How Can You Make Your Home Better-Insulated? | Insight from Your Trusted Lewisville, TX Energy Efficient Windows Provider

How Can You Make Your Home Better-Insulated? | Insight from Your Trusted Lewisville, TX Energy Efficient Windows Provider

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Insulating the home is important for Lewisville, TX residents. This is because a better-insulated home can be cooled in summer and heated in winter using less energy than otherwise possible, which can make for considerable savings in the long run. Furthermore, a better-insulated home tends to be a more comfortable home thanks to the improved performance of its heating and cooling measures. Something that should come as welcome news to Lewisville, TX residents who have encountered either hot spots or cold spots in their home. Having said, the windows are some of the best places for interested individuals to focus on when it comes to improving their home’s insulation because their very nature makes them into natural weak points. Fortunately, there are energy efficient windows plus a wide range of other measures that can help Lewisville, TX residents make up for this issue.

What Are Some Things That You Can Do to Better-Insulate Your Windows?

Here are some of the window-related measures that Lewisville, TX residents can do to improve their home’s insulation on top of installing energy efficient windows:

Seal Gaps Around the Window Frame

The window frame is supposed to be a perfect fit for the space in the wall where the window is supposed to be situated. Unfortunately, this won’t always be the case. Furthermore, even if this was once the case, the passage of time means that this isn’t guaranteed to remain the case. As such, it can be a good idea for interested individuals to check for gaps around the window frame, which can be major vulnerabilities in a home’s insulation.

Fortunately, checking for gaps is much easier than what interested individuals might expect. In fact, one of the simplest and most straightforward methods is to move a lit candle around the perimeter of the window frame. If there is a gap, there should be air moving about, which in turn, means that there should be a flicker in the flame. Whenever interested individuals notice a gap, they can use either caulking or some other method to correct it before continuing on with the rest of the job.

Get the Right Window Coverings

Even the best energy efficient windows can’t do everything on their own. As such, interested individuals should check out window coverings, which can provide more benefits when paired with energy efficient windows than what either option can manage on their own. This is possible because window coverings provide one more barrier to heat entering the home as well as heat leaving the home, thus making it that much easier for heating and cooling systems to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Of course, just as how interested individuals need to choose the right energy efficient windows if they want to get the best benefits, they need to choose the right window coverings as well. One excellent option would be insulated cellular shades, which can be recognized by how their design provides them with a honeycomb cross-section look. Something that is critical because it provides them with multiple air layers for improving insulation. Having said that, just like how there are plenty of options when it comes to energy efficient windows, there are plenty of options when it comes to window coverings as well. As a result, interested individuals should definitely put in some time to look up the various options that are available to them before they make a final choice.

Install New Window Frames

Installing energy efficient windows can improve a home’s insulation. As a result, it makes sense that installing energy efficient window frames can have the same effect for interested individuals. Once again, there is a wide range of window frames in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials, meaning that research can help interested individuals pick out the ones that are best-suited for their particular needs and circumstances. For instance, people who want the best insulation for their home should know that window frames made out of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl tend to provide better thermal resistance than their counterparts made out of metal. Something that interested individuals will want to keep in mind.

Consider Double Glazed Windows

Since energy efficient windows are so great for improving a home’s insulation, it stands to reason that doubling the panes can produce further improvements along this line. This is particularly true because double glazed windows have a pocket of air trapped between the panes, which has a beneficial effect in much the same manner as how the multiple air layers in insulated cellular shades have a beneficial effect.

In any case, it should be mentioned that double glazing is something that can be done for existing windows. However, unless interested individuals have plenty of expertise and experience, it is definitely not a project that they should be attempting on their own. Instead, the best course of action is to entrust such a job to a company that specializes in energy efficient windows as well as related products, though interested individuals should make sure to ask plenty of questions the entire time so that they have a clear idea of what is going on.

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