Criteria for Buying Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

Criteria for Buying Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

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Energy saving appliances in homes act as environmental conservation tools and reduce the utility bills that homeowners sustain. Heat loss and gain through windows account for about 25 to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy usage in homes. Installing energy efficient windows helps reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable. Below are some of the considerations you may look at before purchasing an energy efficient window.

Window properties

Before buying any type of energy efficient window, you should first learn about multiple window properties. This will aid you to choose a suitable window with properties that resonate with your region’s climate. The properties to look at include the U-value, solar heat gain coefficient, visible light transmittance, and condensation resistance.U-value is the measure of heat passing across the window and it should be a low digit for maximum efficiency.

The solar heat gain coefficient is a measure of how much solar energy travels across the window, and this feature will vary according to the climate of your region. Additionally, your window ought to transmit enough light through its panes and have the ability to resist condensation from the inside. Getting to know all these features may be daunting, so it may be easier to get in touch with a professional who’ll figure things out for you.

Frame materials

The frame is the part of the window that sustains the glass hence it should be in impeccable condition. Here, you should look at whether the material is a strong conductor or non-conductor. Investing in insulated energy efficient windows would be worthwhile since the frames will not transfer heat thereby leaving your home in optimal thermal condition. Wood is the most commonly used material and an effective insulator. However, it may be subject to rotting even in the presence of a little moisture hence it’s worth incorporating weatherstripping during the installation process.

Also, you may choose vinyl frames since the material is less expensive and works more efficiently than wood. You should refrain from using aluminum materials because they’re poor insulators hence inefficient but homeowners based in hurricane-prone areas can choose to use aluminum frames on their windows due to reinforced strength. For more on energy efficient window frames, you can call your local Lewisville, TX, window expert for professional help.

Energy star certification

Energy Star is a program managed by the US Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It inspects and labels all the types of residential energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights that meet rigid requirements set by the two organizations. The purpose of the program is also to check whether the products are fit for use in various climatic regions.

To avoid purchasing windows that cannot be efficient in your area, you have to ensure that any product you acquire has the recommended Energy Star label. Call an experienced technician to help you identify the correct label for your region before getting an energy saving window.

Multiple glazing layers

Glazing increases windows’ energy saving capabilities, so you ought to understand this concept to achieve eco-friendliness. The more the layers of glazed glass, the more the insulation effectiveness of the window. This implies that if you need more insulation in your home, triple or quadruple glass window options will work effectively.

Homeowners keen on going green by purchasing energy efficient windows should consider this feature, and you can seek more insight from a well-trained window professional in Lewisville, TX.

Window design

Like most fixtures, windows come in many designs that could enhance the appearance of your home. And why not have energy efficient windows as added perks? Before making a purchase, seeking advice from energy efficient window specialists on the most suitable window models is important. One of the common designs is double hung windows which slide at the bottom to open and efficiently work during calm days.

Another option is the casement windows that have cranks that swing outwards to open and seal tight when winds start blowing towards the house making them work efficiently on windy days. Regardless of climate, you have an array of window options to choose from hence you should conduct due diligence before settling on one.

Airspace thickness

Thin airspaces, i.e. below ¼ an inch, between glazed panels may lead to inadequate window insulation. Additionally, if the thickness increases to over one inch, a convention can occur which could in turn reduce the effectiveness of the windows. A double glazed window needs airspace thickness of between ½ an inch and one inch for effective insulation.

It’s important to understand the air thickness concept before you purchase an energy efficient window. The concept may be a bit hard for untrained eyes, and that’s why the energy efficient windows maestros exist.

Edge spacers

Edge spacers work to keep intact the correct distance between glass panes to realize optimal insulation. As discussed earlier, very thin or thick air spaces will reduce the insulation functionality of your new windows. Knowing the best material for your edge spacers is key, and spacers made of silicon foam, thin-walled steel, or butyl rubber can be productive.

If your windows fog up, it could indicate that your edge spacers have failed. Whether you’re shopping for new windows or your old ones are problematic, it’s best to liaise with expert technicians on energy efficient windows for installations or replacements.

Low E-glazing

Low E-glazing involves adding solar control coatings on one side of the window glass to ameliorate thermal performance thereby improving the quality of energy efficient windows. Low E-glazed windows consistently regulate temperatures throughout the year since the coating reflects heat outwards during summer and maintains the heat on the inside during winter.

When shopping for energy efficient windows, it will be worthwhile to have this feature in mind since it’ll help increase the comfort of your home through harsh weather conditions.

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