at insulating your home than windows with single-pane glass. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a comfortable environment in your house throughout the year.

2.   Reduced Condensation

Triple plane glass can reduce humidity levels due to warmer window surface temperatures; the moisture present inside the glass can cause damage to the drywall and windowsill.

The better the insulation value of a triple pane window makes it impossible for the vapor to get condensed on the window glass.

3.   Sound reduction qualities

All that noise coming from outside your home can distract you from your daily work or can hinder your night’s sleep.

Triple pane windows can help you reduce noise; they are equally capable of cutting of unwanted sounds like they are in retaining the energy levels.

By trapping the sound waves in the first chamber, the triple pane window doesn’t let the outdoor clatter disturb the tranquility of your house.

4.   Increased Security

A triple window provides you with increased home safety because obviously, a triple layered window is harder to break.

These windows will help you if anyone tries to break-in to your house because it is a challenge for intruders to break through the extra layers of glass. Additionally, these windows provide a safety layer to your home from extreme weather and provide more wind resistance

5.   Increased property value

By having triple pane windows installed at your place in Lewisville, you will increase the worth of your property. People are likely to be more interested in a house equipped with the latest technology.

Think about all the potential buyers! When looking to buy a house people often prefer those residences which are equipped with energy efficient appliances. This window system can be X-factor for your place.

6.   A profitable investment

Wisdom is investing in something that can be profitable for you in a longer run.  Installation of triple pane windows in Lewisville might be an expensive option than other alternatives but in the longer run, it is an investment that will prove to be cost-effective.

You can save up to 50% on your energy bills by installing triple pane windows in Lewisville; if you do the calculations it is a onetime expense that will help you save money for longer time.

Why choose Energy Window Solutions


The triple pane windows will be as efficient as their installer so make sure you hire a specialist energy window service in Lewisville, TXEnergy Window Solutions is an energy window provider which is providing quality services since 2001.

Their great customer service has earned them the trust of their customers. Getting triple pane windows installed from this company will ensure that you will get the best service available. Their experienced team will make sure that they install these windows in the most efficient way possible.

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