Best Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

Best Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

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Are your energy efficient windows leaking, broken, unattractive or out of date? Are your electricity bills going up especially in summer and winter months? If that is the case, then it is time you considered getting new energy efficient windows for your home or business. At Energy Window Solutions, we replace and repair energy efficient windows. We install high quality windows and get them installed by experienced professionals. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians will carefully study the affected windows while at the same time considering your preferences and budget. We don’t stop there, we go ahead and make recommendations to help increase the general outlook of your window and ensure they are saving energy.

Why Window Maintenance and Replacement Is Important

One thing that most homeowners in Lewisville, TX get confused about is whether to completely replace windows or simply repair them. While minor window damages like chips, small cracks and slightly affected casings can easily be repaired, there are severe situations that need total replacement to help cut down the expenses that could be incurred if the replacement wasn’t done early enough. Some of the other reasons as to why you need to replace or repair you energy efficient windows are:

  • Unsafe windows: As time goes by, your house will start having foundation problems and the energy efficient windows could end up shifting as well. One trait with this type of windows is that they are difficult to open and give complications when being locked or unlocked. With windows being the best to exist in case of an emergency, it is highly recommended that you get them replaced as soon as possible.


  • Damaged or ruined windows: Energy efficient windows with severe cracks, water leaks or sliders are ruined deeply and usually need to be replaced with immediate effect. If you delay the replacement, you will be allowing more water to penetrate into the concrete which could end up causing major damages.


  • Ice buildup: Most windows tend to have ice build ups in between the glasses. To make matters even worse, they tend to get smelly and make it clear for everyone passing by that your window is faulty. If you feel moisture in between the panes, it shows that that window sealing has been compromised. You will need to replace it as soon as possible.


  • Low energy efficiency: As much as this factor might not be as serious when it comes to energy efficient windows, it plays a critical role leading to high electricity bills. At Energy Window Solutions, we offer a wide range of windows that will surely save on energy.

Replacement Window Options

Being the best window installation company in Texas, we have a highly experienced team of professionals that can install windows to any house design or style, basing on your personal preferences. We offer a wide variety of casing styles including wood, vinyl and aluminum, which we install with glass ensuring they are resistant to storm and heavy impact. You can therefore trust us with all your window replacements and repairs in Lewisville. Whether you are looking for a full window replacement or repairing a broken window, simply get in touch with Energy Window Solutions to get it done. We are a family owned and operated business that puts the needs and interests of a customer first.

Why Choose Energy Efficient Windows?

These windows have been in existence for quite some time and have proven their worth in many ways. They are soundproof, comfortable, energy efficient and very affordable. Most windows sold in Texas double pane and contain glass panes with very little emissive coatings. It is also important to note that there is a thermal efficient gas in between those panes. What makes these kinds of windows stand out from the rest is the fact they are superior and stronger thanks to a third pane placed in the middle of each one of them. Not only does this guarantee an extra layer of efficiency but also gives additional spaces for glass to fit.

Why Our Windows Are The Best

At Energy Window Solutions, we have high quality windows that contain Krypton gas which is twice dense, giving higher amounts of insulation. It also helps in improving the thermal conductivity by over 46% and filling up the window panes better. Here are other reasons as to why you should choose our windows.


It is obvious that windows can be measured in durability. At Energy Window Solutions, we have high quality windows panes that are better than any other in the market. Being a company of utmost honesty, we emphasize on providing quality windows that meet the expectations of our clients. Once you have installed them, you won’t need to replace or repair your windows for a long period of time.

Beautiful Look

It is obvious that when a person walks in your home, the first thing they will see is windows. Old and rusty windows will surely paint a negative image about you. Energy efficient windows from Energy Window Solutions are exactly what your house needs. We have extremely beautiful panes that residents of Lewisville, TX adore so much.

Water and Air Protection

The most important and basic function of any window is ensuring that water and air does not get into your house. Our windows will play this role perfectly, and water or air will not enter your home whatsoever. To make it even easier, our windows are very easy to install. We also have an experienced team of Installers that will accompany you to your home and help you install the windows. They are highly professional and you can count on them for a thoroughly satisfying job.

Call Us Today

Are you looking for the best window installers in Texas? Look no further! Energy Window Solutions is here to take care of all your window installation, repairs and replacement needs. Call us today and learn more about window installation, care and maintenance. We will gladly answer any inquiries you might have and advise you on the decisions you need to make.