Ideal Windows for a Baby’s Room | Dallas, TX

Ideal Windows for a Baby’s Room | Dallas, TX

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You are expecting a new baby. You have been planning and putting together the nursery for a while now. Everything is settled. The painting is done, the carpeting is picked out and all the furniture is to arrive soon. However, you really do not know what to do with the window in the room.

Windows can pull the whole room together and make the space seem more playful, airy and open. They will be needed for essential and practical purposes like ventilation and lighting as well.

So, what are some of the types you can install in a baby’s nursery or a toddler’s room? Well, here are someoptions new parentsshould consider.

Number 1: Install the Right Kind of Window


These are great options for a nursery since they are aesthetically pleasing and ventilate and insulate properly. They can be expensive to install but they are great features that make the exterior look great as well as the interior.

They are designed to jut out from the outside and they make a small shelf in the room. You can have a window seat or reading nook for your little one here, providing that the they are securely locked of course.

For bay-windows in Dallas homes, flat-windows are more reliable as they can be angled into exterior frames. Make sure to have these installed by professionals in Dallas as their installation is complicated.


If you want more ventilation and insulation to protect your little one, you should opt for this type of since they are adept at keeping out drafts and letting out the heat from your heater. They will keep babies warm and satisfied in Dallas winters as it might get a little nippy for them.

If you have other windows in the baby’s room, you can even install newstorm-windows into the same frame as they already installed. This is because they will be installed on the exterior of the window and the house.

Single-Hung Windows

If you want economical and efficient options for in Dallas in your nursery, you should choose single hung. You can have these secured through professionals since they can customize and secure the panels and sashes in its design.

Number 2: Think Safety

Apart from window types, each newparent in Dallas should be thinking about the baby’s safety especially if the nursery is going to transition into a room for a naughty toddler who might endanger themselves near an open window.

You should make sure any window you install is securely closed and child-proofed, especially when an adult is not present in the room. You should do this even before they have started walking since babies’ safety can even be compromised by insects, birds and other pollutants that might fly in through open windows.

When it comes to windows, you should also look at the treatments that are not safety hazards, for instance blinds with strings.

Number 3: Get Appropriate Window Treatments

Because babies need to take a lot of naps and sleep during the day, you should get treatments to be able to put them down for their afternoon naps in darkness.

Some options for window treatments are listed below.


If you want a popular treatment option, you should get cordless shades to make sure the room is safe for the baby. You can get cordless cellular shades, roman shades or even roller shades.

Cellular shades let you have a lot of insulation and can filter light effectively and you can even block out the light completely in the afternoon.  Roman shades also have light blocking options and do not have cords that the new baby or toddler can reach.

Roller shades can elevate the baby’s room and the overall interior design. And don’t worry, it’s not expensive. This option also comes cord-free and has a lot of fabric variety.

If you get the solar variety of these shades, you can have light in a room but the harmful UV rays will stay out protecting your little one and your home.


If you want treatment options, you can never go wrong with aesthetically pleasing drapes. They come in a variety of colors, styles and can be used to complement, highlight or match any of the interior design features in the baby’s room.

Drapes can also come with blackout liners which will be used during the day when the baby or toddler naps. However, you should make sure the drapes are installed and hanging correctly at all times or the toddler might trip on it.

Faux wood shutters

If you want a darker option in your nursery during the day, you can use faux-wood shutters to adjust the light coming into the nursery. Faux wood shutters are a good option for baby’s rooms since they do not need maintenance and are durable.


You should install UV-blocking treatments that are heat reflecting films, drapes or blinds so that your baby does not have to deal with heat. Hot rooms can make the baby fussy during the day so it is a good idea to invest in UV technology, especially in Dallas hot weather.

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