How Much You Could Save with Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

How Much You Could Save with Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

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Are you considering energy efficient windows but you’re just not sure if they’re the right thing for you? You’ve probably heard all about how these types of windows can make a big difference in your energy costs, but maybe you don’t really know if they’re the right fit. Maybe you’re still not sure if they can save you money after all or how they’re going to do it. Well, we’re going to break through some of those confusing topics so you can figure out if these windows are really going to be the best fit for you.

How Energy Efficient Windows Help

First, there are three main factors that go into how these windows are helping you. For one, they’re made with multiple panes. If you currently have single pane windows then energy efficient windows are going to be a great upgrade because they have at least two and sometimes three panes that will help to filter out the heat, the cold and anything else that might seep through your windows (like too much damaging sunlight). This is going to be the first step in keeping your home’s temperature more comfortable.

The second step is what’s in between the panes of glass. This is generally a type of krypton or argon, which are denser than air. As a result, air that makes it through that first pane has a harder time getting through the gases and to that second pane of glass. From there, the air needs to get through that second pane and, if you have triple pane windows, through a third pane as well. All of that is going to make it a whole lot harder for anything you don’t want to get through.

Third, the way that the windows are installed is another important step to having energy efficient windows. If they’re installed properly this creates a seal around the window, which keeps them from leaking air around (which wouldn’t go through the glass or the gases). If they’re not installed properly, however, you could find that your energy efficient windows aren’t actually helping you anymore than traditional, single pane windows. And that’s definitely not something that you want to be paying for. Instead, make sure you hire a company in Lewisville, TX, that knows what they’re doing.

How Much Will You Save?

So, if you do decide to go with these windows just how much money are you actually going to save? The answer is going to depend on what type of windows you’re replacing. If you’re currently working with double pane windows and you’re going to triple pane windows you’re going to save up to $111 per year. That’s definitely going to be an important step in saving you money. And actually, because you live in Lewisville, TX, you could save even more because the heat from outside is staying out of your home.

For those who only have single pane windows the savings are much higher. In fact, savings could be as much as $465 per year. That’s going to be a whole lot more money that you could be spending on the things that you want to do in your life. You could go on a vacation with that money, do some renovations on your house, enjoy some great meals out or anything else that you want. And right now, you’re spending that money just on heating and cooling your house. Is that really where you want that money to be going?

Additional Benefits

One other benefit that you’re going to find is that energy efficient windows can actually help keep out noise. If you live in an area where there’s a lot of noise outside, whether from neighbors or vehicles or anything else, you’ll find that triple pane, energy efficient windows help to keep that noise from getting through as well. That’s definitely going to be a big benefit if you’re trying to enjoy your home and not be distracted by all those things happening around you. You might even be surprised just how quiet it gets.

On top of that, you could actually increase the value of your home. Some estimates say that your home value could go up and actually account for as much as 70% of the price of your windows. That means you pay the upfront cost, you save money on your heating and cooling bills as long as you live in the house, and then you can actually recoup some of the money that you spent on those windows back when you decide to sell. That’s going to be a great benefit for you and a super easy decision to make.

Finally, you’re going to have protection against UV rays that can otherwise filter their way through your windows (definitely a problem in Lewisville, TX). Those UV rays can actually make it really hard on your carpeting, furniture and other soft surfaces. You may even notice damage to wood and tile flooring. But with energy efficient windows you don’t get the same type of damage. That’s because all those panes of glass and the gasses trapped inside them are designed to make sure that your home is better insulated and protected. That means that UV rays are going to be kept out too and you’re going to have a better home for it.

Is It Right for You?

Should you be replacing your windows in Lewisville, TX with energy efficient windows? You definitely should because they’re going to make your house a much more comfortable place to be and a much cheaper one at the same time. All it’s going to take is a little bit of an upfront cost and you’re going to be on your way to lower costs for a long time to come, because those windows are going to protect you for far longer than you might think. In fact, windows can last practically forever. So why not make the switch to something that will save you in the long run?