The Amazing Benefits of Investing In Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

The Amazing Benefits of Investing In Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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The world is going green and so should every homeowner. If you’re in the market to install new windows or replace old ones, you should consider purchasing energy efficient windows. Today, homeowners have various window options to choose from as per style, shape, material, size, and even budget requirements. However, nothing surpasses the benefits you’ll accrue from energy efficient windows. But first, what are these windows?

Energy efficient windows are meant to keep your home’s temperature as is by preventing the heated or cooled air from escaping. Also, some of these windows take up the role of your HVAC unit during winter by heating your home through capturing and retaining solar heat. These windows are coated with non-conducting materials hence are resistant to heat loss or gain. Windows with a low U-factor offer more insulation hence are much preferable by some homeowners, but you ought to consider the type of window material. The glass itself may have a low U-factor while its material, for instance, aluminum, has poor insulation abilities.

Homeowners may find it messy to replace old windows, with the process involving creating holes in parts of your building. A thought may creep up in your mind to lower your costs by choosing cheaper replacement windows instead of energy efficient ones that may be quite pricey. But in the race towards restoring your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal, quality energy efficient windows will not only achieve your goal but also result in multiple benefits. Read on to find out more.

Lower energy use

The U.S Department of Energy estimates that windows are responsible for about 25 to 30 percent of residential energy use via heat loss or gain. In the cold season, poorly insulated windows could be the source of your woes since they increase heat loss and discomfort. Switching to insulated, energy-saving windows will facilitate reduced air leakage, heat loss, and discomfort. The vice versa is true for the warm months.

During summer, a poorly-insulated window could result in more heat gain hence you may have to overwork your AC to achieve the cooling effect you desire. Investing in energy saving windows will take care of this issue, and it’s an eco-friendly option that puts less pressure on the planet’s fossil fuels due to a reduction in energy needs.

Diminishing costs

Utility bills are directly proportional to your energy use; the higher the energy use, the higher the amount you spend. You may find yourself digging deeper into your pockets to take care of heating or cooling bills during the winter or summer season respectively. With energy efficient windows, you’ll not only increase your home’s comfort but cut down on energy bills by reducing energy loss. Needless to say, you could save up some money and use it on other expenditures.

Reduced condensation

Moisture in a home’s air is a comfort deterrent to say the least. A high level of moisture can make it difficult for you and your family to breathe. Worse, the water could lead to the growth of mold that may pose a safety hazard. Old glass windows with poor insulation can cause a buildup of frost and condensation, and if the frame is wooden, it may rot. The formation of frost causes the room to feel much colder hence the need for more heating.

The warmer glass surfaces and insulating frames of energy saving windows repel condensation and curb the formation of frost. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to install energy efficient windows in your Fort Worth, TX, home.

Enhanced comfort

The thermal comfort of your home in the peak seasons is dependent on the type of windows you have. Poorly insulated windows will have cold surfaces that lead to uncomfortable drafts during winter. In the same vein, these windows will overheat in summer, thereby leading to a hike in temperature in your home’s interior. Rather than ignoring the importance of upgrading your windows to energy efficient ones and suffer the discomfort, why not replace your windows and enjoy optimum thermal comfort?

Sound block

This is yet another benefit that would be ideal for homeowners who reside in noisy neighborhoods. If you find it difficult to sleep at night due to the banging sounds coming from your surroundings, consider installing energy efficient windows. High-insulation windows act as sound blockers; they can soundproof the house from sirens, roadway traffic, or rail noises. Also, if you live in a neighborhood whose houses are closely built, these windows would be an efficient addition to keep the noises from your neighbors at bay.

Better lighting

Thanks to technology, energy efficient windows make it possible to control the amount of heat in your home without trading off daylight passage or visibility from your windows. You no longer have to resort to the traditional way of tinting windows or using shades during summer. It may suit you to check out windows that have selective glazings such as high-performance tints or low E-coating, and then schedule installation services from your local window service provider.


Homeowners can update their existing windows or replace them entirely to improve efficiency. Your local window installer can suggest ways in which you can update your existing windows if they’re in good condition, and some options may include weather-stripping, checking for air leaks, window treatments, storm windows, or exterior shading. Otherwise, for a full-scale replacement or new home buyers, you should consider frames, glazing, gas fills, and operation types while purchasing new windows.

Energy efficient windows

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