Factors To Consider When Choosing Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Factors To Consider When Choosing Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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According to the Energy Information Administration, US homeowners accounted for 21% of total energy consumption, mostly from heating and cooling their houses. The situation is even worse in cities with severe weather conditions, such as Fort Worth, TX, which experiences extreme winters and summers in February and August. Having the right windows play a crucial role in protecting your home from such elements in such circumstances.

With plenty of energy efficient windows in the market, it may be challenging to know the type of manufacturer providing quality windows. To help you find the ideal windows for your home, below are some of the factors to consider when shopping for power-efficient windows.

Energy Rating

When shopping for energy efficient windows, you must keep in mind that the energy star label focuses on efficiency. Windows, which are energy star rated, are likely to be 10 to 20 percent energy efficient compared to non-rated models, hence saving you money and helping the environment as well.

Therefore, you should consider installing windows with a high energy efficiency rating, usually indicated by stars. The more the stars, the better it is at regulating energy consumption.

Material / Frame

When replacing windows, you may factor in the type of material the windows are made of. For instance, wood conducts less heat; therefore, it’s a good material for energy efficient windows. You can also consider vinyl.

On the other hand, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and considered a poor material when installing these windows. Thus, it’s recommended to incorporate steel, rubber, or silicon space edgers in the windows to increase windows’ insulation properties. If possible, avoid aluminum space edgers because they are good heat conductors.

Homeowners are encouraged to embrace sputtered and pyrolytic low emissivity glass because they absorb ultraheat violet rays and heat and allow natural light. This reduces energy consumption and subsequently lowers your power bill.


Consider employing and contracting qualified technicians to install your windows. Quacks will mess up the installation, and the energy consumption will be high. Professionals should install energy efficient windows to guarantee optimum performance because using poor quality equipment and tools will compromise windows’ quality.

Minor but important aspects of window installation such as caulking and flashing should be undertaken to improve the energy efficiency and windows performance. No modifications should be made to exterior walls because it will affect the output of windows.

Gas Fill and Spacers

When selecting energy efficient windows for their new homes or remodeling projects, most homeowners focus on appearance. Some may choose awning, casement, or double-hung glass that suits their aesthetic tastes and not because they offer natural ventilation or a tighter seal. It’s essential to consider the performance of these windows.

Gas fills between glazing layers have been known to reduce heat transfer between the inside and outside the window. Gases such as argon or krypton are used because they are inert, odorless, non-toxic, and transparent. Spacers are used to keep the glazing layers’ distance apart, and they provide accommodation for pressure differences and thermal expansion. They also prevent gas and moisture leaks.

Glazing and Panning

Double panel windows have a higher energy efficiency compared to single panel ones. The addition of extra layers of panels results in better energy consumption because panes increase the windows’ heat retention. Combining argon, an odorless and colorless gas, with

Low-E glass between the panes helps maintain conditions closer to room temperature; therefore, eradicating drafts and maintaining energy efficiency. Energy efficient windows usually have ideal spacing and a combination of materials in their glazes and panes. Therefore you should always seek to have your installer take note of this.

Visible Light Transmission

It would help if you considered how much light the windows let in; this will ensure that you don’t switch on your lights during the day, thereby lowering energy consumption. Large and clear glass windows are better at achieving this. On a scale of 1-10, one should be the most energy efficient window.


With the advancement in technology and innovations, you should consider windows, which can be improved in the future rather than buying new windows every time. You may opt for windows that can be integrated with more recent models in energy conservation and installation.


The first thing to consider when selecting energy efficient windows is the effect on your home’s insulation. This helps you maximize natural resources and ensure you don’t waste energy. Skipping this step will cost you in the long run because you’ll end up using a lot of money buying robust systems to cover the energy needs of your poorly insulated house.

Choosing double glazed windows, which have at least two glass panels instead of a single glass, helps keep the required indoor temperature all year round. Also, double glazing protects you from external noise, keeping you silent!

Architectural Design and Type

Different homes have different designs. Your home location and style may determine types of energy efficient windows to fit, and you may have to work within specific architectural parameters to maintain the design’s integrity.

For instance, individuals owning condominiums and historic homes have to follow particular guidelines when selecting the window to install. Only specific windows will look right in such cases; therefore, you must work with a window installer who can help you match your home’s design needs.

A Reliable Window Dealer in Fort Worth, TX

Energy efficient windows save you money and increase your home’s comfort during extreme weather conditions as well as reduce energy wastage. Wondering where you can purchase new windows for your home? Contact Energy Window Solutions; as one of the leading suppliers of windows, you can count on us for speedy installation, quality products, and first-rate aftercare for long-lasting results. We are just a phone call away.