6 Consequences of Poor Window Installation | Sachse, TX

6 Consequences of Poor Window Installation | Sachse, TX

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Getting new windows is one of the most profitable choices you can make as a homeowner. They greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. In addition to that, they are also one of the best investments for a well-secured and insulated house.

Professional window installation in the Sachse, TX areacan protect your house from the sweltering heat of the summers and keep away the cold. Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient options or wish to improve your interior, new windows can certainly offer much more than that.

However, it’s crucial to hire a professional contractor with years of experience under their belt. Settling for amateur services to save a few bucks might just end up costing you an arm and a leg later on. Since windows are an important investment and certainly curtail energy bills, you should only hire the best man or company to do the job.

If you still feel double minded about your investment, then here are some alarming repercussions that you could potentially face after poor window installation in the Sachse, TX area.

1.  Defective Caulking

You don’t have to know all the technicalities. However, learning a few basics will certainly save time and money. Simply put, caulking is the sealant fixed around the windows. It resembles the shape and texture of clay that basically seals the gaps to keep external threats like pests, insects, and dust from entering your house.

Only a company who is known for professional window installation will know how to properly apply the caulking. When the caulking is poor, messy, or incomplete, the window is unable to perform its most prime function – protection from external elements.

Of course, there could be many reasons why the caulking might fall off. However, rushed or inept installation is a common cause. Therefore, spare yourself the trouble and always carry out thorough research before hiring. Don’t shy away from asking questions and seeking knowledge about different stages and aspects of the install.

2.  Damage from Water and Drafts

In a place like Sachse, drafts are especially common during the winter months. If you can sense drafts entering from the windows, then this is an unquestionable sign of a poor install. Water damage after a heavy down pour or storm is fairly easy to identify.

If you can notice moisture along the side of your walls, wet stains on your rugs and curtains, or mold along the windowsills, then there has certainly been a leak. All of these signs prove that liquid is present and has possibly entered from the windows.

And, in nine cases out of ten, the culprit is poor window installation. Both draft and water damage can become a burgeoning hassle in the long-term. They make your house extremely uncomfortable, chilly, and most importantly hike up energy bills.

For this reason specifically, it is incumbent upon you as a homeowner to do your research. Poor installation can cost you much more than you’d expect. It’s better to pay extra to professional and enjoy years of comfort and convenience than face damage from window leaks.

3.  Fog Present in the Glass Panes

Excessive presence of fog between the window panes can be quite vexing. For one, it obstructs the view outside and requires extensive cleaning. While some condensation during the colder, damper months is normal, seeing fog between the glass panes on a sunny day should be concerning.

In most cases, it indicates structural issues that were clearly ignored during the install. A professional company would always look into every single corner and part of the window before installing it. Condensation on the windows is likely and normal. However, moisture inside the panes is a telltale sign of poor installation.

If you’re noticing anything of this sort, it’s important to call up a professional for reliable window installation and fix the issue.

4.  Discoloration

Discoloration of the window glass may be rare but it’s certainly an alarming sign of poor window installation. The problem with this issue is that it takes years to show up and by the time, it’s probably too late to fix the damage.

The main culprit behind the issue is excess water entering from the window. Yet again, a leak is what you’ll be seeing that will manifest itself in the form of brassy yellow stain. It’s a challenge to remove the discoloration on its own so you will have to invest in new windows.

This alone should compel you to steer clear of incompetent window installers. By choosing a professional who knows what they’re doing, you’ll be able to save a lot.

5.  Rise in Energy Bills

Any kind of window leaks will cause both cooling and heating to rapidly escape from your home. As a result, the most worrying fallout will be a hike in energy bills. In most cases, poor window installation is the cause of high energy bills.

Poor installed windows cause homeowners to use their heating/cooling units excessively. Therefore, if you wish to keep your house as energy-efficient and leak-proof as possible, then it’s imperative to settle for professional. 

6.   Friction in Closing and Opening the Windows

This might be a low-key problem at first; however, if you’re facing problems while opening or closing the window, then your windows might jam soon. This problem can occur especially when the installation happens during the winter months.

However, once the hot air arrives, it’ll be a suffocating pain to live with. In order to stop them from jamming completely, get in touch with a professional. Don’t try to diagnose the issue or push the windows yourself.

Whether it’s rusted hinges, chipped frames or overall poor installation, only a professional will know how to fix the issue.

In Conclusion

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do is to invest only after you’ve done thorough research. Ask around, search online and read up on testimonials, or even call up the window installer directly and ask questions.

Make sure to only hire a professional who knows their job well. If you’re looking for a reliable installer in the Sachse, TX area, then get in touch with Energy Window Solutions.