All You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

All You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Windows | Lewisville, TX

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Homeowners have always been interested in attractive designs of home windows to fit into their homes. Nowadays, many are focusing on reducing energy costs by eliminating the usage of heating and cooling systems through energy efficient windows. Residents of different cities, including Lewisville, TX, have an opportunity to choose the right window and minimize energy usage. However, many face the challenge of installing the right window unit and the type to select.

Factors to Consider When Buying Energy Efficient Windows

  • The Frame

Most people prefer wood frames than metals such as aluminum because of heat and cold transfer characteristics. But that doesn’t mean wood frames are the best option when choosing your home window. Metals along with other materials can be used to create excellent frames for energy efficient windows but accompanying both positives and negatives as well. For example, vinyl is more affordable when compared to other materials and offers superb energy efficiency strategies. Despite its budget-friendly benefit, vinyl remains limited in color choices.

  • Inside the Frame

What is inside the frame also matters when choosing what window to buy and minimize energy costs. Typically, many people prefer double-paned windows made from Low-E glass with a vacuum between the panes. And this is the case here; double-paned windows tend to offer more insulation than single-paned window therefore, it is crucial for both winter and summer. Triple-paned windows are also vital and often used for extreme climatic conditions. The downside is that they affect visibility and light penetration. Inside the frame significantly determines energy efficiency and the ability of the window meeting your needs.

  • Efficiency

Choosing the right energy efficient window includes buying those designed for efficiency. That is, some are built to become more profitable than others hence the need to acquire those that offer maximum home insulation. They include double-hung, casement, and picture windows. Double-hung windows are conventional windows found across Lewisville, TX, and in pre-war buildings. These windows slide upwards to open and offer exceptional insulation in extreme climates but with a limitation of air intrusion in sliders.

Casement windows are essential for windy areas and use an adjustable crank to open the window outward. When there are stronger winds towards the house, it shuts still, preventing cold air from entering. Hinges and seals are the two areas that demand maintenance to keep the window’s stability. Picture windows are another design that doesn’t open but available in various shapes and sizes. With double-pane, the spaces between panes are filled with either glass or gas.

  • Means of Installation

Many homeowners tend to overlook the benefit of purchasing windows that fits properly when installed. Even if you choose the most expensive unit, the results anticipated may deem away in case of poor installation. Some contractors rely on foam and sealant extensions to fit the window, which often brings problems in the future. Waterproofing is, therefore, crucial during pre-installation, henceforth preventing moisture buildup from bringing issues down the road. As a homeowner, request for flashing and caulking during installation as it is the best options during energy efficient window installation

Commonly Used Types of Energy Efficient Windows

  • Triple Glazed Vinyl Windows

These are among the sturdiest and superior energy efficient windows utilizing passive solar energy to maintain house temperatures. They are made from triple panes to provide excellent insulation from the three-layer technology. The glasses allow for tight air spaces maintaining heat during cold seasons and keeping it cool during summer. The frame is made from vinyl material for the provision of triple folded protection in the house.

  • Gas-Filled Windows

Residents of Lewisville, TX, can also enjoy modern gas-filled windows that still remain a mystery to some. These windows consist of either double or triple panes with gases such as xenon or krypton filling the spaces between the panes. The gas remains completely compressed to prevent the process of condensation from taking place. Gas-filled windows are among the most energy efficient windows, especially in minimizing energy usage in homes.

  • Triple Gazed Wood Framed

As mentioned earlier, wood has been the most traditional window frame used in different countries around the world. It still remains the material of choice today from its warm and attractive features as well as offering the real character of other elements. The technologies used to come up with vinyl and gas-filled windows are combined to design glazed wooden frames. The unit consists of triple panes with gas trapped into the spaces for the provision of maximum energy efficient windows.

Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Windows into your House

  • Saving of Energy Costs

It is evident that the topmost benefit of considering these window units is to cut down the energy costs of your house. That is, they eliminate costs of maintenance of air leakages and entry during extreme weather conditions. Besides, it lowers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning costs by allowing homeowners to install smaller HVAC systems in their homes.

  • Lowered Condensation

Winter remains characterized by extremely lower temperatures that result in water vapor condensing on windows hence affecting visibility and light penetration. When using energy efficient windows, however, such cases are kept at bay as these units consist of a thick layer of metal that prevents condensation that leads to frost. Collection of frost on windows also increases cold in rooms hence the need for more heaters to regulate house temperatures.

  • Decreased Damage to Furniture

Windows situated where sunlight enters the room may accompany other damages such as fading of carpets and wooden materials. Single paned windows allow direct rays of the sun into the house, therefore, damaging furniture. However, the usage of double or triple panes reduces the entry of ultraviolet rays of the sun by up to 75 percent. This acts as a protective mechanism to furniture in the house against harmful rays.

  • Improved Comfort

Residents of Lewisville, TX, can also enhance their house comfort by using these units to prevent drafty windows. Drafts are most common in old and single-paned windows created from cold glass. Drafts on windows cause significant uncomfortableness in homes as the air nearer to these glasses being often colder and cause water drops to the lower surface. This, therefore, increases movements and lower temperatures in the house.

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