Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Windows: Double-hung vs. Sliders | Dallas, TX

Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Windows: Double-hung vs. Sliders | Dallas, TX

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When it comes to choosing the exact right windows for your home you want to make sure you’re looking at all of the options. That means paying attention to things like window style and your own personal preference. So, how are you going to make sure you have the right windows? You’ll have to compare different energy efficient windows in Dallas, TX and we’re going to help you with that process. At least, when it comes to double-hung and slider windows.

What Are Double-hung Windows?

These energy efficient windows are designed with two different sashes. That means you can actually lower the upper section of the window into the home and you can lower the bottom section of the window into the home. It creates a unique way to get more air flow and it definitely does make these windows easy to clean. You can see the inside and the outside of the window and you can reach them directly from inside your house. No more going outside or climbing on ladders just to clean the windows.

What Are Slider Windows?

Slider windows are a lot like what you would expect. These energy efficient windows open by sliding one side of the glass to the other side. These windows actually slide from one side to the other. So the right side slides to the left or the left side slides to the right. You may also get slider windows that open on either side, however you’re going to only have one side (or part of both sides) open at the same time. These windows give you a few more options and they’re going to give you a slightly different style. You get to decide whether one or both windows open.

Benefits of Double-hung Windows

One of the biggest benefits of double-hung windows and a reason why these energy efficient windows are one of the most popular is the fact that they actually clean quite easily. Now, you don’t have to have both windows open. You can choose to have one of the windows stationary when you design the ones you want. But if you do have them both open you can slide them in and clean the outside just as easily as you would clean the inside, which is a convenience for anyone.

These energy efficient windows open up and down, which means that they’re going to be taller windows rather than wider windows. If you want to have a window that is taller than it is wide then this is a good option to choose. It also lets you install things into the window like air conditioners. It’s going to be a whole lot easier here because you can flip down one of the windows, put the air conditioner in and you’re going to be all set. That makes it more convenient for some in Dallas, TX and it’s something that sliders don’t do as easily.

Benefits of Slider Windows

There are some benefits to these windows as well. The fact that they open on the sides can be nice and since you can get some that open in both direction you can get more of a breeze by opening the windows on each side and moving the window glass to the center. You’re also going to have a slightly different look with this style of energy efficient windows. Double-hung windows tend to look relatively standard and most people may not see anything special about them. That’s not to say they don’t look good, they just aren’t going to look unique.

If you have a shorter space where you want to install a window you may want to take a closer look at the slider windows. These energy efficient windows are actually wider than they are tall, which makes them good for these areas. They aren’t quite as easy to install things into, depending on the overall size of the window, but you can still install that air conditioner. It’s just going to take a little more effort. You are going to have some ability to clean them from the inside if you choose certain types of windows as well, since some of these can actually come apart relatively easily.

Which to Choose

The right answer and the right windows for you is going to be up to you. After all, you’re the one who will be living in the home for many years to come. You want to have something you’re going to like looking at from both the inside of your home and the outside of your home. So, how are you going to make that work? You’ll need to work with a professional to help you. And you’re going to have to take a closer look at the exterior of your home to see just what fits best.

So, which windows do you think are going to be the best for your space? Are you looking to fill a larger space that’s maybe a bit more narrow? Or maybe you’re planning to fill in a space that’s wide but short? Maybe you want energy efficient windows that are as easy to clean as possible. Or maybe you want an option that will help you when it’s time to install that air conditioner. Maybe you have entirely different concerns. No matter what you’re looking for, these windows will give you a great look.

If you’re ready to make a decision call us at Energy Window Solutions to find out more. We can help you decide which windows are going to make the biggest difference in your home and keep your home looking great. We can walk you through all of the benefits and drawbacks of different styles so you can make sure that you’re choosing something you’re going to want for the rest of your life. And we’ll definitely make sure that you end up with high quality when we’re done. If your Dallas, TX home needs new energy efficient windows we will make sure that’s exactly what you get.