House Window Options | Lewisville, TX

House Window Options | Lewisville, TX

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Windows allow natural light to enter your home and they define the style of your house. Window selection is no longer about finding a cover for the glass. There’s a lot more to consider now. Consumers are energy-conscious and aim to minimize the cost of heating and cooling through their window selection. Windows are also a big investment so the wrong choice could cost you. Hence, selection of house windows in Lewisville, TX is an important decision which requires due deliberation.

There are many different window options. They vary in size, shape and material so you want to choose carefully when selecting house windows. We’ve covered the main types available below.

1.    Bay Windows

These house windows can be arc-shaped, rectangular, or polygonal. Historically, during the early English Renaissance period, they were associated with mansions. They are usually positioned opposite the door at the end of a room. In modern architecture, bay windows are a prominent characteristic of Chicago School.

2.    Double Pane Windows

Insulated glazing, also known as double glazing, is for double panel windows that are separated by gas or air-filled space to reduce heat transfer from various parts of the building.

Most glasses are produced on both glass panes with the same density, but unique applications such as safety may involve distinct thickness ranges to be placed in the same unit.

3.    Casement Windows

These are windows that are attached to their frames by one or more hinges. They are hinged at one end. These hinged windows work in an operating mechanism through the turn of a crank. To open outward, they can be hinged on the left or right. Usually they are kept open with a casement stay. They are a good choice when looking for house windows in the Lewisville, TX area.

4.    Triple Pane Windows

Tripe Pane Windows are also a good choice of house windows. They can be viewed as the epitome of noise reduction, energy efficiency and resistance to condensation. These windows, keeping out the temperature, cold and sound, are produced of three glass panes rather than two, providing you with maximum benefit.

The Triple Pane Windows we provide use the industry’s leading technology and are manufactured meticulously, making them long-lasting and very advantageous.

5.    Double Hung Windows

These are different from single-hung because they allow the homeowner to open each window, instead of just the bottom sash. The sash can be fastened at an angle as well. This makes air flow and ventilation much easier.

The sash and its features also render it simpler to clean. People living off the ground level can tilt the glass inwards and clean each side of the two glass panes without having to use special equipment or hiring a professional to do the job for them.  Double hanging windows also provide additional safety. There are two locks in many of the double-hung windows we provide. These windows also have stronger frames and sash members as both sashes operate.

6.    Picture Windows

When choosing house windows, picture frames are a great window choice as they welcome a ton of sunshine and open up a home. They are large, fixed windows intended for transparent and unhindered viewing. They function as a frame for the view of the outside.

Picture windows do not usually open and can be used in conjunction with open windows. Pairing casement windows on the sides of your picture windows, for example, offers a lovely image frame look while still providing cooling. This combination provides both functionality and beauty.

7.   Slider Windows

Gliding along a path, sliding windows have at least one window sliding over or past the other window horizontally. They are most commonly used in contemporary or modern buildings.

8.    Awning Windows

Last but not least, awning windows are an excellent option for house windows. These windows open at the outside and hinged at the bottom. The glass protects the opening as an awning, enabling ventilation in all weather kinds such as rain. Awning windows are perfect above or below picture windows and fit in almost any house style. Awning windows are typically found in basements as they can be put high on walls to let in light and air.

When selecting house windows, you also need to be wary of the frame, the glass, and of energy-efficiency. Most of our windows are vinyl windows, which is a great choice. We use these frames because vinyl is a non conductor so the window’s temperature does not increase when exposed to the sun. It also minimizes the loss of cold and/or hot air, lowering the overall energy bill of the house. Vinyl is a less expensive material but it isn’t “cheap.” A well-constructed vinyl window can be a good choice for energy efficient windows: budget-wise and offers excellent energy efficiency measures due to its tight construction which reduces air leakage and insulated glass.

To get more information on windows or to read customer reviews, visit our website. With over 3 decades’ worth experience in the window industry, we can guarantee safety and satisfaction. Energy Window Solutions in the Lewisville, TX area is an affordable, efficient, and thorough company. We provide numerous products for your different needs and all our designs “keep out heat, cold and noise”! Our windows take the weather conditions into consideration and ensure the comfort of your home. You will get durable and stylish house windows from us. We have a variety of windows, from Slim line to Energy Core Windows. We offer it all, including glass cutting to window installation. So feel free to contact us with your window selection, installation or replacement needs!