Deciding between Window Repairs and Replacement Windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Deciding between Window Repairs and Replacement Windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

When the weather is extreme, nothing is worse than a window which fails to perform and lets all the outside heat or cold inside your home. This can happen due to numerous reasons including cracked panes, loosened sashes and rotten frames. Whatever the cause may be, the biggest issue is to decide between window repair and replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

If you decide to buy replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, costs will incur. If you go with a quick window repair, then the same problem may creep up after some time. Let’s consider different situations and decide which option is best and when.

When replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX are a better choice

If your windows should be replaced, you cannot instantly figure it out. The best thing is to ask a company that offers replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX to inspect your current unit. They’ll look for some key signs, and accordingly, suggest a suitable option.

Do you find it difficult to use your windows?

A good rule of thumb is that if your windows aren’t operating properly, then they may be past their usable life. If it is hard for you to open and close your windows or if they automatically open or close on their own, you should consider replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

Jammed windows expose you to risks if there is a fire or another emergency situation. This alone is a good enough reason to buy replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. Windows that tend to blow open on their own or don’t function properly allow the heat and the cold of the outside to enter your room. This increases load on your heating and cooling units, and consequently your bills rise. In many a cases, the inside environment may not even be comfortable enough. The practical solution is to replace your windows.

If there are gaps between the frames, openings or panes, then also replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX are a preferable option.

Does your house have storm windows?

Storm windows are recommended when you want to reduce your energy bills, but without paying too much money upfront.  They are installed beyond your current window for greater insulation and extra protection. This can be done either inside or outside your house.

While storm windows do serve the purpose to some extent, they are obviously not as beneficial or effective as replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. So this means that you’re still paying higher energy bills. Not to forget that the storm windows have to be removed and reinstalled whenever seasons change.

The best option in such a case is to consider efficient replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX that can block unwanted elements effectively.

How many panes do your windows have?

Your window can be single paned, double paned or triple paned. As the name implies, a single pane window comprises of only one glazing layer. Often found in older homes, these windows tend to perform poorly because glass in an excellent heat conductor. If the difference between the inside and outside temperatures is significant, heat transfer takes place, resulting in an uncomfortable environment inside. Thus, your heating and cooling units have to work more aggressively to regulate temperatures, implying that you’re paying greater energy bills than necessary.

Install double or triple paned replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, and feel the difference in performance, while enjoying lower energy bills.

When window repairs are a more practical solution

Replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX may not always be a good choice depending on the condition of your unit. In some cases, repairing will be just as effective, allowing you to improve performance of your windows while also saving money.

Has the glass cracked or broken?

If the glass pane of your window has cracked up or broken down, then you don’t usually need replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. A complete replacement involves removing the frame, sash and every single component and installing brand new ones in place. But if glass is the only ineffective component, replace just that and not the entire window.

What if you have double and triple pane windows? If only a single pane is affected, replace that specific pane, and let the unaffected panes remain intact.

Do all the components of your windows function properly?

Check the components of your current window. Assess the cranks and the locks, and see if they are working properly or not. Most of the times, the issue can be solved by simply replacing the inoperable component rather than the entire window.

A little note here: most of the people think that they can replace small window components on their own, but we strongly advise you against this. You must turn to the pros so that the job is done perfectly well. If this isn’t the case, you may have to encounter heat losses and air leakages.

Is the weather stripping damaged?

If the weather stripping or caulking has worn and torn excessively, your window becomes inefficient, affecting inside temperatures both in summers and winters. Plus, worn off strips and peeled off caulking also mar the aesthetic appeal of your windows.  Since your window looks shabby and unmaintained, you may feel like considering replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. But even if you just replace the weather stripping and caulk, the look of your window will improve significantly, almost as good as new again. And yes, this is an easier and more affordable option to implement.

Is there fog between the panes?

Has fog formed between the inside and outside pane, and doesn’t seem to go away?  This is probably because the sealing has broken down due to humidity, heat or wear and tear. Rather than replacing the window, replacing the affected pane will also solve the problem.


So, what’s your suggestion: window repair or replacement windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX? Energy Window Solutions can help you out!