How to Pick the Right Replacement Windows | Dallas, TX

How to Pick the Right Replacement Windows | Dallas, TX

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Replacement windows in Dallas, TX, are not easy to come by. That is why we implore you to work with a professional such as Energy Window Solutions to help you with the undertaking. Out in the market, there is an array of window replacement options with each manufacturer seeking to make a profit from you. This makes it quite hard to determine the right design. Mostly the aspects that matter in the process is the material and type of glazing in question. Nevertheless, don’t be scared, at Energy Window Solutions we just have the insights you need when picking the right window replacement for your home.


The most crucial factor that you consider in replacement windows is determining your needs—these structures need to be exactly what you require. The three systems used in the process include:

  • Sash replacement
  • Sash replacement in a unitary frame
  • Prime Windows.

If your frames are rotting it is always advisable to go for prime windows, if otherwise, go for the sash methods. You should understand the process may need a keen eye of a professional and Energy Window Solution is just committed to helping you in Dallas, TX.


Every professional in window replacement business knows that the material you use plays a crucial role in accomplishing your needs. Most replacement windows come in wood, vinyl, aluminum, clad wood, or fiberglass. Each of the types will go for different costs and will function differently. Clad wood is the most expensive as it combines energy-efficient performance, traditional look, and low maintenance. On the other hand, although vinyl windows have good energy performance and cost less, they lack traditional detail and look heavier. It is always wise to consult a professional to get further insights.


In most replacement windows, double-pane insulating glass is the building standard and a common trend. This is because it features:

  • Gas fill
  • Low-E coatings

These two characteristics are the ideal option if you intend to enhance energy performance. It is imperative to realize even though other choices address safety, privacy, noise control, security, and reduced cleaning, they all come at a price.

High Anxiety Sales Approach

The hardest part in going for replacement windows is finding a reputable installer and dealer—if you are in Dallas, TX, at Energy Window Solutions we can help you with that. You should take strict steps to avoid market rip-offs. Most of the sales reps are known for their unorthodox methods in pressurizing people to make rapid and uncalled for decisions. A technique known as ‘cold calling’ it is where a dishonest sales rep canvasses old neighborhoods preying on people’s ignorance. Other things that this group of individual do to deceive homeowners is misrepresenting replacement windows facts such as taxes and energy saving costs. That is why it is always prudent to have a professional who you can always go to for consultations.

The Pitfalls of Installation

Dealing with a quack replacement window installer is just like dealing with a dishonest sales rep. Most of the time they take longer than expected only to install the wrong window. Whether they do it intentionally or not, it will lead to disgruntled homeowners and the quality of the job will be poor. The best way to identify a reputable dealer is to determine whether they are certified by the American Window and Door Institute. At Energy Window Solution we have these certifications. Also, you should:

  • Never be of the assumption that national brands are always better than the lesser-brands
  • Define and prioritize your needs and goals for replacement windows.
  • Avoid unsolicited sales reps
  • Avoid big down payments
  • Check the eligibility of your dealer

Once you follow these steps you will be safe.

Energy Window Solution: The Perfect Partner

Are you in Dallas, TX, and looking for replacement window services? Look no more because at Energy Window Solution we are the real deal. We believe that the only way to do a job is the right way. More importantly, our unparalleled commitment to our clients is unmatchable. When you hire us, we will be with you every step of the way advising accordingly and giving top-notch services just tailored for you. You can always choose our Core Windows because they are built to last while providing you with energy-efficient options—saving up 42 percent on energy bills. Other features that make us outstanding include:

We Are a Fully Certified, Licensed, and Insured Company 

At Energy Window Solution, we are fully certified and licensed by the American Window and Door Institute, which means our services are standard and we have met all the requirements dictated by the law. More importantly, we are fully insured so rest assured your work is in safe hands and in case of any damages you will be compensated.

Professional Employees

We pride ourselves with a team of highly-qualified employees who possess excellent craftsmanship. Our team of experts undergoes serious vetting, background checks, and screening to ensure your work is being handled by the best of the best. More importantly, they are diligent, honest, and hardworking.

24/7 Emergency Services

We have consolidated our services to ensure you may access them any time of the day and night. Our quick response team will be at your doorstep in a matter of time if you require our services. They will always handle your work with the precision it requires without inconveniencing you. More importantly, we have a 24/7 hotline to reach us.

Warranty and Guarantees

We take pride in everything we do and our replacement windows are of superior qualities. That’s why our services come with a guarantee of reworks if they don’t serve you as intended and all our products come with assurance warranties.


At Energy Window Solutions, experience is our middle name. We have been dealing with a diversified client base and left a trail of satisfied customers in our years of offering replacement windows services. Positive testimonials from our clients and a wall full of awards is proof of our good work.

At Energy Window Solutions,we don’t cut corners we fix them.