Common Types of Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Common Types of Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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There are actually all different types of windows out there and if you’re planning to install all new windows in your home you’ll want to evaluate each of them. After all, you never know what combination of windows you’re going to want in your home. We’re going to look at the standard options when it comes to buying energy efficient windows for your Fort Worth, TX home, so you can see just what’s going to make the biggest impact and the best style fit for you.

Double-hung Windows

These are definitely energy efficient windows and they offer you two different sashes. They’re one of the most popular types of windows that you’re going to find because they’re super simple to clean. The sash at the top folds into your home so that you can open that window and clean it (or just get some air). The one on the bottom does the same thing. They also look modern and stylish and you’re going to have the freedom to install a window air conditioner if you need to. These windows are relatively standard and definitely give you a lot of features, including longevity.

Casement Windows

These energy efficient windows actually open outward instead of up and down like many standard windows. They also use a crank rather than you having to actually lift the window up and over. So, with these windows you turn the crank to open them out as far or as little as you want. From there, you have something that’s easy to use and open even for those who are a little weaker. You do have a few more moving parts, however, and these windows can have some trouble over time with the gears breaking down.

Awning Windows

These energy efficient windows are a little less common and less well known but they do have some cool features. They generally go over other windows, but they open at the top. That’s where the hinges are. They can then actually let in air from all different directions, so you have a lot of control over just how much air you’re actually getting and just which way it’s going to be coming into your home. No matter how they’re installed, you can put them around other windows or you can use them with entirely on their own.

Picture Windows

These energy efficient windows are actually stationary, which means that they don’t open at all. They’re also a single pane of glass that can be quite large. The idea is that you have an unobstructed view of things all around you. If you have a special view from one room in your house that you don’t want disturbed by the bars in traditional windows then this is the type of window that you want. You can pair them with traditional windows that open or you can just use a wall of picture windows.

Transom Windows

These can definitely be energy efficient windows as well. What’s really nice about them is that there are a whole lot of options for them. They generally go above a window or a door and they can be just about any shape or size that you want. Some of them open and some of them don’t so it’s going to be entirely up to you what you actually want. You can even design different transom windows to really get a unique look and style for your home in different rooms. All you need to do is decide what you like best.

Slider Windows

These windows are easy to open because you just unlock it and then slide the window to one side or the other. Some open both directions so you can choose which side to open. Some are designed to open only in one direction. These can be quite interesting and though they look like just about any other window that you might find, they definitely do make for a good style in most homes. You’ll be able to match these up with just about any other type of window that you want. So just choose the size and you’re ready to go.

Stationary Windows

A picture window is technically a stationary window, but it’s generally a single shape. Plain stationary windows can be a number of different sizes and styles but the key point is that they don’t open at all. These windows are going to be just solid panes of glass. They don’t always have large open spaces however, like a picture window. They can still have frames around and throughout them to create a more unique look or to really enhance the style of the home itself.

Bay/Bow Windows

These are still energy efficient windows as well and they provide you with a great look for your home. They actually bow out from the side of your home (which is where the name comes from), forming a sort of curved section. Some are large and may contain window seats or have a full area of the room. Others are small and may only angle out slightly. You can choose how large of a window you want. Also, you can choose whether it’s a single large pane or several windows that form the curve. You also get to choose whether those windows open individually or not.

There are several additional window types that you can choose from, which is going to make it a whole lot easier for you to create the look and style that you’re really going for. If you want something truly unique or even if you just want your home to look the way you like best, give us a call at Energy Window Solutions. We can get you the energy efficient windows that you want and we’ll make sure that you have a stylish home by the time we’re done. Your energy efficient windows are only going to make it that much better, so make sure you give us a call to schedule your appointment and get started in Fort Worth, TX.