Finding The Right Style With A Shutter Company Near Me | Fort Worth, TX

Finding The Right Style With A Shutter Company Near Me | Fort Worth, TX

How can I choose the right style, size and material from a shutter company near me in Fort Worth, TX? This is a common question from many new and existing customers. That’s why we put together this guide to help you determine the right shutters for you. Use this guide to interior or exterior shutters and set your budget for this effective home upgrade. Considerations include the shape, material, color and other factors that will shape your decision.

Tips for Choosing Shutters for Your Metroplex Area Home

As one of the premier dealers of Norman windows, we aim to be the shutter company near me for area homeowners. First, consider the silhouette you’re looking for and choose from the major types of shutters available. Each will give you a distinctive look for your home.

For example, raised panel shutters match doors and drawers found in many homes. If you want a simple, clean style, this might be the right choice for you. It also matches well with country or cottage-style architecture.

On the other hand, there are also louvered shutters consisting of slats angled to let in light and air. Our experts often recommend these shutters for traditional or Victorian-style homes.

Bahama and Bermuda shutters immediately add a coastal or tropical vibe to your home. Additionally, they attach to the top rather than the sides of the window, so that’s another consideration if you like this style.

When considering a shutter company near me, you want to make sure they have a complete array of styles, including shaker shutters. This elegant style has a raised area on flat, solid panels. It’s often found in modern homes or cottage-style homes. However, it pairs well with most home types. If you don’t love the look of louvers, this might be the right selection for you.

You can also choose from board and batten-style shutters. Made of three or four boards and connected with a batten, or horizontal board, these shutters look great on your stone or brick home.

Choose Your Style

Fortunately, before or after talking to a shutter company near me, you can easily see different styles in your Fort Worth, TX neighborhood. Take a drive around the block or around the city to look at various homes and shutters to determine which ones look best to you. You can do this by looking for homes with similar architecture to your own house. However, also consider how well it will mesh or clash with neighboring homes. This will affect your curb appeal. For rounded or arched windows, consider rounded shutters instead of rectangular or square ones.

As your premier shadow company near me, Energy Window Solutions can help you get the right size for each window. When we measure your windows, we’ll make sure that the shutters align with the trim. Typically, we recommend a width equal to no more than a third of the size of the window. Ideally, all shutters will have the same width and height for continuity throughout your home.

If you live in the Metroplex area and are looking for a ‘shutter company near me,’ Energy Window Solutions is the answer.

Choose a Material

Consider materials that you already use in your home decor before selecting a matching shutter material. Also, factor in the price of different materials to help you stay on budget. There are typically three different materials to choose from.

Wood shutters provide a traditional look that many homeowners love. Keep in mind that they require annual sealing to maintain their beauty. On the other hand, vinyl shutters also look great and can mimic the look of wood and other popular materials. They resist fading, splitting, cracking and color fading.

Composite shutters typically resemble wood but last longer and cost less than natural wood. This style comes in numerous colors and finishes. When you choose a shutter company near me, remember that Energy Window Solutions will come to your home and guide you through these decisions.

What’s the Right Color for Your Home?

Neutral colors are the most popular. However, you should consider your home’s color scheme before making a final decision on shutter color. Shutters are an important exterior accessory meant to help your home stand out in a good way. If you have a white home, black shutters can provide an elegant contrast. If you don’t want a direct color contrast, try choosing shutters in the same color grouping as your home but in a lighter or darker shade.

You can ask for help from a shutter company near me. For example, our designers and installers often help homeowners looking for a pop of color that also matches the aesthetic of their home. Your shutter choice should align with the style of your home’s exterior. So, consider choosing a color that matches your landscaping features, window trim or other elements on your property.

Types of Shutters from Energy Window Solutions

As the premier shutter company near me, Energy Window Solutions offers colors in every style, shape and color.

Interior or plantation shutters are timeless and elegant window treatments that look great in many area homes. Norman shutters come in the right size and shape for regular windows, French doors and sliding glass doors.

Take control of the light and privacy of your home with interior shutters that look fantastic and fit your lifestyle.

Woodlore shutters are made from composite materials that have durability and strength. They resist cracking and chipping and won’t yellow as they age. This is one of the world’s top sellers due to its robust wouldn’t composition.

Brightwood shutters are beautiful wood composite shutters that include hardwood panels to add additional style. Their wider panels give your home a sleek modern look. However, you can also customize your order with a unique hardware selection and paint colors.

Normandy shutters have the sophistication that lends a luxurious look to your home. These stained shutters feature woodgraining that brings depth and character to your space.

Looking for the best shutter company near me? Contact Energy Window Solutions today to schedule a consultation in Fort Worth, TX.

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