New Windows – Reasons and Benefits | New Windows in Frisco, TX

New Windows – Reasons and Benefits | New Windows in Frisco, TX

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Why would you or anyone want to get new windows in Frisco or anywhere else for that matter? After all, once windows are fixed in a house they are there for life, right?

Well, it turns out there might be a number of other reasons for why you want to get new windows in Frisco or anywhere else. The climate today has made extreme weather conditions like heat waves and storms much more frequent, not to mention the recent deep-freeze that the USA just witnessed.

Houses have to take a lot more wear and tear by the forces of nature and get degraded quicker and need maintenance. Here are some reasons why you might need new windows in Frisco.

Reasons for New Windows

1.   Break

The all too common reason for needing new windows in Frisco is that they broke. Breaking or shattering of windows can happen for numerous reasons like the ball from the neighborhood baseball game or branches during a storm or windy day or an animal breaking them. Window breaking is a common enough situation which requires immediate new windows.

2.   Frame Defects

Maybe the problem is not necessarily in the window glass itself. Maybe you spot the problems are in the actual wooden frame.

Wooden frames, because they are exposed to the elements of nature, are more likely to get damaged and degraded than the actual glass itself. There are many conditions which can affect a frame which will need you to get new windows in Frisco. Wooden frames can be affected by rot which will attack the frame and destroy it until the structural integrity is compromised. Cracks in the frame are also a common issue which if left unattended in time can cause the whole frame to collapse and cause a lot of other problems like providing a way for insects and pests to enter in the house or water to seep in.

3.   Age

Maybe there is no tangible reason or visible reason for you to get new windows in Frisco but if your windows have there been for ten or fifteen years then it might very well be time to get them changed.

This is because even if signs may not be apparent on the surface, the signs and effects of aging will still be prevalent underneath and may begin to cause you problems sooner or later.

4.   Fashion

It is not always necessary that windows need to have defects or faults before you get them replaced. Styles, tastes and fashions change all the time.

Perhaps, you might be wanting to try something new or wanting to remodel or get a new aesthetic and that is a perfectly valid reason to get new windows in Frisco particularly if your windows are along very old and traditional lines.

All these are some of the more common reasons why people go for new windows but what are the benefits, are there any actual benefits to gain from new windows or are they just all about aesthetics?

Benefits of New Windows

1.   Value for Property

New, shiny and modern things are attractive to all and houses which have decidedly new furnishings and fittings have substantially higher market prices than old homes.

If you are incurring a great expense by getting new windows in Frisco then rest assured it is not some sunk cost but will only actively raise the value of your house. Should you decide to sell your house it is most likely you will recoup the costs of getting the new windows and thus new windows are not a matter to be stingy about. They result in an active financial benefit, there are few other assets in the world for which that can be said since their value only goes down over time due to depreciation.

2.   Increased Safety

Old windows whether that is due to weakened integrity of the glass or age of the wooden frames often lose their ability as safeguards and measures of safety and security. They can be easily opened or broken into from the outside or conversely, if they are jammed shut can block escape routes during fires.

New windows in Frisco will add the benefit of being structurally sound and working more smoothly and effectively than old windows. Their frames will be sturdier and more solid especially if they are modern designs with modern developments and materials and the glass will be more rigid and strong too instead of brittle and weak.

3.   Protection

New windows don’t just bring you protection from possible would be invaders and keep you safe from other illicit elements like vagrants entering open windows or animals and pests climbing in open windows. They also protect you from the elements of nature which if not protected against can really ruin and dirty your house.

Elements like pollen, dust, rain and various other natural elements which can be off-putting and uncomfortable are prevented from entering the home with new windows.

This means fewer chances of developing medical conditions like coughing, colds, allergies or serious illnesses at the worst like asthma from dust. Combined together this gives you peace and safety thus contentment, calmness and peace of mind. All of which are very important for mental health.

4.   The View

Old dusty and musty windows with fogged up glass panes or stained glass panes rarely make for an attractive sight, whether viewed from the outside or inside.

New windows in line with modern trends and styles will add to the beauty of your house and also improve your view and line of sight to the outside from within the house.

Just imagine sipping your cup of coffee with the newspaper in hand all the while bright and clear rays of sunshine float in from your windows and you tilt your head up to see the neighborhood humming and buzzing with morning life.


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