How Do You Stand to Benefit from New Windows in Lewisville?

How Do You Stand to Benefit from New Windows in Lewisville?

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Upgrading and replacing any part of your house can be a costly decision.

Not only costly, but it can also be a complicated decision. It gets more complicated if you have house insurance or your house is on mortgage. Then you will need to update and get approvals from the respective providers. Considering all this, you might be thinking that you can live with your old windows instead of dealing with the hassle of getting new windows in Lewisville.

But we think you should definitely invest in new windows in Lewisville. Why? Because you stand to benefit in many ways from new and modern windows. How so? Check the list of advantages below:

1.  Lower Bills

Yes, believe it or not, new windows in Lewisville will net you plenty of savings in electric costs and bills.

Sure, the cost of purchasing and installing new windows will be feltfor a time, but it will pay off in the long run. How so, you ask? New and modern windows will provide your house with insulation. A new window installation will not have cracks or gaps present. This will provide complete protection from nature.

That means no heat penetration in summer and no excess cold in winter. Your HVAC system will operate well and achieve the desired temperature much quicker than before. It will not have to work overtime or consume more electricity.

2.  Protection from UV Light

It is a window’s purpose to let in sunlight which plays a vital role in vitamin D creation as well as providing your home with enough light as to not make it all gloomy.

However, sunlight also carries harmful ultra violet light with it. UV light can fade colour from your furniture, belongings and decorations. Not to mention it is also harmful for your skin. Modern new windows in Lewisville have features and applications to completely block UV light. With them, you will not have to worry about getting sunburns or skin cancers!

And it will eliminate the risk of your precious belongings getting ruined. You can safely display those china pieces in the sunlight without a lick of colour fading.

3.  Safety and Security

Opt for modern options and features when choosing new windows in Lewisville. You will then be sure of complete safety and security.

They will provide you with safety against any criminal trying to break into your house.  Modern windows have elaborate locking mechanisms which make them difficult to open. They also have thick and sturdy glass which is resistant to breaking and shattering.

That latter feature also provides extra safety. Extra safety because tempered glass does not break like regular glass. It is stronger and impact resistant when compared to conventional glass. It also does not break into sharp and jagged shards which can cut and bleed you.

4.  Calm and Peace

Mental peace and happiness is paramount for you and your family’s physical health.

You may be wondering what purchasing new windows in Lewisville has to do with mental peace. Modern windows with tempered or double paned glass serve as better insulators against noise pollution.

The last thing you want after coming back from a hard day at work is the noise created by playing kids, dogs barking or traffic outside. New and modern windows can block all that noise out and allow you to relax in tranquillity, leaving you oblivious to the noise of the world outside.

5.  Health and Wellbeing

Functioning windows are essential in maintaining you and your family’s health.

Old and deficit windows which allow drafts, water and pests to enter provide no protection at all. With new windows in Lewisville you will protect your family from all allergens, pathogens and disease carriers.

Windows are the first line of defense your house has against such harmful elements. Any lapse in them should be immediately treated.

6.  Fashionable

Fashions, trends and styles change. There is no harm in installing new windows in Lewisville in accordance with the changing fashion and aesthetics.

Modern window designs and frames come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and varieties. They can bring colour and life to your house. Justa small feature can make your house look much more aestheticallypleasing.

7.  Investment Returns

You might be thinking to yourself, all those benefits are fine but they cost too much.

You don’t have to worry about that fact because new windows in Lewisville will add value to the quote of your house. In fact, replacing old windows and fittings is a crucial part of selling old houses. The increase in value can outstrip the costs you paid. Thus, in all respects it is a financial decision worth taking. You might also see a decrease in your insurance premium. How? Due to new and secure windows lowering the risks to your house and your family.


There certainly exist some frivolous extensions and renovations to a house. Purchasing new windows in Lewisville, however, does not belong to that category.

In all respects you will be doing yourself, your family, and your house a favor with such a decision. If you are looking for the best outlet to purchase your new windows from then look no further than Energy Window Solutions. We will also happily install your new windows for you. Call us at 972-290-1848 and we will get to work on choosing the best window options for you.