New Blinds And Shutters Can Give Your Home A Completely New Look | Flower Mound, TX

New Blinds And Shutters Can Give Your Home A Completely New Look | Flower Mound, TX

All trends in decoration disappear as quickly as they appear, but if anything has remained steadfast it is window treatments. Just as window coverings were popular 50 years ago, they are still popular today, and there are many reasons for it, some of which translate into the benefits we will discuss throughout this article.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about getting new blinds or shutters for your home in Flower Mound, TX? If so, you are not alone. Blinds and shutters create decorative effects in a simple, yet effective way, and don’t require any costly changes to your existing spaces. You can change any room that feels drab and tired into a beautiful and elegant haven simply by changing your blinds and adding shutters.

Even though the decorative appeal or blinds and shutters is one of the most popular reasons why homeowners in Flower Mound, TX, state for getting new window treatments, there are many other benefits for doing so. Read on to find out what benefits new blinds and shutters can represent to your home and why these items will always be one of the top trends in the home decoration industry.

1. An Easy Way to Spruce Up Your Home’s Decor

Sprucing up your existing decor, or creating an entire new setting is as easy as selecting new blinds and shutters. In the past, creating an entire new space took too much time and money, but with the new designs of blind and shutters, you can bring together all the elements you need to create an entirely renewed space in your home.

These days, blinds and shutters are manufactured in an incredibly wide range of fabrics and other materials, so finding a style that puts the perfect touch onto your current decor will never be a problem. Sheer fabrics allow for the entrance of sunlight, but if you want a more layered look, you can add drapes to provide privacy at night and even keep out the cold during winter. The sky is the limit on the number of looks you can achieve with the blinds and drapes that are available on the market today.

2. Keep the Light Out and Increase Your Privacy

As we’ve already mentioned, blinds and shutters don’t only add beauty to any space, but will also prevent the light from outside from invading your personal areas. While it is true that a well-lit and airy room can improve your health and your mood, there are many good reasons why keeping the direct light from the sun out of your eyes for a certain amount of time, especially in your bedroom. Nobody likes to get hit in the face by the rays of the sun early in the morning!

Additionally, too much sunlight in your home can ruin your furniture by making it look faded and old. It can also cause certain types of furniture and art work to develop cracks, and if there’s too much light in a room, you can feel uncomfortable and hot. Blinds and shutters can help you regulate how much sunlight can actually get into your rooms, and by creating an effective barrier to the outdoors, any nosy passersby will not be able to see inside.

3. Window Treatments Help Regulate the Temperature Inside Your Home

Texas is well known for its extreme weather, especially in the summer, when temperatures soar. When this happens, your window treatments can help keep the inside of your home cool in combination with your air conditioner.

Window coverings work by blocking the heat that would filter into your home through the glass of your windows, allowing the inside to remain cooler for a longer period of time than if you only turn on your air conditioner. The same thing happens in winter, when window coverings work in your favor by preventing the warmth from escaping through your windows. This form of climate control can make your air conditioner more efficient, which will save you a nice chunk of change on your power bill.

4. Keep Nosy Neighbors Out of Your Personal Business

Nothing is as annoying as neighbors who have a habit of looking through your windows from across the street. Not only does it feel like an invasion of your privacy, but may also prevent you from doing activities you would normally enjoy. Installing dark colored window treatments is a good way to keep prying eyes away from whatever you are doing. There are many types of window treatments that help maintain your privacy from the outside without ruining your view, so keeping your business to yourself is now easier than ever before!

5. Leave the Noise Outside

Living in a noisy neighborhood, or an area with heavy street traffic, can be quite frustrating. Window treatments can be a great way to keep all the noise out of your house. By providing a buffer between your personal space and the outdoors, window coverings can put a damper on any noise generated in the vicinity of your home, so, if you want to get up late on a Sunday, the only thing stopping you from enjoying a peaceful morning is the right type of window treatment.

6. Add Value to Your Home

When you are trying to sell your home, window treatments can create the perfect ambiance to ensure you get a higher amount for it. For example, adding sheer curtains will let enough light into a space, making it look more elegant and attractive, to any potential buyer that visits your house.

Adding new window treatments to your house is never a mistake. Quite the contrary, and if you are thinking of creating the perfect environment in your home, getting new blinds and shutters is the best decision you can make.

If you are in the market for new blinds and shutters in Flower Mound, TX, don’t look any further than Energy Window Solutions, where you will find any style and design you need. Give us a call today and see for yourself everything we have to offer!

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