Making Your Windows Energy Efficient | Allen, TX

Making Your Windows Energy Efficient | Allen, TX

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Did you know that the windows in your room offer much more than just views of the outside world of daily commuters or the ever-changing weather? Windows that are energy efficient have several benefits in terms of wellbeing and a better environment.

This article will uncover how you can make your existing windows in the Allen, TX area energy efficient and start reaping the benefits.

Hacks for Energy Efficient Windows

Let’s have a look at some solutions to make your existing windows energy efficient and beneficial.

Install the Right Kind of Frames

While all kind of frames have their advantages and disadvantages, metal windows are responsible for bringing about an increased thermal effect. Material such as vinyl, fiberglass and wood are productive to control the heat coming inside your room.

If you have metal frames, you can install pieces of wood around it with an adhesive material to make it as energy efficient as possible. The only downside related to wooden frames as that they require regular maintenance.

Detect the Leaks

The single important step to control the thermal effect is to detect and seal any leaks.In order to do this, you’ll have to carry out one of the tests that depressurize the air in the house to detect the leaks.

Look for cracks around the corners of the window and seal them. Another method to find the leaks is to visually observe your window when the sunlight is at its peak. You can also insulate wider leaks around the window with a caulking material.

Using the Caulking Method

Once you have detected the leaks, you can use the caulking method to seal them. Caulk is a flexible material designed for gaps and joints of your windows. In the areas where the cracks are too large, you can choose to do weather-stripping.

Using this method, broad foam-like material is applied to large areas around them to cover the leaks. It is advisable to use a quality caulking gun to avoid wasting the material. It is also mandatory to keep the end of the caulking gun clean or else the sticky substance would be too hard to remove.

Window Coverings

You can simply use a window covering or a shade to control the thermal effect to a great extent. These are affordable and flexible to use and have some aesthetic appeal too.

These are available in the form of shades, curtains, blinds and shutters. The second window treatment option is to use exterior shadings made of wood, fabric, aluminum, vinyl or even steel. Most of these shades come with a mechanical rod that allows their operation from the inside.

Window coverings are also automated which means these can be controlled with a remote. Automated coverings are helpful especially for large areas, such as conference halls. The automated control provides the user with peace of mind and ensures their privacy.

Storm Window

Storm windows or panels are mounted from the exterior of a window and are designed for extra wind protection and harsh weather in Allen, TX. They have similar function as that of shades to reduce the temperature on the inside.

They are particularly helpful for areas that are prone to harsh weather conditions. But they can be a little difficult to maintain, plus they also need to be changed every few years.

Moreover, these are less energy efficient due to their direct exposure to sunlight.

Window Films

Window films are primarily for those who want a solution that is both energy efficient and has an aesthetic appeal to offer. These films don’t block the view to the outside but still block the sunlight. Window films are also suitable in a situation where other window solutions can’t work.

Unlike some other solutions, window films don’t carry a risk of damage when these are replaced or readjusted. These also have a decorative edge and hence they can add to the aesthetic value of your house. The downside of window films is that they require frequent cleaning.


Awnings are basically roof-like shelters installed on top of the window’s exterior in Allen, TX. These are mostly made of synthetic fabrics. Adjustable or operable awnings are a good solution so that these can be rolled up during the winter.

This window solution has an additional benefit of protecting your windowpanes against the rain or precipitation. However, this window solution only works best with good hardware or a motor to ensure that there is good retraction power.

Whichever method you select to make your window energy efficient, it is advisable to let a professional technician do it for you.

Seek Professional Services

Thorough and comprehensive upgrading of your windows on your own can be a challenging task, but Energy Window Solutions located in the Allen, TX area is here to help. The company offers a free-of-cost estimate and offers to help you save up to 42% on your energy bills.

It has trained technicians at its disposal to execute a requested solution speedily and efficiently. The company offers lifetime warranty on the entire window.


Energy efficient windows have become the need of the hour due to the soaring warm weather and climate change. Allowing trained technicians to visit your residence or workplace can help you decide about the right solution for your window.

So if you have been looking to conserve energy and save more on your electricity bill, don’t wait any further. Experienced personnel of Energy Window Solutions are just a call away!