Benefits And Drawbacks Of Triple Pane Windows | Dallas, TX

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Triple Pane Windows | Dallas, TX

Are you planning to replace your old and broken windows with energy-efficient types for your old house or buy new windows for your new construction in Dallas, TX? Hiring a skilled and experienced window technician to walk you through the entire purchasing and installation process for better results is necessary. You might have to do a lot of window shopping or online shopping to get the windows that blend well with your interior decor and exterior arrangement. 

Triple pane windows are slightly different from double glazed windows. They have three panes of glass and two spacers and are heavier than the double-paned windows. Spacers between the two window glasses might have argon or Krypton gasses that increase insulation, preventing conditioned heat or cold air from escaping. The insulation the gasses provide also helps homeowners save up to 30 percent energy. 

Triple pane, and energy-efficient windows, are the focus of this blog. They have numerous benefits that might be to your liking. Similar to other mechanical or technological products, windows can also have disadvantages. 



Top on my list of benefits of triple pane windows is their durability. The home windows use fiberglass and vinyl frames that manage their heavyweight to make them more long-lasting. They can serve you the longest because of their strength in the three panes. When you hire the best window specialists to install and maintain the windows, the windows can last longer. 

Framing materials used for installing the windows add to the durability of the three-paned windows. Vinyl and fiberglass frame options for the triple glazed windows are the best because they prevent the possibility of wrapping or bending, making them more durable. 

Highly Energy Efficient

Another reason why most homeowners love the triple-glazed windows is their exceptional performance than the double-glazed types. Spacers in the triple-pane windows are gas-filled with krypton or argon gas that increases its efficiency in preventing heat from moving in and out of your home. 

In addition to the spacers, the three glass panes make them the best option for homes with heating and cooling systems because they reduce air drafts. The tightly sealed and insulated windows have high thermal resistance and prevent the air conditioner and heaters from overworking when they heat and cool your Dallas, TX home, using less energy. 

Window contractors can help you select the best energy-efficient triple-pane windows with the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label, with the appropriate U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Ratings (SHGC).

Windows with low U-factor ratings are more efficient and offer high efficiency in performance. Those with low SHGC ratings transmit lower solar heat and have more shading ability, making the best for collecting solar heat during wintry days. 

Noise Reduction

Window experts can also recommend the triple pane windows to most of their customers because of the ability to reduce sounds penetrating through your space.

The three panes of the windows are a feature that prevents external noise from busy construction sites, heavy traffic, busy streets, and kids playing from entering your home, providing you the quiet space you desire. 

People living close to airlines should go for the triple-glazed windows if they fancy silent indoor surroundings for studies or resting. Having windows that stop noise in your home protects your health and welfare, according to the Noise Control Act of 1972.

Prevents Fabrics from Fading

In addition, triple pane windows are the go-for home windows because they prevent UV light from penetrating through the glass. The glass used in making the energy-efficient windows has a coat of low-emissivity film that protects your fabrics, such as curtains, from fading. 

Decreases Condensation

Furthermore, homeowners prefer triple pane windows because it creates less moisture when warm air comes in contact with cold surfaces. Too much humidity in a house on cold days creates condensation that forms on the window glazing of a home window. 

The high condensation on windows damages wooden frames and sills. Without regular maintenance and cleaning of the windows, they get damaged over time. Triple pane windows are the best option if you want windows that reduce condensation, lowering the probability of window damage.

Home Value Addition

Property owners can opt for triple energy-efficient windows for their rental buildings and apartments to increase their value. Installing the triple pane windows in your entire house attracts potential buyers because of the beauty and durability they add to your new residential building. 

Buyers that understand how expensive the triple-glazed windows are will appreciate a building with well and creatively installed windows and might make a quick down payment. So, if you want energy-efficient windows that boost your home value, choose the ones with three glazing glasses. 


Costly Initial Price

High initial costs make people in Dallas, TX, shy away from getting windows with three panes for their new construction or replacement. Triple-paned windows can dig a significant hole in your pockets because they are costly to buy. 

If you are financially stable or are willing to take the risk and come up with a building worth its while, they are the best option. Other aspects that increase the price of the home windows are installation charges. 

Complex Installation

After buying the windows, correct and accurate installation of the triple pane windows makes them more energy efficient and with the highest performance in reducing the transfer of heat and sound into your house and energy bills. Therefore, it is wise to get qualified and skilled window technicians to provide exceptional installation services, increasing comfort in your home. 

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After reading the above pros and cons of the Triple pane windows, you now know to make a well-informed purchase decision concerning the windows. Home windows are the best option for homeowners that want highly energy-efficient windows. 

You can call Energy Window Solutions if you want the windows perfectly installed in your home by experienced and certified window contractors. We offer replacement window services, including installation, repairs, and replacement for clients in Texas and the surrounding areas.

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