The Truth Behind Triple Pane Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

The Truth Behind Triple Pane Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

Every home wants to be as comfortable as possible while maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings. The goal is to try finding a healthy balance between comfort and saving money on utilities. To this end, people use insulated materials during home construction to increase energy efficiency. But did you know that the glass used for windows play a vital role in energy savings?

There are three major kinds of window panes in use by homeowners in Dallas Fort Worth, single glazed, double glazed and the triple glazed windows.

Single paned windows

Single glazed windows are comprised of a single pane of glass, which means that there is only one layer of glass separating your house from the harsh environment of the outside world. This pane of glass can range in thickness depending on where you bought them from, typical sizes are 4 mm to 10 mm. It goes without saying that this simply isn’t enough to provide a well insulated house when it comes to preventing loss of energy.

A single pane of glass on its own is a very good conductor of heat, which means that it not only allows energy to move in and out of your house, but that it proliferates this movement without putting a stop to it. Regardless of your HVAC’s cooling and heating capabilities, if energy can easily move in and out of the place, then it doesn’t matter how high you crank up the settings on the thermostat, your cooling unit will become incredibly inefficient.

There was room for innovation in terms of savings, and the next innovative solution was to use double glazed windows.

Enter the double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are composed of two pieces of glasses which are separated by a few millimeters. The space is entirely empty and can be called ‘vacuum’. This layer of vacuum is extremely important for insulation purposes and can improve thermal efficiency beyond 80% if done right.

An improvement of 100% can be achieved over single glazed counterparts if the double glazed window was manufactured with precision. Homes which installed double glazed windows managed to save thousands of pounds because their cooling units became far more efficient than they were before.

During those scorching summer heat waves, home owners would place their cooling unit’s at a certain temperature, say 20 degrees Celsius. The cooling unit is doing its job as it was promised by the manufacturer, but no matter how hard it tries to ‘throw’ energy out of your room and into your backyard, the influx of energy seems to be larger than the outflow of energy.

In other words, because your room is not ‘energy efficient’ enough to maintain energy levels and temperature at a certain threshold, your cooling unit has to work extra hard to maintain the prescribed temperature conditions. This obviously reflects on your bill, which can soar due to the scorching heat that Dallas Fort Worth is known for.

Now enter the era of double glazed windows, and we quickly see savings in electric bills being made. This is because double glazed windows make houses and office spaces more energy efficient by preventing the flow of heat into and out of the place. This allows the air conditioner to work less hard and therefore use electricity.

Overtime, double glazed windows became the standard of choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Known for its uncanny ability to not only increase energy and thermal efficiency but also act as a barrier between the transmission of sound to and from the home, the double glazed windows have ballooned in terms of popularity.

The next improvement in energy efficient windows – triple pane windows

But why not go the extra mile? Instead of having double glazed windows, why not utilize the next big thing in energy efficient window technology? Triple glazed windows in Dallas Fort Worth were designed to add an extra layer of efficiency. This obviously makes it more energy efficient because the window is utilizing two layers of vacuum instead of one.

To make more energy savings, you can have your windows utilize argon gas instead of simple air. While air is a very good insulator of heat, argon has a lower conductivity which helps to minimize both conductive and convective heat transfers. Argon gas is invisible to the naked eye, which means windows full making use of this gas would still allow sunlight to enter inside the house but inhibit the transmission of energy.

The installation of triple glazed windows could very well be the equivalent of installing another HVAC unit inside your house, except, it’s more economical, doesn’t take up space and doesn’t consume any electricity. It is a wonderful piece of tech which combines innovative principles in thermal engineering, concepts of heat transfer and the latest in window tech solutions to help save costs.

Triple paned windows are never overkill

It is obvious that triple glazed windows (especially those filled with argon gas) come at a higher price than double glazed and single glazed windows. But we like to believe that the long term benefits justify the capital expenditure. You are saving far more in the long run and the triple glazed windows in Dallas Fort Worth will eventually payout its own cost.

This could be the next big home improvement move you could make to maximize cost savings and make your house look more beautiful. They also help to cancel out noise from outside, so if you are living on a busy road with too much noise, the triple pane windows will help to cancel out the noise.

At the end of the day, you are the homeowner and have to consider both budgeting and specific needs to choose between double paned windows and triple paned windows in Dallas Fort Worth. Regardless of your choice, if you feel that your home needs an improvement in terms of energy savings, noise reduction and electricity bill savings, then we highly recommend Energy Window Solutions who have been in the business for many years in Dallas Fort Worth. They have the cumulative experience of over 100 years between their tech experts who can audit your house and let you know the precise location, material and insulation you would need to make those critically important energy savings.