Common Types of Windows in Lancaster, TX

Common Types of Windows in Lancaster, TX

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As we all know, windows play perhaps the biggest role in defining a home’s beauty and feel. There are multiple ways one could go about choosing their windows and it is imperative that the right ones be chosen.

Windows allow for the light to flood the house, often times highlighting and embellishing aspects otherwise unknown. They play a vital role in ventilation, carrying out air that is trapped inside the house but also bringing in the fresh new air, which helps cool the house in the summer season.

When choosing windows in Lancaster, TX, there are multiple options available to you. That’s why you need to be aware of what you are buying and what the best for your house is.

Types of Windows

There are several different types of windows in Lancaster, TX that are available for you to choose from. They range from side-hinged windows such as casements to a more modern style such as pivot hinges windows. We are happy to tell you that whatever type of window you want for your home, we have it!

Bay Windows                                                                                                                       

These are windows that are generally rectangular or polygonal in shape. Sometimes they follow an arc-like shape, in which case they are called Bow windows. These windows are often times associated with mansions of the English Renaissance era where they were situated behind the raised dais where the owner of the manor was served.

Casement Windows                                                                                                 

A more common type of window that you’ll find in your everyday home. These windows are attached with one or more hinges at the side. These windows are used singly or in a pair, in which case they are hinged on the outside. The Casement window uses a casement stay to be held open.

Double Pane Windows                                                                                            

Double glazing or double pane windows feature two window panes that are separated by an air or another gas-filled space that allows for heat to be easily transferred between a building and the outside. These windows often differ in the thickness available and can also be customized to special applications depending on your needs.

Triple Pane Windows                                                                                                          

A step up from the already insulated double pane windows. Triple Pane offers premium benefits to you with maximum noise, heat and cold reduction. They are the epitome of energy conservation and reduction as well. Our triple pane windows in Lancaster, TX are constructed meticulously with masterful precision and leading technology in order for you to enjoy the many benefits of this type of window.

Picture Windows                                                                             

Windows you have definitely seen somewhere but never knew what they are called. Picture windows are a grander choice as they allow for massive amounts of lights to flood into the house and decorate the insides. They are a perfect choice if you want a clear, unobstructed view to the outside scenery. Often times, these windows do not open and that’s why they are combined with other types of windows such as casements windows. This combination allows for ventilation while preserving a grand aesthetic.

Double Hung Windows                                                                                                       

These windows are unique in the sense that they allow you to open each window individually, rather than just the bottom sash. A major plus point about this type of window is that the sashes open at a tilt. The tilt functionality adds multiple benefits that other types do not possess such as better airflow and ventilation. Tilting the windows allows for them to be cleaned more easily as well, as they can be pulled inwards and both sides can be cleaned easily! A salient feature is also the added security these windows add, due to the two window panes, it comes with two locks as well, whereas their counterpart – single hung windows, come with only one lock.

Awning Windows                                                                                                                

An Awning Window is hinged at the top and opens outwards, just as their name implies, they act as an overhang which stops elements such as rain or snow to come through. Typically, these windows are found above picture windows. A prime feature is their ability to allow for convenient ventilation in places where windows cannot be placed. Such as in basements.

These are the different types of windows in Lancaster, TX that are available for you to buy. We, here at Energy Window Solutions, want to provide you with the best energy efficient windows while maintaining attractiveness that adds to the look of your home.

Styles and Colors

We know that what matters a lot to homeowners are looks that compliment different accents that are already part of your home. That is why our windows are available in a multitude of different color schemes as well as styles. The windows in Lancaster, TX that you would find from us are mostly in white, almond or adobe finish that offer smooth clean lines. However, more premium options are available in wood grain laminates that come in natural maple, light oak, maple oak and cherry.

Our windows in Lancaster, TX are also available in other premium colors and options that are manufactured to withstand long exposure to UV rays. The SuperCapSR color fuses military grade into the window, which allows it to reflect up to 76% of infrared light in order to reduce solar heating and prevent any heat-related distortion as well. The SuperCapSR is an option that you can choose in architectural bronze, hunter green, brick red and adobe.

Often times choosing windows in Lancaster, TX is a task that can be complicated and troublesome for the homeowner. That’s why we offer multiple styles that allow you to pick an option that you feel adding to your home rather than make it a grueling task. We offer tilt double hung, single hung, casement, single slider, round top, picture, half circle, awning, circle, octagonal, eyebrow, half eyebrow, trapezoid, and triangle windows.

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