6 Features to Look for in Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

6 Features to Look for in Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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The US cities are set to witness rising temperatures and other harsh weather-related conditions due to the changing climate. This is evident from the increasing use of energy efficient windows in the Fort Worth, TX area where the temperature is predicted to get warmer over the years.

In such circumstances, the importance of your windows to save you from these climatic conditions increases manifold.

Features of Energy Efficient Windows

It is mandatory to look for a number of features when you head to the market to purchase these windows. These are:

1.  Frames and Sockets

The frames of these windows are available in different variations depending on their types. When choosing a window, it is mandatory to refrain from buying one with metal frames as these are the highest conductors of heat. Energy efficient windows with wooden frames is common choice but these require constant maintenance.

Aluminum frames are known to allow some heat pass through the panes but they do not require frequent maintenance. They are also a popular option due to their low price and strength. Vinyl frames are also good in terms of energy efficiency and they are also affordable. The only downside of vinyl frames is that these are not very visually appealing.

2.  Panes and Coatings

The second most important thing when buying energy efficient windows is to check if it is single, double or triple-glazed. Usually, the double and triple-pane windows are filled with gas to reduce convection in the windows and make them truly energy efficient.

The more panes this window consists of, the more energy efficient it is. This is because the panes are able to block ultraviolet rays and other electromagnetic radiation. While the triple-glazed windows are the most energy efficient, these come at the highest price. The better the coating of a window is, the more helpful it will be in maintaining the inside temperature and reducing your power bills.

3.  Ratings and Overviews

Remember to buy windows that have better National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings. These ratings give critical information about: A. U-Factor that measures the capacity of the windows to maintain heat, B. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient that tells how well the windows can resist heat, and C. Visible Transmittance which is about utilizing the daylight, and D. Which measures the amount of air that the windows allow to enter the room.

When making the selection, consider the settings that will best suit the particular conditions of your property.

4.  Design and Structure

The design of windows matters in terms of overall energy efficiency and the decorative appeal. Double-hung windows are the most sought after because these offer both of these features. These windows allow you to slide them from top to bottom and vice versa.

However, remember that some infiltration of heat or light is always possible during the sliding. Casement windows are also a good option for energy efficiency but the design requires regular maintenance of the parts. It is possible to increase the lifespan of the casement windows by keeping the panes tightened.

These work with the glass swinging open and closed on the hinges. While the aesthetic appearance matters, prefer windows that are more energy efficient and durable.

5.  Window Orientation

Consider selecting windows with regard to each portion or area of your house. For instance, a room that is more exposed to the sunlight will require energy efficient windows with similar specifications. This is not just helpful to remain safe from harsh weather or to utilize the sunlight to your advantage, but also to minimize your power bill.

According to Bonneville Power Administration and the City of San Jose, California, the sunlight orientation can help save up to 40 percent on home heating.

6.  Energy Efficient Add-ons

It is also advisable to put window coverings to decrease the effect of heat in a room that is exposed to sunlight. An affordable solution is to purchase curtains, shades or shutters that can cover the windows completely.

When making your purchase, you can also buy a caulking gun to rid of any leaks that may appear following the installation process.

Installing Energy Efficient Windows

A poor installation of your new windowswill diminish their performance and decrease their lifespan. Even the slightest gap or leak in your windows can undermine the entire exercise. Untrained technicians may use excess sealants or other material that might create maintenance problems in the long run.

That is why it is absolutely important to seek professional services for having your windows installed.

Hiring Professional Installers

Professional installers assist you with a free estimate to determine the energy needs of your house and advise to purchase the right product.Energy Windows Solutions offers a comprehensive solution to install energy efficient windows in the Fort Worth, TX area.


Energy efficient windows provide a modern day solution for facing the scorching heat, torrential rains and effects of the flashfloods. That is why the sector is expected to exceed more than $25.28 billion by year 2024. Considering a few features when making your purchase can make your process simpler and long-lasting. It is also mandatory to only hire professional technicians to avoid any damage to your windows in Fort Worth, TX and increase their efficiency. As the famous saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. So remember to make your house energy efficient before the weather becomes harsher!