6 Reasons to Replace Your Windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

6 Reasons to Replace Your Windows in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Wondering whether you should replace your windows or not? Don’t worry! We can help you out. First consider the underlying problems and gauge their severity. Evaluate the condition of the frame, sash and glass, and see if any of them is damaged in any way. Should this be the case, you may have to think about new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

But wait… this would involve costs, wouldn’t it? The total costs depend on the condition of your current window. In some cases, only the pane may have to be replaced or a fresh low-E coating may have to be applied to the surface. None of this incurs excessive costs, and a window repair service is all that you need. But if the pane cannot be removed from the sash easily or if the frame has decayed completely, then you may be better off with replacing your windows. After all, there are so many reasons to do so, which we’ll talk about soon.

As far as costs are concerned, don’t worry, there are several ways in which you can bring them down, starting with choosing a company that offers quality window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX but charges modestly.  Give us a call today and get average quotes for your window replacement project.

With that being said, let us give you some really good reasons to replace your windows.

1.   Rotting Wood

Are your existing windows bordered by a wooden frame? Wood rots when exposed to water or when the paint job was poorly done. As the coating wears off and cracks water starts to seep in, leading to mould.  The following window components are often susceptible to rotting, so be sure to check them out.

  • Frames – frames on the exterior side of your house may rot if you live in a rainy or humid area, or if you encountered some kind of external leakage in your plumbing system.
  • Sashes and dividers – these are likely to rot on the inside when rainwater seeps in through an open window.

When rotting is in its initial stages, patches and repairs may do the trick. But if the damage is to a greater extent, and is affecting structural integrity, then you may be better off by considering a new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

2.   Broken Panes

Did the pane of your window just break? Window panes can crack or break when hit by stray balls or strong storms. Whatever the cause may be, you should rectify the problem immediately even if it’s only a chip or crack because heat losses are still significant.

In some cases, minor scratches may have formed on the pane, especially if you use abrasive cleaners. This can also affect glass integrity.

Whether the window warrants a replacement or not depends on the condition of your frame. If it’s well preserved, you can get a new pane fixed into the frame, instead of considering window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. But if the frame is also starting to crack up, then considering new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX will be a more practical choice.

3.   Broken Seals

Seals wear out with time, cracking or breaking as a result.  If you have double paned windows, then seals may break because of condensation. Fog forms on the surface of the glass and then vaporizes when temperatures normalize. This occurs repeatedly, which forces the damp seals to undergo an expansion and contraction cycle; every time the seal dries up, integrity is comprised.

Broken seals cannot be reversed. What makes the issue more complicated is that the pane cannot be separated easily from the seal. Thus, removing the entire window and considering new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX may be a better choice n this particular scenario.

4.   Jammed Windows

When was the last time you opened that window? If the house is old and was abandoned for years, then the window would probably not even budge when you try to open. Take help from a company that offers window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, and ask them to inspect the unit. If they can somehow loosen the hinges and open the window, well and good, but otherwise, they’ll ask you to consider new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

5.   Drafty Windows

Some windows are just too stubborn, and no matter how many times you close them, they open up on their own due to the following reasons and let the outside air enter the room.

  • The caulk is peeling and cracking, a sign indicating that your windows need maintenance
  • The weather stripping has aged, which is a common occurrence in older homes and places where weather is extreme.
  • Sashes have come lose – often the result of frequent opening and closing
  • Wood has rot because of moisture and humidity in the air

The first problem can be resolved easily but all other three issues require that you consider new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

6.   Improved Materials

A really good reason to consider new window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TXis to utilize the latest superior materials available in the market these days. Over the past couple of years, technology has resulted in more durable materials, which significantly improve window performance.

The best materials for window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX depend on your desired performance levels and budget. If you want a timeless, classical look, you would definitely want to go with wood, and reject vinyl windows outright. But wait – vinyl widows can actually be a good option. Vinyl prevents heat losses, does not have to be sealed or painted and is an affordable option. Similarly, you can also go with metal-clad wood frames rather than choosing wood-only frames.


Should you spot any of these signs, get in touch with Energy Window Solutions, they provide window installation in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, and ask them to inspect your house and current window condition.