Best Windows for Townhouses | New Windows in Dallas, TX

Best Windows for Townhouses | New Windows in Dallas, TX

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Do you have a new townhouse in Dallas? Are you planning on buying one? Are you considering or in the process of redecorating one?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might want to think about a key architectural feature in housing that can pull the entire space together—windows.

New windows in Dallas, TX are the key to townhouse architecture and design. If you want to think over your options, you should take a look at this handy guide to window types.

Bay Windows

If you want to update your townhouse to be a more modern, eclectic and stylish destination, you will need a bay window.

This is because bay windows are very aesthetically pleasing and are in the modern architectural fashion. They are often used in smaller spaces as they help to open up the space and make it more functional. For instance, you can have a window seat fitted into the window.

This can be used as a reading nook, a simple seating space in a small living room, or can be used to place decorative items. You can even put up plants here that will get sunlight from the window itself and you can even use the window seat to look at the views from your townhouse towards Dallas’ sights.

Awning Windows

If you have a townhouse, you might want to get beautiful, decorative and functional windows. This is where awning windows come in. Awning windows are great window options for townhouses because they are easy to use with a crank used to operate the window sash.

The exterior features of the awning windows, along with their ventilation options for various hallways, can be a great plus in a townhouse since it can mean aesthetic and utilitarian value.

Picture it: you have a wonderful townhouse and a garden outside. You crank your awning window, it opens outwards, the window sash an eggshell white, and you stare at your gardenias blooming in the afternoon light.

Awning windows can be used with other window designs, like picture windows. Townhouses can have small rooms, needing more intelligently designed and coordinated window designs to make them seem more open. This is why you should get a professional to fit the awning with the picture windows.

You should not get an awning window on the ground floor, however, since they open outwards and can smash into anyone walking outside at that particular time. You should also keep in mind that awning windows should be strategically placed so that you can actually open and close them for ventilation.

So when you are getting new windows in Dallas for your townhouse, you should have professionals install awning windows and check out your space for their strategic placement.

Picture Windows

Townhouses need to have great exterior and interior architectural features like picture windows. Picture windows can be used to open the space in a small townhouse. A closed off space might seem claustrophobic and unwelcoming in a townhouse.

Townhouse rooms can open up to beautiful views with picture windows, especially if you do not need open windows. See, the thing is, picture windows do not open up at all. This is why they should be used for natural lighting and aesthetic features only.

Picture windows are ideal for townhouses that are already centrally air conditioned. If you require windows for ventilation, you can install picture windows with other window features like awnings.

You should be warned, however, that picture windows can heat up the townhouse much faster especially in Dallas summers. You will need blinds or curtains to put over your new windows in Dallas, TX if you are planning to get them.

Slider Windows

If you need to live in the townhouse or any house for that matter, you need new windows in Dallas, TX. Now while these can be used for taking in beautiful views, they work best as efficient ventilation options for townhouses without proper air conditioning.

Slider windows are easy to open and use and are often used as options for egress windows for basements and bathrooms as well as normal windows.

You will need to have at least one egress slider window in your house so that you can have an emergency exit. Since they are easy to use and can open up easily, slider windows are great options in a fire for instance.

However, you need to be careful with slider windows since they only have one locking mechanism and do not have a tension mechanism. This might mean they can be prey to home invasions in Dallas.

They are inexpensive however and their easy usage can be great in the event of a fire or other emergency so most Dallas houses have them installed in the basement.

Glass Block Windows

If you have bathrooms and basements in your townhouse, you should get a glass block window installed within it. This is because the glass block window will be a great accent and increase light and openness in a closed off space.

Dark basements should be fitted with glass block windows so more light can come in and you are able to see in the basement. The same can be true for bathrooms with limited lighting options. Glass block windows are also ideal for bathrooms since they can provide a lot of privacy.

So if you need new windows in Dallas, TX for your townhouse, you should consider having glass block windows installed.

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