Custom Blinds Near Me | Plano, TX

Custom Blinds Near Me | Plano, TX

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Most of us don’t pay a lot of attention to our windows. Beyond opening and closing them and letting in light and air, they don’t get much thought. However, windows have a powerful effect on our interior environments. They are supposed to be a barrier against heat, cold, and noise. When they fail to do these three things we may begin to notice that our homes or offices are drafty during the winter months and muggy and uncomfortable during the summer months. We at Energy Window Solutions care about our Plano, TX customers and take pride in providing window and window covering solutions that make a difference. A simple search for “custom blinds near me” can show you lots of options. We constantly endeavor to earn your trust as your go-to window solutions provider.

Who We Are

We are committed to providing a legacy of great customer service that continues to endure through the years. We’ve been at it for a long time. We build our own window systems and provide expert consultation, installation, and after-care service. We truly want you to be satisfied. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We want our customers to know that we are dedicated to providing the best service possible when it comes to our window solutions. We understand that energy efficiency is important to most of our customers. Our Energy Star windows solve issues with energy efficiency. We are here to address all of your window issues, from repair and new installation to window coverings, all of your “custom blinds near me” needs. 

Our Energy Star Windows

We are honored to provide our customers with a selection of different Energy Star windows to choose from.

  • Rehau Windows
  • Slimline Windows
  • Triple Pane Windows

Our Rehau window provides our customers with the best in cutting-edge technology in that they utilize our Aircell technology to create a very durable energy-efficient window. Our Slimline windows utilize glass that provides superior thermal and sound insulation. Aesthetically, these windows offer a slim frame and maximum visibility. The slim frame provides superior light penetration and viewing. For our customers who are interested in maximum control of heat, cold, and noise, our Triple Pane Windows are a great choice. These windows provide maximum energy efficiency and keep out heat and cold, and minimize noise. Our energy-efficient windows help control many issues that affect energy efficiency and thermal and sound insulation.

Window Repair

We repair existing windows as well. We can assess the condition of your windows to determine what’s needed to upgrade your windows and increase efficiency. If we can, we will work to make changes and adjustments to your existing windows. Some of the changes may include window treatments. Our customers can look to us when searching for custom blinds near me. Our customers will find that searching for custom blinds near me will reveal a company rich in options when it comes to window coverings. Our duty to our customers doesn’t stop when it comes to building windows or repairing them, we provide excellent solutions for window coverings as well. A custom blinds near me search will reveal a wealth of different options from affordable to extravagant.

We’re Here to Provide Window Solutions

More than anything, we’re here to address your needs in a way that helps you to solve any issues you may have with your windows, from repair and new installation to window coverings. When customers look for window covering solutions by searching for custom blinds near me, in Plano, TX, they will find a company that has all of the resources required to meet their needs. Our team of installers will take the time to explain the installation process and make recommendations. Our installers help guide customers when it comes to finding the window that will meet both their needs and preferences. We believe in transparency. This is why we educate our customers about the issues that their existing windows may present, their options, and solutions that will solve their problems. We also invite questions. We want our customers to do all they can to gain an understanding of the product we’re providing. This is why we invite questions and are happy to provide the answers that will help our customers to make the best decisions when it comes to window solutions and “custom blinds near me”.

More Than Just Pretty

Our window solutions provide more than just aesthetic beauty. We provide a product that addresses energy issues, as well as light and sound. We want our customers to be able to enjoy a beautiful product that offers true functionality as well. Our windows control issues with heat and cold and also address aesthetic preferences like more visibility and optimal light retention. We want our customers to understand that a beautiful product can still meet many functional needs. From a google search for “custom blinds near me” to the first time you call us, we will ask questions that help us to gain a better understanding of what you need and want. Then we’ll come to your home or office to get a clear vision of what we can do for you. Each suggestion we make regarding your situation will address both your wants and needs…and even your budget. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. Our customers come first. This is why we do the work to bring your visions to life when it comes to practical window solutions.

Choose the Best

We take pride in taking our time to gain a full understanding of what our customers want and need. This means that we take the time to listen intently and make suggestions. We also show our Plano, TX customers our menu of products and how these products can meet their needs. Questions and answers…this is what we provide. We want to leave our customers with answers to their questions and peace of mind in knowing that we can get the job done right. We don’t want our customers to compromise beauty or functionality. With us, you can have both. If you’re having issues with your windows and need help, give us a call. We’re standing by to answer your questions and provide functional solutions for you. Call us at Energy Window Solutions so that we can provide the best “custom blinds near me” and window solutions.