Do’s and Don’ts of Maximizing Energy Savings | Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

Do’s and Don’ts of Maximizing Energy Savings | Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

It’s time for summer and the heat waves can be unrelenting in Dallas Fort Worth. It can often times feel like being cooked inside of a pressure cooker with no respite. Unless you crank up the setting on your air conditioner or HVAC unit, those summer days are going to be the equivalent of a torture cell. But the opposite end of the spectrum is equally worrisome, because lowering the temperature conditions actually takes a toll on your energy bills in Dallas Fort Worth.

It takes huge wad of cash from your savings because obviously, the HVAC unit isn’t going to pay for itself. Fortunately, there are always ways to minimize cost, and if you follow our advice, you might even be able to do without an air conditioner humming in the background!

Lower the air conditioner settings as night approaches

It goes without saying that night isn’t as harsh in terms of temperature and heat waves as day. Your air conditioner doesn’t need to be kept at those same levels at night and the temperature can be increased to save energy costs. So what exactly is the phenomenon behind night being cooler? There are two main reasons for this; one because the sun isn’t directly beaming on this side of the planet (that’s a no brainer) and two because there is more outgoing radiation energy which cools the land.

Perform maintenance work on your HVAC unit

It is important to maintain your units, especially the HVAC units because overtime they collect dust which prevents their ability to cool the house. This includes cleaning (or replacing) the filter unit, checking the thermostat for errors, fixing any gas leaks, removing debris, straightening fins and cleaning the evaporator coil.

All this should ideally be handled by a professional maintenance crew instead of being a DIY project.

The lighting can also play a role

Lights give off radiation which can be registered as heat. Both artificial and natural lighting sources play a significant role in the spread of energy. It might look unsettling to some when you open and close the windows every time the sun pops up, it can make a noticeable difference in your energy savings. The air conditioner will be working with less heat and work less hard.

Sometimes the fan might just do the trick

The air conditioner is not the end-all and be-all when it comes to energy savings. The fan holds its own against air conditioners admirably well, so unless the humid conditions in Dallas Fort Worth are extremely high or there are endless heat waves in your room, they are an economical means of remaining cool during the summer.

Using energy efficient windows – the best way to improve energy savings

Energy efficient windows in Dallas Fort Worth have become a popular means of making your house more energy efficient in Dallas Fort Worth. Among the popular choices you can utilize are single pane windows, double pane windows and triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth. While single pane windows don’t offer much insulation against outside energy on their own, double pane and triple pane solutions are almost guaranteed to make your house more energy efficient.

Double pane windows, there are two glass panes which are separated by a few millimeters of air. This air is very good insulator of heat, which prevents the inflow and outflow of energy.

Installing double glazed windows

Double glazed windows in Dallas Fort Worth are the go-to solution for homes to prevent the transmission of energy in and out of the house. They are more expensive than single paned windows, but they do their jobs well. Over the course of their life, the cost savings will justify the amount of capital spent on their installation. Just remember.

Installing triple glazed windows

Triple glazed windows in Dallas Fort Worth take the cooling solutions of double glazed variants one step further. There are two spaces of vacuum between glass windows, which increases the thermal efficiency of your house. If you choose to have the vacuum spaces filled with argon gas instead of air, it can further help you to improve the energy ratings of your house.

Things you shouldn’t do

There are many misconceptions that are associated with energy savings. These are rumors, urban myths and folk tales which have been circulated enough to become ‘truth’. This section of the article will discuss these myths and explain why you shouldn’t practice them.

1) Don’t crank the thermostat to cool your home faster

Some people believe that cranking up (or down) the thermostat is a surefire way of increasing cooling output by setting it lower. HVAC systems vary on their cooling output and increasing the setting higher than is necessary will not only waste energy but also increase electricity bills. Certain limitations such as the absorbing capacity of your home also play into the mix.

The concrete, bricks or other material which make up your home have the ability to store a lot of thermal energy which takes a long time to cool. The best way to inhibit this transfer of energy is to insulate your house from the outside environment. This is where double glazed and triple glazed window solutions come into the mix.

2) It’s not just the windows

Windows in Dallas Fort Worth aren’t the only aspect of your house which are the gateway to energy transfer. Doors are larger in both size and thickness, which means they are an excellent source of energy ins and outs. We recommend installing at least double paned windows in Dallas Fort Worth on the entry and exit doors of the house to maximize cost savings.

Get your house audited today!

In order make your house as energy efficient as possible, you would need proper auditing by professional tech crews from Energy Window Solutions. They have years of experience under their belt, thousands of satisfied customers and millions in terms of energy and cost savings. The first step is to find out strategic points in your house which serve as the gateway of energy transfer between and to fix them by installing proper insulation.

Energy Window Solutions offers the best proprietary solutions for your windows in Dallas Fort Worth, being more economical and more energy efficient.