How Can I Make My Home Windows More Decorative? | Fort Worth, TX

How Can I Make My Home Windows More Decorative? | Fort Worth, TX

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If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your home windows you should know all the different ways you can do this. You’re looking to have a unique household and a unique way to do that is to have “designer glass” added to your home that can both look cool and give you some privacy advantages. We’ll go over some of the ways you can take your window design game to the next level by explaining what kinds of specialty glass are available.

Etched/Frosted Glass

There are five major types of ways you can get etched glass. The generic term of etched glass is just that the glass has been modified so that light is diffused, or scattered, as it passes through. This can help you increase privacy and reduce glare in your home by using it over the entire surface or can give you decorative patterns on your home windows.

We’ll start with going over the specifics for acid etched glass, this is glass that is chemically treated with an acidic material, usually hydrofluoric acid, to give a finish to the outside of the glass that will diffuse light and reduce glare. It does this by turning the transparent (meaning you can see through it) to translucent (meaning light can be seen through but objects are not visible). The finish of acid-etched glass is considered a soft matte and can be done to different levels of translucence. Some places will even use acid to get designs on the glass for your home windows.

Frosted glass is just another term for etched glass because when it is done it tends to look like the window has been frosted over, although real frost is not a normal thing to see in Fort Worth, TX. Some can be done over existing windows if you add a film on your windows but the other ways affected here will give you options as well.

Getting new windows that are sandblasted means that the glass was sprayed with a high-velocity stream of abrasive particles to give you a frosted or etched appearance.

Getting glass that is laser etched generally means that you are getting etched glass for designs rather than for the privacy of light diffusion. Laser etching gives you exquisite detail on your glass surfaces that can make your windows stand out. Lasers increase the heat applied to the glass but it is localized enough that you don’t need to go through the glass-making annealing process, letting the surface cool in a specific way, another time.

If you’re looking for a way to fuse glass pieces together to make designs to etch glass, getting a ceramic frit job done on your home windows can be another option. By cranking the heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit it will permanently fuse decorative pieces in any color, pattern, or translucency you want onto the windows both inside and outside your home.

Fancy Designs Added

Much like screen printing t-shirts you can screen print on windows as well. Decorative ink designs will be put on the surface of the glass that will then be adhered to using different temperatures depending on the material the design is made out of. If the material is a ceramic enamel it will be at a high temperature, whereas silicone or organic inks will be applied with hot, but not as hot, temperatures.

If you are looking to add design to your home windows that aren’t necessarily permanent you can look at decorative films to add design, privacy, or both to your windows throughout the house. These can be done on your own but they can be difficult to apply properly.

If you want to add a personal touch to the windows in your house you can look at adding digital art. These files will be taken from your computer, such as a scanned photograph or custom image, and transferred into the glass by means like etching or printing on the glass itself.

If you have seen stained glass before but know that the limitations of your budget are going to keep that as an idea for home windows as a pipe dream you could always have your normal glass painted. Whether with real paint or with a slim coating adding this to your home is a great way to add a pop of design without breaking the bank.

Glass As Art

Getting your glass to stand out in your home windows can be difficult but you can always work on getting your windows artsier. This can be done with different designs and styles. We’ll go over a few of them here. If you have a location that allows it you can add bent or curved glass in your windows. These will be pricey but will add a wow factor to where they are installed.

If you’re looking inside your home you can get what is called channel glass, which will allow you to get columns or arcs in the glass inside your home as more of an art piece rather than an actual window. If you have a historical home you could add some character back into your home with something called slumped glass. This glass slumps as it is molded so in theory it won’t slump too much, but can add some unique designs on your windows. If you’re looking for a huge design in your home windows you can get what’s called a V-groove window. This will put two small bevels together to make a V and works to create large lines and curves to allow for an amazing artistic flair for your home.

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