Energy Efficient Windows Solutions: Why It’s a Better Investment | Dallas, TX

Energy Efficient Windows Solutions: Why It’s a Better Investment | Dallas, TX

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Energy efficient windows minimizes your use of artificial cooling and heating of your home or building. The technological progress in the past 25 years has enabled companies to design energy efficient windows that provide better insulation against cold and heat. In fact, the new energy windows are four times better than conventional windows. As someone living in Dallas, TX, you need the best energy window solutions that makes your home more comfortable.

In most commercial and residential properties, priority is being given to keeping solar heat out during summer season and heat retention to keep the cold out during winter seasons. This ensures the building is warm during cold weather and cool during hot weather.

Ideally, your energy window solutions should have strong solar protection for health benefits. These windows still allow you to receive sunlight and offer great benefits. You can use uniform performance energy windows in all your windows. This results in improved comfort and substantial energy savings.

What Makes Energy Windows Efficient?

Energy efficient windows have various components such as frame, glass and hardware which all act together and provide a certain level of performance. It’s the combination of these components that give you increased protection from heat loss and heat gain. Besides, it lowers the building’s energy consumption making it very efficient.

Low e-glass

Low emissivity glass has a transparent coating that minimizes the amount of heat that passes through the glass, but still allows light to pass through it. The near invisible coating lowers the glass U-value. U-value measures the ability of the window to prevent non-solar heat gain or heat loss. Therefore, the lower the u-value, the greater the resistance to heat flow giving your better insulation value. Low e-coating doesn’t reduce the convective and conductive heat flow.

Window Energy Rating

This rating gives you the energy efficiency impact. You can compare the performance of various energy windows in relation to heating and cooling. The rating is on a scale of 0-10 stars. The more the energy rating stars the better. A better rating means your energy windows will have a significant energy performance impact in the whole building or house. Basically, it minimizes both conductive heat gain and heat loss.

Good Weather Seals

Cool and hot air can enter the home or escape through the cracks or gaps around the frames and sashes. A good window seal improves energy performance efficiency.

Window Frames

You can complement the glazing system by using a frame with low U-value. Frames using uPVC, timber or composite timber/aluminum design outperforms standard aluminum windows as they offer advanced thermal performance.

Double Glazed Windows

The ideal energy efficient solutions significantly reduce all forms of heat exchange or transfer. Double glazing gives you high performance in mixed, cold or hot climates. If you combine it with low e-glass with a pane of argon gas in between, you get the best thermal performance. The narrowest air gap witnessed in double glazing energy windows is 6mm. Only use this if there is no alternative, otherwise avoid it. Use one with a wider air gap of between 10-20mm to improve your U-value.

Why You Should Invest in Energy Efficient Windows

As a local resident, pay close attention to the windows you install in your building or house. Investing in energy window solutions give your home better performance and aesthetic appeal. It’s a more efficient solution to use.

Lower Your Heating Bill

With the harsh temperatures in Dallas, TX, you need to lower your heating bills. Just by doing a little research, you learn that energy efficient windows give you significant reduction in your heating bill. The energy window solutions are uniquely built to give your home more insulation and to prevent heat from escaping. In fact, the US Department of Energy recommends them because of their efficiency in preventing heat loss.


Time has arrived when people are using environment-friendly products. These windows are an efficient way of enjoying a pro-environment source of energy. It lowers energy consumption by 25%. Besides, the windows prevent greenhouse gas emissions as a result of heat production and electricity. This lowers your overall pollution significantly.

Good for Your Furniture

Your house is a source of beauty and it’s best that the different parts are in perfect agreement and balance. It’s best when your furniture is protected from harmful sunlight rays. Energy efficient windows are preferred for their ability to protect furniture from damage by UV rays.

Less Maintenance Cost

A very important consideration whenever you are installing new equipment. These energy window solutions are easy to open and clean by hand. This leaves your home looking stunningly beautiful all the time, just as you want.

Lesser Noise

If you ask any commercial or residential property manager, you will come to the realization that energy efficient windows suppress noise enabling you to enjoy indoor entertainment and activities in peace. Outside noise is filtered properly to give you the peace of mind you need. Noise from thunder, car horns or barking dogs will not bother you anymore. Energy windows block all noise giving you the peace and quiet you desire as you work or relax.

Reduced Condensation and Frosting

Older windows have problems with condensation and frosting. This is a big problem as it increases chances of having mildew or mold growth. The window frames are mostly made of wood which results in speedy mold growth. However, using energy windows takes care of the problem, you don’t have to bother with frosting and condensation problems. The insulation characteristics of these windows works like a charm.

Improved View and Lighting

It can be frustrating when you have to pull those blinds down every time to allow heat to enter the room. It blocks your view which can be annoying. However, if you use energy efficient windows, you enjoy an unhindered view and never have to worry about the room getting heated up. Besides, you don’t need to spend on extra tinting or glazing as you enjoy perfect day-time lighting.

Improved Comfort

Energy efficient windows massively enhance thermal comfort in your home. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is outside; your indoor temperature remains favorable at all times.

Reduced Fading

UV rays are known to cause fading of furniture colors making them look unattractive. with energy windows, you never have to worry about that. Your home decor is well protected and there is no need to spend every time on redecorating.


Energy efficient windows are an attractive investment with great long-term benefits that commercial and residential properties enjoy. Energy Window Solutions gives you an opportunity to revamp your property by installing energy window solutions. Contact us today!