Energy Efficient Windows in Anna, TX

Energy Efficient Windows in Anna, TX

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Energy efficient windows are an important consideration for homes. Heat gain and loss through windows is responsible for most heating and cooling energy usage at home.

If you are looking for energy efficient windows in Anna, TX and your windows are in good condition, take steps to improve their efficiency so they can be more cost-effective and increase the comfort of your home as well as save money on energy costs. Here are things you can do to improve the efficiency of your existing windows:

  • Check existing windows for air leaks
  • Caulk and weather-strip.
  • Add window coverings and treatments. Learn more about your window treatment options.
  • Add solar control film
  • Add storm windows or panels
  • Add exterior shading, like exterior blinds, awnings, or overhangs.

With any efficiency improvements, take steps to ensure proper installation and check for air leaks once again after you’ve made the improvement.


Before getting energy efficient windows in Anna, TX, you need to consider a few things:

  • Window Type
  • Design
  • Energy use
  • Labeling
  • Warranties
  • Proper installation

Energy efficient windows in Anna, TX must be properly installed to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Get your windows installed by professionals according to manufacturer’s instructions to keep your warranty.

Window installation varies depending on the type of window, the exterior cladding (wood siding, brick, stucco etc.), the construction of the house (masonry, wood, etc.) and the type of weather-restrictive barrier.

Windows, air sealing and flashing should all be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to perform correctly.


Here are some of the features and benefits of our energy efficient windows in Anna, TX, the Rehau Windows:

1. Patent-Pending, Thermally Superior AirCell™ Design:

The Rehau Window is built with the technologies which are important to a window’s overall energy durability and efficiency. Combining AirCell™ frame technology with high performance features like standard exceeding composite spacers and triple-pane glass, this window gives you the most energy efficient, cost reducing window in the market. This makes for great energy efficient windows in Anna, TX.

2. Thermal Modeling Optimized Insulation Placement with the Use of Insulation-Fused Profiles:

The system’s tri-extruded frame profiles have an insulating core which is specially engineered. Rehau frames improve full window U-factors (the amount of heat lost through the window) by almost 15% as compared to hollow vinyl window frames.

The system’s products are designed to reduce air infiltration and accommodate triple glazing to enhance energy performance even more.

3.     Exceeds Energy Star Requirements:

Rehau windows using high-performance triple glazing and exceed today’s Energy Star criteria significantly. Standards for energy efficiency and environmental programs like Energy Star, and NAHB’s National Green Building Standard, continue to require windows with the best thermal.

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency Windows in Anna, TX

1.    Save Money

Customers who install energy efficient windows in Anna, TX such as Energy Star windows save about 12 percent on their utility costs in a year. Your savings could be even greater depending on the climate of your area and the type of windows you’re replacing. You basically save on heating and cooling costs overall.

2.    Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

The same insulating qualities which prevent heat loss in energy efficient windows also keep sound out, making your home quieter overall. This is good for you if you live in a busy or noisy neighborhood with barking dogs, nearby trains, lots of traffic, or any other source of regular noise.

3.    A More Comfortable Home

Energy efficient glazing reduces loss of heat through windows and means fewer cold spots and draughts.

Some window designs are simply built to be more efficient than others. So when looking for energy efficient windows in Anna, TX, these are the ones you should opt for:

  • Double-Hung Windows: These are found in many homes across the country, and are traditional units which are particularly common in pre-war buildings. With these windows, the bottom slides up to open them. They can be efficient choices, but they may not be the best option in extreme climates because of potential air intrusion between the sliders.
  • Picture Windows: They typically don’t open and come in many different sizes and shapes, but they can be efficient — gas-filled interiors and glass choice are important in these larger units.
  • Casement Windows: These are common in climates where wind is an issue, and have a crank that swings the window outward to open. They actually seal themselves off tighter when wind blows into the house. They require maintenance on seals and hinges, to ensure their continued efficiency and stability.

All the windows we offer are vinyl windows. We use these frames because vinyl is nonconductor so the window temperature doesn’t increase when exposed to the sun. Vinyl also minimizes the loss of cold and/or hot air which lowers the house’s energy bill.

Vinyl is a less expensive material but that doesn’t make it “cheap.” A properly installed and well-constructed vinyl window can be a good choice for energy efficient windows in Anna, TX: budget-wise and offers excellent energy efficiency measures through tight construction which reduces air leakage and insulated glass. Vinyl windows might have limited color choices, however, and some people just don’t like how vinyl looks in their home.

To know more about our services and to read customer reviews, visit our website. With over 30 years of experience in the window industry, we can guarantee safety and satisfaction. We are efficient, affordable and thorough. We provide a variety of products to meet your needs and all our designs “keep out heat, cold and noise”! Our windows take into consideration the weather conditions and make your home comfortable. You will get a stylish and durable product from us. We take window replacement very seriously and are the right choice for energy efficient windows in Anna, TX. We have Slim line and Rehau Windows. From glass cutting to window installation, we offer it all. So don’t hesitate to contact us with your window needs.