Why You Should Get Storm Windows As Your Home Windows | Lewisville, TX

Why You Should Get Storm Windows As Your Home Windows | Lewisville, TX

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People prepare for the cold season in different ways to protect their homes from the harsh effects of ice, storms, and hefty winds. Residential property owners invest in winterizing plumbing systems, heating, and air conditioning systems, and protecting the electrical system to operate efficiently throughout the chilly weather without issues.

You can also provide a shield to your costly, trendy, and beautiful energy-efficient home windows against the harsh cold weather and rains using storm windows. They perform at their peak when a qualified and experienced technician installs them correctly. Read on to get more breadth of view about the storm windows and their benefits.

What Are Storm Windows?

Window experts install storm windows on the outside or inside the main windows. The secondary windows protect the primary home windows from strong wind and offer insulation against frosty weather that can cause significant destruction to windows. The storm windows come in numerous colors, styles, and frame materials and act as a layer of protection that you can use on all your windows during frosty days. Additionally, the Low-e Storm windows are another kind of storm windows that most homeowners in Lewisville, TX, are going for because of various beneficial aspects to their homes.

Benefits of Storm Windows


Protection against storms and winds deserves to top my list. The storm windows are appropriate to safeguard your fashionable and expensive windows from the harsh rains and wind.

The plastic, PVC, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass protectors can withstand heavy rainfall and hefty air current. If your residential property is in a place with frequent storms and strong winds like tornadoes, you should get the weather-resistant home windows as soon as possible.

Reduces Noise

Storm windows are also the best option for your home on wintry days because they block sounds. The windows prevent outside noise from penetrating your Lewisville, TX house. You will not hear the barking dogs, the noise of kids playing in your neighborhood, busy street noises, and sounds from construction buildings.

The soundproof ability of the windows will guarantee you peaceful nights and a quiet indoor environment where you can meditate without distractions. Having an experienced and skilled window contractor install new storm windows on your primary windows is necessary to bid goodbye to noise. The storm windows act as a shield from the outside noises, promoting peace and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most vital aspects that most homeowners look for when buying windows revolves around energy efficiency. Having storm windows in your house is one way of preventing air drafts and increasing temperature-related comfort. The air your heaters and coolers condition will be tightly sealed inside your house with no space to escape.

When the conditioned air does not escape outside through your windows, and the outdoor heat or coldness remains, the air conditioner and furnaces will not hassle in providing you warmth and cool air, hence saving on energy. Hire a window technician to help you find the best energy-efficient windows with suitable NFRC ratings in terms of U-factor and SHGC.

Lowers Utility Costs

Another reason for having the storm windows in your home is the lower energy bills. The US Department of Energy points out that Low-E storm windows can help you save between 10 and 30 percent on heating and cooling costs. Windows that allow heat gain and loss are your worst nightmare because of the high utility bills you will have to contend with at the end of the month.

If your home windows are drafty and you cannot afford to fund a window replacement project during the ice-cold period, you should go for temporary storm windows. They will seal your windows, increasing energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills.


The storm windows come in diverse colors and types that blend perfectly with your interior decor and exterior architectural designs. The windows you select can be permanent or temporary storm windows, depending on your preference and the time you want them to serve you.

Also, you might love the operable type more than the fixed or vice-versa. The storm windows come with different frame materials, including wood, enamel-coated, aluminum, and vinyl, that window technicians can custom make to satisfy your preferred style.

Easy to Install

Mounting the storm windows on your primary home windows is hassle-free for window technicians with the experience and skills. The technician can install the interior or exterior storm windows according to the type of frame materials used and the purpose of the windows.

Correct installation ensures the windows are easy to operate and have attention to details that enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Curb Appeal

You might be worried that the storm windows might cover the beauty of your main windows, but that is not the case. You can use the storm windows to add the curb appeal of the windows.

You will have to select the best weather windows that fit your style, preference, and taste to enhance the look of your windows. Paying for regular maintenance of the storm windows will retain the beauty because unmaintained and unclean windows look dirty and unpleasant.


Compared to other replacement and primary home windows, the secondary storm windows are cheaper. The affordability of the windows should encourage you to provide a blanket cover to your main windows to save them from the nasty storms and winds that can cause costly damages to repair.

Preserves the Primary Windows

You can also go for the storm windows for interior or exterior installation to preserve the primary windows. The windows will protect the color, curb appeal, and structure of your primary home windows throughout the year in scorching, and frosty weather.

Get the Best Window Services!

Windows are an expensive investment that people make a few times in their lifetimes, such as for their new construction or an upgrading project. If you want to protect your home windows from storms, winds, and heavy rains, you should get storm windows.

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