Finding the Best Home Window Installers | Southlake, TX

Finding the Best Home Window Installers | Southlake, TX

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Home Window Installation Services 

When you are looking for new home windows, there are many options to consider depending on the style of the house, the budget and many more. Every window type serves a different purpose and there are many windows to choose for the replacement.

Some of the common window types include the single hung windows, the double hung windows, the arched, the awning, the garden windows, the sliding windows, the storm windows, the bay and the bow windows among many others. Hiring the services of a window installer will help you get the best window type for your house!

But have you ever heard of energy efficient windows? They are designed to prevent your heated and cooled air escaping from your home. Their increased insulation reduces home energy usage and therefore helps you save money while making your home also comfortable too!

A window becomes energy efficient when it has multiple window glass panes, high quality window frames and has argon or krypton gas filled within the spaces between the window panes. These features helps to save on energy as well as energy bills in the long-term.

Energy Window Solutions is a window installing company based in Southlake, TX. We provide both commercial and home window installations at an affordable rate. Our Window Installers staff are well-trained and experienced in the field of window replacement and installations. We also offer consultation services for various window styles that may fit your home. So if you are constructing a new home or making some refurbishments, then you can call us for expert advice!

When you call us, our Window Installers will show you the different window brands and outline the installation costs. We are always clear in our dealings and consider honesty and time conscious are our biggest contributors to success. We will complete your project within your set deadline!

Our Window Styles 

We have several window style options that homeowners like you can choose from. The window style you choose will provide a visual appeal, and affect how you view the world from inside your home. As a leading window installer in Southlake, TX, here are some of the tips to consider when deciding on the window style for your home.

  •  The Architectural Style of Your Home 

Even though you don’t have to replace an old window with the exact type, you need to remember that certain windows only work with a particular architectural style. You don’t have to install a window that will flaw the façade of your home. For example, casement windows can fit in a ranch house style, but they may not look good in a traditional home.

  •  Window Purpose and Functionality 

The normal functions of a window are to let in light and control the airflow of your house. However, certain window styles are specialized to provide a particular function. There window styles that provide more ventilation. Other windows offer unobstructed view. Knowing your needs will help you get the best window style at our business. Call us today to work with the best window installers in Texas.

  •  Interior Appeal 

While it is important to consider the exterior appearance of your windows, you should also appreciate your windows from inside too. As expert window installers, we will consider key factors such as proportion and shaping of space so that your windows balance perfectly with the floors, windows as well as ceilings.

  •  Energy Efficiency 

Nowadays argon-gas filled windows are the best standard of energy efficient window design. While they may be expensive to install, they bring you huge returns in you intend to sell your home in a few years’ time.

Types of Window Styles 

Our window styles include:

Awning windows 

Awning windows are suitable for areas that experience a lot of rain because of the way the window creates a water-resistant awning when opened.

Single Hung Windows 

With a single hung window, the bottom window panel moves up and down while the upper widow panel or sash remains stationary. This entails that when you open the window, the upper sash is covered on the inside.

Double Hung Windows 

The double hung also has both the bottom window panel and the upper window panel. However, in this case both the upper and lower window panels can be moved up and down. They can also tilt out to allow for easy cleaning.

Arched Windows 

Arched windows have rounded tops that add an aesthetic beauty to the design of your home. Most of these windows don’t open or close and are often installed above the standard windows to provide the required ventilation. If you are looking for trained and experienced window installers then you can hire us! Our installation services are excellent and time conscious!

Egress Windows 

Egress windows are usually designed for safety more than any other thing. These windows are designed to provide an escape route in case of emergencies such as fire that prevents you from accessing the doors.

An egress window requires an area to be excavated in order to install correctly. If you intend to install an egress window, then you can call us today! We are the best window installers in town.

Picture Windows 

Is the view outside your home lush green or breath-taking? The best way to enjoy such a view is to install picture windows. Picture windows are fixed and cannot be opened. They don’t have breaks or any visible frames and that is why they provide an obstructed amazing view.

Only window installers with experience can install a picture window perfectly. Hire us today if you are living in Southlake, TX and you need such a beautiful window!

Other window types that we offer include casement, round top, half-circle, circle, octagonal, eyebrow, half-eyebrow, trapezoid and triangle windows.


Windows are important components of our homes. Apart from letting in light and providing ventilation, windows also contribute to the beauty of the interior spaces as well as the exterior of the houses. Some such as the egress windows provide a way to escape in case of an emergency. Why then miss on reaching our installers for assistance!

Energy Window Solutions provides all types of window styles that are available in the country. The window installers will show you the styles and help you choose the best one for your home based on your taste as well as the architectural style of your house. Call us today to get served by the leading window installers in Southlake, TX!