8 Signs You Need Replacement Windows | Lewisville, TX

8 Signs You Need Replacement Windows | Lewisville, TX

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Windows provide ventilation, warmth, and light in homes. They facilitate the entry of natural light which reduces the cost of energy bills. Replacing your windows regularly is crucial since you’ll prevent your home from looking gloomy or feeling stuffy. Some people tend to ignore their windows since they may be costly to maintain or replace regularly. Homeowners may be quick to replace broken appliances or air filters filled with dust but neglect their windows. According to DATA USA statistics, Lewisville, TX, had an increase in homeownership rate at 42.6% in 2017 which increases the need for home remodeling, including replacement windows installations. Below are signs that warrant the need for window upgrades.

Wear-and-tear on the window frames

Wood frames tend to rot easily, especially during the cold months. Also, the paint on the window frames may chip if not repainted frequently. Frames provide a structural support system, so they must be strong enough to hold the windows. Low-quality frames are subject to water damage and moisture which may cause mold and mildew growth. This may lead to an increase in allergies and health complications amongst your family members. Make it a point to get quality wood for wooden frames when choosing replacement windows. This will reduce rotting and decay thereby increasing the longevity of your windows. Some of the quality types of wood for window frames include oak, walnut, cherry, and mahogany.

Cracks on glasses

Broken window glass can reduce your home’s aesthetic beauty and negatively impact its curb appeal. A cracked glass may let in unwanted objects into your house. Small glass pieces may also find their way into your house thereby injuring children or pets. To prevent extensive window damage and curb the issues associated with worn-out glasses, strive to replace them as soon as you notice they’re broken. Also, ensure that you get quality glasses for your new windows. Quality windows are less likely to crack upon impact, and they also improve your home’s appeal. There are multiple glass options available in the market for you to choose, including tempered, laminated, heat-strengthened, and annealed glass.

A rise in your energy bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat loss and gain through windows is responsible for 25-30 percent of residential cooling and heating energy use. It’s crucial to choose energy efficient replacement windows that work best in your climate. Always consult a professional to guide you on the best replacement windows to minimize your energy bills. Upgrading your windows may be the best option yet to conserve energy and reduce your utility costs. Energy-efficient windows reduce energy costs by ensuring your home’s temperature remains in optimum condition after your HVAC performs its work. They work by insulating the indoor temperature against the outside heat or cold, so you’ll have a fairly moderate climate during summer or winter.

Increased noise pollution

Noise pollution affects sleep, health, and work performance. Old windows may be the cause of you not enjoying a soundproof home. Thanks to technology, replacing your windows can help reduce the noise of barking dogs, busy roads, or loud neighbors. Soundproof windows are the ideal way to reduce the noise since they are well-insulated. Installing window inserts is also a good and effective way to ensure your house impedes noise. When shopping for window inserts, quality should be a priority, and you’ll efficiently reduce noise pollution when you place them over single-pane windows. Additionally, the inserts may have silicon compression tubing that acts as a seal for your windows. Get expert fitting for your windows to avoid any gaps and spaces that can allow sound to sip inside.

You need a home makeover

Triple-pane and double pane windows are the glass technologies providing more benefits in comparison to single-pane windows. Some of the advantages include improved curb appeal and energy efficiency as well as decreased noise pollution and condensation. These windows also upgrade your home to give it a more luxurious look. Windows are one of the noticeable home features, so if they look outdated, your house will too. Installing the latest windows will boost your home’s curb appeal which in turn increases your property’s value. Once you feel it’s time to upgrade your windows, contact a professional to seek insight on the ideal replacement windows for your home.

Severe storm aftermath

Windows are subject to storms and sunlight which tend to damage them more frequently than other parts of the house. Homes in Lewisville, TX, may be subject to extreme weather conditions such as storms that damage windows. Frequent heavy rains may also cause your window frames to absorb excess moisture and subsequently decay. The paint on the window frames may also chip more frequently if the frames absorb excess heat or moisture. When shopping for replacement windows, choose those that are anchored and designed to resist wind pressure. Also, the windows should have weather-stripping to prevent water infiltration. Windows with material such as vinyl can withstand extreme forces hence are a good consideration.

Your windows don’t close and open properly

Windows make your home more comfortable since they provide a natural source of light and ventilation. A stuck window can be annoying and a major sense of concern. Some of the common causes of stuck windows include shifting foundation, warped wood, debris, and damage. If you’re dealing with such a menace, seek a professional’s help to assist you in diagnosing the problem. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may require to make some minor adjustments or hardware repairs. If the damage is too extensive, replacement windows may be the only option in case the current ones are too old or beyond repair. The cost of upgrading may be less than the cost of repairing old and damaged windows.

Your windows are not secure enough

Homeowners looking forward to maintaining a secure and safe home should consider installing maximum security windows. In most cases, burglars invade houses through the windows, and so having quality replacement windows lowers the chances of a home invasion. Frequent window maintenance is also crucial to keeping your home safe. When choosing replacement windows, choose ones with built-in security features. Your home’s safety begins with choosing window types that come with advanced security features, and options may include casement, double-hung, bow, picture, and hopper windows.

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