Choosing the Right Window Material | Replacement Windows in Dallas

Choosing the Right Window Material | Replacement Windows in Dallas

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Replacement windows in Dallas are a long term investment that you probably make once in a couple of decades. The average life span of a window ranges between 10 to 25 years, depending on the quality and durability of the material used.

Windows make a significant part of your home. From increasing the aesthetic appeal of your house to increasing the property value, and making your room look spacious to bringing down the energy bills, windows have an extensive portfolio of functions and benefits.

If you want to avail maximum benefits out of it, you need to be careful while making the decision for replacement windows in Dallas. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when selecting new windows. You will need to consider window style, the material used, glass quality, frame, and other features such as cost, insulation, and durability.

When it comes to replacement windows in Dallas, it’s easier for the decision to be influenced by the initial cost. You may get inclined towards purchasing the window in the lesser price range. But, it’s necessary that you evaluate the features of the prospective replacement window in Dallas and analyze its performance in the long run before making the decision.

Buying compromised quality windows at a lesser cost can give you major financial setbacks within some time. Buying high-quality and efficient windows can last even up to 25 years and give you optimal performance by reducing the burden on your HVAC system and keeping your home adequately insulated.

When choosing the windows for your home, the material of the window needs to be selected carefully. Here is a brief guideline on replacement window materials and which of them would work best for you.

1.   Wooden Windows

Wood is perhaps the most widely known and most commonly used material for windows and has remained a material of choice for as long as thousands of years. This is likely to be the first option to cross your mind when you think of replacement windows in Dallas.

Wooden windows make a healthy option for replacement windows. They are environmentally sustainable, renewable and can be modified into any shape, style, and size you want. They have great insulation with low heat and cold transfer.

Also, wood is deemed as quite strong and durable. It gets harder with time and becomes tougher to break. This means that your wooden windows can have a greater life. The best thing about wooden windows when it comes to contributing to your home’s aesthetic appeal is that they can be a painter or stained to any level. You can match them with your décor easily. Such benefit isn’t offered by any other window material.

Wooden windows have the highest investment return as compared to the alternatives. Your home value is likely to escalate if you choose wood for the replacement windows in Dallas.

However, besides these advantages, there are a couple of cons too that come with wooden windows. Firstly, this is the most costly material you will find in the market. Wooden frames are more expensive than other materials. Also, wooden material requires greater maintenance at regular intervals. You’ll have to ensure their cleaning, caulking, repainting, sanding, and staining. This can make them even more of an expensive material for replacement windows in Dallas to pursue.

Wood is vulnerable to problems such as rotting, mold and mildew caused by weather conditions. If you’re not able to maintain the windows properly, they’re likely to give you these problems which can even require you to carry out replacement all over again.

2.   Vinyl Windows

Vinyl replacement windows in Dallas are quickly picking up the trend and are becoming common among the homeowners. It is only a matter of time when vinyl will take over as the standard material for windows. Its high-performance capability and low cost make it highly favorable in the building industry.

Vinyl is the most affordable window material that offers all substantial features required. It offers optimum insulation and requires the least maintenance. It can retain its attractive appeal for years and is resistant to corrosion and UV. Vinyl windows are highly durable and are welded at the seams to prevent air and water infiltration. Although they are mainly in white and tan, other colors are also now being manufactured.

Among the disadvantages of vinyl windows, the foremost concern is that they cannot be painted or stained. You’ll have to do with the only colors available in the market. You cannot match them with your décor. Also, you’ll find multiple qualities of vinyl windows, and not all of them offer the same durability and insulation. So, you’ll have to be careful in selecting them. There’s only little room for customization, so you’ll have to remain restricted in your décor and matching.

3.   Aluminum Windows

If you’re looking for a low-cost window material option with equally low maintenance, aluminum is the option to go for. It offers greater strength and durability at a lesser price. Aluminum is easy to maintain and doesn’t require repainting. It can give you a sleek and slim frame, giving you more glass area. It’s light in weight and can still maintain its shape for years.

While the advantages are extensive, it is not sans disadvantages. It has poor insulation capability and can lose heat and cold easily. This makes aluminum replacement windows in Dallas highly reasonable yet least energy efficient. Also, they’re prone to corrosion.

4.   Fiberglass Windows

Having a profile of wood yet made of glass fibers and resin, fiberglass windows are highly convenient to use in your home. They can be painted to match the interior of your home and are resistant to rotting, warping and swelling. They offer the best insulation from all window material types and come with a UV resistant acrylic finish. This enables fiberglass windows to prevent fading.

You need to choose the material for replacement windows in Dallas carefully. It’s best to evaluate the pros and cons of all the options in the shorter as well as the long run. For more detailed guidance, call Energy Windows Solutions today.