Effective DIY Window Cleaning Tips | Windows in Southlake, TX

Effective DIY Window Cleaning Tips | Windows in Southlake, TX

Regardless of where you reside, cleanliness is required sooner rather than later. It is the chore that never goes away. Although some are lucky if they live in a friendlier climate, others are not so fortunate. For instance, in cities which are glorified deserts, there is an intense accumulation of dust and debris that is a hassle to deal with. This means that cleaning is required on a daily basis.

The same applies to windows in Southlake, TX. The southern state of Texas experiences considerable humidity, which is accompanied by a significant need to clean all around the house. So how exactly windows should be cleaned effectively using a DIY method in order to tackle the relentless ire of dust? We will have a proper look below.

Equipment on Hand

First and foremost, in case you want to adopt a Do It Yourself technique and not call in the professionals to carry out the cleaning, then you will need certain accessories. For starters, adequate tools are mandatory to do the job effectively.

These can be bought from any store near home and include a foot long squeegee, scrubber, bucket to pour water into, dishwashing lubricant as well as small towels. The squeegee should be equipped with a firm blade. This is done to ensure proper cleaning. For example, if the blade is nicked or rounded, it will not perform quite as well. The blade should be protected from damage and if it sustains any, then it should be replaced duly.

Step One

The first part of DIY method of cleaning windows in Southlake, TX is to take water and pour it into the bucket. A couple of gallons should suffice. Then, a small quantity of dishwashing liquid should be added to it. The simple concoction will do the needful when it comes to wiping windows in Southlake, TX.

Users should note that in warmer weather, they should use cool water. In sub zero degree temperature, wind shield washing liquid can be added as well. Also, it is up to the person performing the task if they want to use a scrubber or sponge to carry out cleaning windows in Southlake, TX.

Actual Exercise

This is where the real work begins in earnest. The first step of cleaning windows in Southlake, TX involves scrubbing the glass that is dirty. This should be done from all angles to ensure that the edges are also cleaned properly. Every inch of the glass should be covered and cleaned for a functional clean.

This DIY method allows instant results and is convenient to boot. As you move the squeegee horizontally and vertically across the glass, it becomes cleaner along the way. If you do so in vertical fashion, then angle the equipment so that excess water is aimed at the unclean areas.

The squeegee should also be tipped so that only the corner makes contact with the glass that is being cleaned. Next, starting from the top corner, you should clean the narrow strip of glass from top to bottom on one side.

Furthermore, the blade of the squeegee should be pressed against the glass in the upper corners and pulled firmly across the windows in Southlake. Once complete, the blade should be cleaned using the towel we mentioned earlier in the list of accessories required. This step eliminates direct and the abundance of water.

The following step is to rinse and repeat essentially. The top of the squeegee should overlap the previous stroke for a thorough clean. You should wipe and repeat as excess water is directed downwards. A rag should also be used to wipe water that is flowing. It should be wiped towards the bottom. Any residual suds should also be cleaned.

Changing the Blade

We have described the essence of how to clean windows in Southlake using a DIY method. Now we will look into the equipment, starting with the squeegee and how its blade should be changed. The blade that has run its course should be removed firstly. Then the end of the blade should be stretched to access the metal clip inside. The clip should be removed and a brand new one should be inserted in its place. It slides seamlessly into the metal channel of the squeegee. It should be stretched once again to allow the metal clip to be configured.

Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

There are certain tips that you should adhere to and avoid the pitfalls involved. For instance, when cleaning windows in Southlake, TX make sure that you do not do so on a sunny and scorching day. If you attempt to work under the blazing sun, the cleaner won’t work properly since it will dry onto the windows before you can wipe it off properly. This is why a cloudy day is preferred when it comes to cleaning your windows in Southlake.

Moreover, while cleaning, you should ascertain that the sills and sashes are not dusted first. This step should be skipped entirely since it may create a mess for you. A much better alternative is to vacuum the frame, sill and sash beforehand. It may prove slightly cumbersome but it is worthwhile all the same.

Also, it is important that you use ample window cleaning detergent while cleaning your windows in Southlake! Don’t be afraid to sprinkle the liquid generously on to your dirty windows before you wipe them clean. If your windows are quite dirty and you have not had the opportunity to clean them for ages, then that is all the more reason to use product in abundance.

Additionally, it is not a feasible idea to use items such as newspapers to dry the windows. While there are folk who swear by it, experts state that it takes the sheen off the windows and is not an effective method at all. Instead, microfiber cloths should be employed. These are better suited for your windows.

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